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Brides get all the attention at an Indian wedding and this is why the selection for an adequate bridal gown becomes all the more important. A bride has a lot of options to choose from, not only in the outfits but also in the accessories and the jewellery. 

A bride can choose from innumerable outfits in various colours having different quality and patterns. The bridal outfit preferences vary with every culture and geographic locations all across the Indian subcontinent. In some cultures and locations, a saree is preferred as the bridal wedding dress while in the majority of the regions a lehenga is adored. 

Here are a Few of The Accessory Options That You Can Choose From That’ll Help Accentuate Your Wedding Look 

Dupatta: It will look good if the dupatta/odhni that you wear on your wedding have a shade of the same colour as the groom’s outfit. You can easily find different coloured dupattas at shops selling bridal dresses in Ludhiana so you can decide together to make a combination such that it complements each others’ looks. 

Jewellery: Indian brides are adorned with jewellery from head to toe and have a lot to choose from. Maang Tikka, Necklace, Earrings, Nose Rings, Bangles, Finger Rings, Waistband(Kamarband), Anklets(Payal), Toe Rings(Bichiya) make up for some of the most essential ones without which the bridal look won’t be complete. 

Kalire: It is a small chandelier shaped accessory that is tied to the bangles in both the hands and hangs freely and is a symbol wishing wealth and prosperity to the new couple.

Shoes: Bridal shoes come in a whole lot of colours, all shimmery and bright. You can select from flats to some of the sky-high heels but one thing to remember is to decide on the wedding dress first in order to match for a perfect combination. 

Traditional Bridal Outfits From Different Cultures in India

Punjabi Bride: Punjabi brides’ usually go with some darker colours like red, maroon or pink lehengas but there is no restriction as such. Lehengas offered by bridal wear designers in Ludhiana are also very popular. The only colours that are usually avoided are white and black. 

Sikh Bride: In the Sikh weddings the main ceremony is the Anand Karaj for which the brides usually opt for a lehenga or an Anarkali suit with a veil covering the forehead.  

Telugu Bride: Telugu bride changes into two different outfits at their wedding with completely different looks. The first one is for the time of entrance when her brother and maternal uncle bring her in a tokri(bamboo bucket). While a white sari with red borders is worn at the later ceremonies called Jheelakarra Bellamu and Madhuparkam. 

Christian Bride: Unlike other countries, many christian brides in India choose bright coloured sarees for their weddings. However more and more brides are starting to wear a white gown for the wedding as more options are available now at wedding gown shops in Ludhiana. A tiara supports the long netted white veil while the bride walks down the aisle with her father. 

Muslim Bride: The main colours of the outfits are usually shades of green as the colour has great importance in the community. A veil keeps the face of the bride covered and the face can only be revealed after the nikah ceremony. 

Andhra Bride: Andhra weddings are the most elegant among all of India as the brides wear simple bridal trousseau. The outfit is usually a simple silk saree with checkered and pattern prints. 

Bengali Bride: Bengali women wear white or off white sarees with a broad border of darker colours like red and pink on various important occasions but on the day of the wedding the brides prefer wearing heavy Banarasi silk sarees with zari work. If you are having a Bengali wedding then you can easily find beautiful shades of red and maroon on various bridal gown shops in Ludhiana. 

Marwari Bride: Rajasthan being the place of origin of Lehenga, attire for a Marwari bride is quite obvious. A heavy embellished lehenga usually makes up for the bridal attire with some modern brides choosing more elegant ‘Kota Doria’ sarees embroidered with gold work on a silk base. 

Kashmiri Bride: The bridal outfit usually comprises of Pheran and Tarang. The traditional Pheran is red, yellow or pink in colour and has a hook embroidery at the neck, cuffs and the borders. While Tarang is a headwear which includes Kalpush and Zoojh (a white cloth with golden glazed paper). 

Why Shaadidukaan Makes Up for The Best Option to Choose a Vendor Offering Bridal Wears?

Shaadidukaan hosts the best vendors who offer a large range of bridal wear dresses in Ludhiana. All the vendors hosted on the website are verified and can be trusted with providing the best services for your wedding.


FAQ About Bridal Wear

What is the average price range for a bridal outfit in Ludhiana?

The price range depends on the type of dress you are seeking and your actual budget. But the average range for a dress would not exceed the price range of 3 Lakh. You can further check all the bridal wear dresses in Ludhiana that the vendors have and if you still have any doubts then you can contact the vendor to quote your price range and they can provide you the further details.

Do the vendors provide a rental facility?

It depends from vendor to vendor. You will have to ask the vendor personally. If the rental service is available then you will have to book the desired outfit at least a month ago and make a part payment. This will make you the assured owner of the outfit when you require it.

How can Shaadidukaan help me book a good bridal dress in Ludhiana City?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding gown shops in Ludhiana for your wedding requirements. Experienced and professional vendors are listed with us, and in the city you want. You just need to select the city and vendor category, and a list of verified vendors appears before you with their contact details. Contact whichever you want to

Will the vendor have plus size sample available?

The vendors have the dresses available in all the sizes. If not, then you can always discuss it with the vendor; there might be a possibility that they can help you with it.

Will there be any expert advisor there to help me decide my bridal dresses in Ludhiana?

Most of the vendors have an expert bridal wear designer in Ludhiana or a veteran who can help you decide a dress according to your want, body type and appearance. You just have to specify what kind of outfit you are looking for and they will help you right away!

How can I be ensured that all the vendors are genuine?

All the vendors on Shaadidukaan are verified and exist. If you have any further doubts, our website has the authentic contact information of the vendors and you can contact them anytime.

Do you have dresses apart from the bridal dresses?

If the vendor does not have a shop particularly for bridal wear then they will have dresses apart from the bridal wear. A lot of bridal gown shops in Ludhiana do have a variety of outfits like- gowns, saree, lehenga, suits, etc

Can I do window shopping before buying a dress?

Yes, you are the customer and it is pretty understandable that you will buy your wedding dress after a proper inspection of designs available. It is the duty of the vendor to ensure your convenience in the shopping process.

Can I click photographs in the store?

It depends from vendor to vendor again, but it would be ethical to ask the vendor before clicking a photograph.

Will they provide an alteration service or not?

Yes, they do. Bridal wear designers in Ludhiana provide the alteration service because most of the sample bridal dresses are stitched as free size. It is also necessary because few people demand some design changes.

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