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Mehendi Designs

9 Cute Ways To Decorate Your (Mehandi Function) at Home in Under 5K

Apr 23, 2018

Pre-wedding functions are not only enjoyable but memorable as well, while on other hand decoration is something which makes it more appealing. There are so many functions performed before the wedding night and Mehandi is one of the main functions which cannot be afforded to miss at all. ...

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7 Amazing Ways To Organize The Perfect Mehandi Ceremony

Apr 17, 2018

A wedding ceremony is one of the fascinating days of your life & you want to make sure that you have a dream wedding. Especially when you are in India, the wedding season and wedding carnival starts almost a month ago. There are many important ceremonies that are an important part of the w...

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The Best New Mehandi Trends For Your 2018 Wedding

Mar 13, 2018

The Mehandi artist in Jaipur always kept the traditional Indian culture alive in form of intricate Henna designs and astounding patterns. The magical artists have all the Talent to draw the most difficult Henna designs on your palm for the special day. While choosin...

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The Best And Easy Mehandi Designs For 2018 Wedding

Mar 12, 2018

Every wedding has a necessary Mehandi ceremony. Mehandi is significant an adornment for the wedding day. This green paste adores the beauty of every bride and every woman. Mostly, Mehandi is used to embellish the hands and legs, but many women can embellish different part of body too. Mehandi ...

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Seven Things That You Need To Know About Mehandi Artist Today!

Feb 26, 2018

In India, bridal Mehandi is the most talked affairs throughout a wedding. From symbolizing husband’s love to affection of in-laws and many more, lot of things are depicted from mehandi’s as per Indian rituals. Thus, there is no doubt in saying that, Mehandi plays a vital...

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5 Ugly Truth About Mehandi Artist

Feb 14, 2018

The wedding season is full of swing and the Mehandi ceremony is one of the first ceremonies in the Indian wedding. Not only has a bride, every woman in all age liked to put Mehandi on their hands, legs. Mehandi Intricate Art is not restricting to the wedding day b...

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10 Amazing (Mehandi Designs) For Bride And Bridesmaid

Jan 30, 2018

Mehandi is temporary design or tattoo that designed on the women’s hand mostly. The Mehandi design enables women to play various designs and various styles without the pain. Traditional attire is incomplete without the Mehandi for Indians. It is not a cosmetic, it is jewelry for a bride ...

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11 Explanations On Why (Mehandi Is Important)

Jan 23, 2018

Mehandi is an ancient body art form that can be designed by the paste of natural henna herbs. Mehandi is used in every second auspicious event. A mehandi trend is most popular in the Indian women. It is traditional significance in a wedding. Mehandi is one of important elements that take part ...

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10 Most Common (But Important) Things About A Mehandi Artist

Jan 09, 2018

Wedding season is at its zenith right now. You have to do not one but multiple tasks in a very short span of time which includes wedding photography selection, choosing efficient wedding planners, ...

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create mehendi setup under 15k with DIY’s

Sep 19, 2017

Wedding culture in India is one of the most significant rituals everyone around dreams of. Be it, bride or groom, everyone has some desires to be accomplished on their #wedding day as they lead towards all new phase of their life. These days bring in the joyous  ...

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