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Cover Your Wedding With Top Tent House in Ludhiana

Tent house plays a key role to prepare a ground or a hall and turn it into a beautiful wedding venue. Anything that you actually see and adore at a wedding venue will probably the work of a tent house. Tenting becomes extremely important in outdoor weddings as it is important to cover the space. Whilst, in indoor weddings, tenting is required mainly for decoration. No matter what kind of wedding you’re having there will always be certain things for which you’ll have to hire a tent house. 

A tent, to some extent, will help to save you from any troubles coming your way due to unforeseen reasons like bad weather that can really ruin the whole ceremony. You must arrange for wedding tents in Ludhiana because if the mother nature decides to unleash a storm, no one would want to sit through the ceremony in the pouring rain and heavy winds. 

Why You need a tent house?

Stage Set-Up: Be it an indoor wedding or an outdoor one you’ll need to set up the stage and that’s where a tent house is required as they help to set the stage up with all the stairs, base and the backdrop.

Entrance: In Indian weddings, there is always a fancy looking entrance that is set up by a tent house. It is the first thing that introduces the guests to the wedding and is a symbol of grandeur and opulence of the wedding.  

Décor: Almost all the tent house providers double as decorators as well. Well, the tent house price in Ludhiana may increase but they’ll help you out by basic decoration using some curtains, tablecloths and probably some flowers as well. But, for a wedding that’s usually not enough and you’ll have to hire a dedicated decorator as well. 

Chairs and Tables: All the sitting arrangement of the guests are provided by a tent house. No matter the venue specifications of how big or small the gathering is, there will always be a need for chairs and tables for the guests. A tent vendor will also provide the grand chairs or sofas to set up on the stage for the bride and the groom. 

Carpets: Depending upon the terrain there might be a need for covering the floor with the carpets. The tent house in Ludhiana will also provide you with a carpet(preferably a red one) to make a guideway for the bride and the bridegroom all the way from the entrance to the stage. 

Figurines & Miniatures: Even if they don’t provide the sculptures you can ask them to arrange for it according to your taste. All the tent houses usually have good contacts with various other vendors and they’ll easily hook you up with a vendor or two. 

What to Discuss With The Tent Vendor?

Availability: The first thing that you must do when talking to the tent vendor for the first time is to make sure that the vendor providing wedding tents in Ludhiana don’t have any prior commitments on the day of your wedding. Even if you find them really good in their work and they stress that they can squeeze in your wedding as well, it’ll be a better ide vendor.a to find some other 

Budget: Budget is another big factor that you’ll need to consider while booking any tent house. You must start your research on finding the right tent house only after you have fixed the venue. Most tent houses have various kinds of tents for different budgets. Patterned curtains usually cost much lesser as compared to some solid coloured or plain white curtains. The tent house price in Ludhiana can significantly increase if you opt for waterproof curtains. 

Tent Options: There are various types of tents to choose from. You can ask your vendor what kind of tent they provide. The most common type of tent that you’ll find in Indian wedding will be a pandal with a flat roof. You can ask for a pole tent or a tension tent which usually have large poles in the middle making huge peaks and then sloping down to the edges. Since the ceiling is high it feels spacious and will give your wedding a fresh look. 

Experience: Before finalising the tent house in Ludhiana you must ask them for how long they have been in the business, and how many weddings have they covered. You can also ask them for a gallery of images which will help you better understand the type of services that they provide and decide that if they’ll be able to deliver the decor that you have in your mind. If there are any testimonials and reviews from previous clients you can refer to them to be sure that you’ll get the best of services.


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