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Best Selection of Wedding Venues in Ludhiana

Indian weddings are famous for their grandeur and magnificence. Weddings in India are marked with a lot of traditions and customs and may stretch out for various days. A series of rituals and rites takes place not only on the day of the wedding but before and after it as well. India is a diverse country and all the traditions and ceremonies differ from place to place but all have the same underlying meaning, i.e., wishing peace, prosperity and happiness for the couple. 

Wedding venues in Indian weddings play an important role to make the event exquisite and unforgettable. You can choose from some of the top wedding resorts in Ludhiana which will be ideal as per your specifications and then get them decorated according to a theme of your choosing making the venue all the more beautiful. 

Wedding Venues Can Be Divided Into Following Types

Marriage Gardens:  Open gardens can be a great choice when the weather is nice and cool. Most of the Indian weddings are done in wedding lawns. You can easily choose one of the Best Wedding Lawns in Ludhiana and can get it decorated from the scratch all customised according to your needs to the finest of the details.

Hotels:  Hotels are a great choice as they double as the accommodation for the guests as well as the wedding venue. However, they are feasible only if you have a limited number of guests as the hotels usually have a smaller hall or a ground and will limit the number of guests that can be accommodated. 

Resorts:  Resorts, much like hotels, provide both accommodation and wedding venue but are better as they usually have a large space for the wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding you can also choose from a number of destination wedding resorts in Ludhiana. Resorts can have different spaces like open grounds, amphitheatres, pool-side, etc., and you’ll have the luxury to choose from them as for what theme you want the wedding to be. You can even arrange for different ceremonies of the wedding to be arranged at different places all across the resort. 

Banquet Halls:  Banquet halls are usually large indoor halls that can be booked for the wedding ceremony. A banquet hall may or may not have the options for accommodations. A banquet hall will be a perfect choice in case of capricious weather conditions. You can book party banquet halls in Ludhiana as they are great and can be easily decorated as per your preference. 

Farmhouses:  Farmhouses are another great choice for organizing wedding ceremonies if the weather allows. The farmhouse can also be used to accommodate the guests and will give out a homely feeling. However, you must see to it that the farmhouse is big enough to for the families of both the families. 

Things You Must Confirm Before Finalizing a Wedding Venue

Availability:  The first and foremost thing is availability. As soon as the date gets fixed you should start searching for the venues as most of the decent venues during the wedding season get pre-booked as early as a year in advance. 

Size:  You must have a rough idea of how many guests will be attending the wedding and accordingly decide how much overall area is required to accommodate them in a comfortable manner. You must see to it that the wedding venue in Ludhiana must be big enough to hold the guests who’ll be attending the wedding. 

Budget:  Budget will be an important factor and booking a venue will take a good slice out of it. It is one of the major expenses of the wedding. You can find a wedding venue costing from a few thousand to as high as lakhs of rupees. The best way to keep the budget in check would be to underline the things on the basis of their priority. 

Rooms:  Wouldn’t it be great if the wedding venue itself will double as the place where all your guests can be accommodated? See to it that if the shortlisted venues have enough rooms and even if it doesn’t then it is near their accommodations. You must check that there are at least 2-3 rooms for the last minute makeup touch-ups for the bride and the storage of essential items. 

Locality:  Locality is another major factor when choosing the right venue. Ideally, a wedding venue should be well connected and must be centrally located within the city. You must also check that the locality of party halls in Ludhiana is good from the safety point of view.

Parking:  You must have gone to a wedding where finding space for parking would be like finding a needle in a haystack. So, you must ensure that the venue provides ample amount of dedicated parking for the vehicles of the guests. You must stay away from the venues for the which only option is to park at the roadside as it’ll be a lot of hassle for you as well as other travellers. 

Backup Power:  You’ll be really thankful for a good power backup in case of a power cut. It is better to be safe than sorry, so, you must carefully plan for any mishaps and be prepared to deal with them well in advance. Even if the venue you like doesn’t provide with any backup facilities then you can opt for a generator separately but do remember that it will be an additional burden on the budget. 

How Shaadidukaan Can Help You Find The Perfect Wedding Venue for Your Wedding? is an online wedding market where you’ll find a carefully selected list of vendors providing wedding venues in Ludhiana and other cities all across India. All the vendors hosted on our portal are verified by our experts and can be trusted. On Shaadidukaan you can hire vendors for anything that you may require for the wedding without any extra costs making the process of planning a wedding a whole lot easier.



FAQ About Venues

How much do the vendors charge for a wedding venue?

The price ranges according to the location of the venue. The price increases if the venue has a metro station or a highway road near it because of the easy transportation availability, for example- wedding venues in Ludhiana are usually on the prime locations or distant areas so that the guests can reach the venue without getting stuck in traffic. The goodwill of the venue can also hike the prices a lot, like all the rated hotels charge extra than the normal wedding lawns and wedding resorts. The price also depends on the additional services provided by the venue

What is the best location for a wedding?

The best location for a wedding would be the lawns, rated hotels or the resorts near the highways, airport, railway stations, bus stations or the metro stations. This will help people to reach the venue easily and can decrease a lot of confusion. You can also book a venue which is near your home to ensure the smooth working of the wedding operations.

What is the price per plate?

The price per plate differs from venue to venue. If it is a wedding lawn then you will have to arrange a caterer and the price per plate will be quoted by the caterer. It also differs from city to city, like the wedding venues in Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Ludhiana or any metropolitan cities will have expensive price per plate. If you plan to tie the knot in a resort or a rated hotel then there will be a fixed price according to the respective vendor. The price per plate also depends on the menu you are planning to have on your wedding day.

Do the wedding venues in Ludhiana provide guesthouse facilities?

It depends on which type of venue you are planning to book and your budget. If you decide upon rated hotels and resorts then you will easily find guesthouses and changing rooms but not all the wedding lawns provide the facility of a guesthouse. Your budget plays an important role as well, if your budget is not that much then you should look for wedding venues near your home and book a cheap guesthouse rather than paying the venue vendor a hefty amount.

Which cities are good for a destination wedding?

The destination wedding resorts in Ludhiana, Goa, Ludhiana, Udaipur, Ludhiana, Shimla, Nainital, South India, etc organize amazing weddings and provide a lot of facilities as well.

What are the types of wedding venues?

The most common types of venues are the wedding lawns, rated hotels, and the resorts. Your price range can differ from the choice of wedding venue you have decided upon. The wedding lawns will be cheaper than the wedding resorts or the rated hotels. But the resorts and the rated hotels will provide you most of the services at the same place, unlike the wedding lawns.

Do the venues charge extra money for extra services?

The services provided by the venue vendor can hike up the prices a lot. But it is fair because these services provided by the venue vendor can help you decrease the number of vendors in total and a lot of time.

How can Shaadidukaan help in booking a best wedding venue in Ludhiana?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding vendors for your wedding requirements. Experienced and professional wedding venues in Ludhiana vendors are listed with us, and in the city you want. You just need to select the city and vendor category, and a list of verified vendors appears before you with their contact details. Contact whichever you want to.

How to decide the size of the venue to be booked?

The size of the wedding venue depends on the number of people you are planning to invite in the wedding. If you are expecting 800 people then you won't book a venue that can accommodate 1000 people because you are actually paying for the extra 200 people without any reason. It is very important to keep a tab on your guest list because it can determine how much parking space you will require when talking about space.

Does the wedding venue provide the decoration facility?

Again, it depends on the venue. Usually, the top marriage gardens in Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Ludhiana, etc provide all the services and charge a hefty amount for the service. But the resorts and the rated hotels do have the facility. You just have to discuss it with the vendor.

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