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All About Wedding Flower Decorators in Ludhiana

Getting hitched? Congratulations to you! Are you tired of the traditional wedding drape and light décor? Do you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your wedding? Ditch away the traditional décor elements and replace them with a floral décor.

The evergreen charm of the flowers never fades away. Flowers are not just meant for decorating vases or garlands. They can be used to pep up your wedding as well. The days of the traditional light and colored drapes are done away with flowers are the modern décor elements. Available in a variety of hues and fragrances floral décor never fail to enchant the onlookers with their timeless beauty.

No matter from which part of India you hail from, flowers are considered auspicious for weddings. Where south Indians are known for their love for white flowers, red flowers are a thing of north Indians. Amongst the entire wedding Punjabi one is deemed as the loudest. Ludhiana the industrial hub of Punjab is popular for its industries, food, rich culture and its weddings. If tying the knot in the city and searching for wedding flower decorators in Ludhiana then worry not as we at Shaadidukaan have got you covered. Here is a guide that would help you in your search for wedding flower decorators.

5 Unique Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas

‘Flower is about the sublime’- Jenova Chen

Who does not like the fragrance of fresh flowers? The amazing and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the flowers makes them the best wedding décor elements. Flowers elevate the floral decoration from ground level to seventh heaven. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate flowers in your wedding theme then here are a a few flower decoration Ideas. Check them out.

1. Stunning Floral Canopy Ceiling: Leave your guests to fall short of words with the beauty and grandeur of a floral canopy ceiling. From full bloom stage pillars to hanging floral vines one cannot just get over the exuberance of this décor idea. The theme mimics a garden in full bloom and is perfect for a outdoor wedding ceremony

2. Enchanting Floral Chandelier: Delicate flowers creatively entwined into one another to give rise to an enchanting floral chandelier that adds a touch of beauty to your wedding day. The décor is surely a treat to the eyes.

3. Floral Centerpieces: Ditch away the traditional simple reception table setting and replace them with a sophisticated full length floral centerpiece. Pair the décor with customized cutlery, wines and scented candles. The enticing and aromatic fragrance of the flowers is sure enough to uplift the mood of your invitees.

4. Floral Wreaths: The majestic appearance of the floral wreaths makes it a perfect décor element for the Christian weddings. The wreath is symbolic of immortality and strength of life is a mandatory decoration piece for Christian weddings. The beautiful essence of the wreath is makes it a stunning décor piece.

5. Floral Photo booths: Say Cheese! Ace up your wedding photographs with the backdrop of a spectacular floral photo booth. The décor idea induces more colors and fun in the photographs. Keep your guests entertained with selfie floral booths.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Flower Vendor

The Indian wedding market has a number of flower decorators and selecting the ideal vendor who understands your theme and matches your criteria is a difficult task. Here we have listed a few pointers that you need to keep in mind while contacting a wedding decorator in Ludhiana.

1. Theme: While booking a flower decorator keep the wedding theme in your mind. Collaborate with your partner to decide upon your wedding theme.

2. Variety of flowers: To match up your wedding theme you need to consult with your partner about the varieties and hues of the flowers that are to be used. A variegated array of flowers are available in the market choose flower decoration in Ludhiana that goes in line with your idea.

3. Budget: Select the right budget for your floral decoration. An estimate budget would safeguard you from excessive expenditure. When your booking a vendor check their costing and see to it that they fit within your set budget.

4. Portfolio: While booking a flower decorator in Ludhiana check their portfolio. Compare the prices, brand image, market value, quality of their products, license and customer reviews of the vendors. The comparison would lead you to your set vendor.

Why Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India’s leading and fastest growing online wedding market. Visit our portal to find a list of trusted and verified wedding flower decorators in Ludhiana. Our portal is a name that the country trusts. Turn your special day of love memorable as you plan your wedding with us and book your wedding vendor from our portal at an affordable rate.





FAQ About Decorators

Why do I need to hire a decorator when I can do it on my own?

Its your wedding and your not a superhuman who can handle all the things. A decorator makes your wedding less stressful for you by overseeing all the d'cor work. A decorator not just oversees the d'cor work but also takes care of the logistics such as the d'cor elements make the wedding hassle free.So instead of running around the phool wale bhaiya or light wala to get the things in order simply book a decorator to sit back and relax while they hand the rest. If your in love with flower then you should consider booking for wedding flower decorators in Ludhiana and that to before hand to get the best prices.

Are wedding decorators in dLudhiana expensive?

People believe that hiring a decorator is an add on expense that only befits the upper class. Although the reality is different from it. Wedding decorators charge just their service fee which comes under your wedding budget and it proves to be an add on expense when a decorator is asked to get the d'cor elements. The pricing for wedding decorators depends upon the service package your opting for and also on your wedding venue. If your having a wedding in a farmhouse or resort then the decoration space increases which calls for more manforce hence it would expensive incomparison to a wedding that your having at a hotel.So choose your decorator according to your set budget.

What are the decoration services that a wedding decorator offers?

Generally a wedding decoration sevice offer the venue decortion, wedding car decoration, reception area d'cor.The decoration service depends upon the package that you are opting for. From flower decorations to drapes and balloons a variety of decoration types are included in the d'cor service.Choose a d'cor type that complements your wedding theme, like if your having a summer wedding you can opt for flower decoration in Ludhiana.

How do I find the credibility of my decorator?

To find the credibility of the vendor ask for references that they have received from other clients.Ask for atleast two references also you can check the testimonials that they have received from happy clients.

How do I find the right vendor amongst the the various decorators available in the market?

To find the right vendor check the portfolio of the various vendors. Visit their sites to get an idea about their work . Check out images of their work from real weddings. Also find out their market image, brand reputation and costing. Before booking your decorator do an intensive research on them to find the best vendor in the market.Compare their various aspects of wedding decortors in Ludhiana and then select the ones who can cater your requirement and offers you the best price.

Do wedding decorators in Ludhiana handle destination weddings also?

Ofcourse wedding decorators do handle destination weddings but they charge extra for them. Many decorators although have separate packages for destination weddings which includes the decorators travel expense also. So if your planning a destination wedding opt for a destination wedding decoration package.

Do wedding decorators bring the decoration products or do we have to purchase them?

Often in the wedding decoration package the decoration products are included but if you require a particular style of d'cor that uses different elements which the decorator might not have the you have to provide it. So while booking your decorator it is better to have a talk about your decoration idea well in advance and the clarify about the d'cor elements that your intend to incorporate in your decoration. To cite an example if you want an orchid decoration for your wedding and the decorator does not have them then you have to provide your decorator with them. To easy out your search and to save on a few bucks as orchids cost a hefty amount you can contact artificial flower decortor in Ludhiana for artificial orchids.

Do wedding decorators take care of crisis d?cor situations also?

Yes ofcourse they take care of it. That what your paying them for. Wedding decorators always have a backup plan just in case some disaster happens. Like if you have a light d'cor then chances are that some lights might fuse in this case decorators always keep an electrician and extra set of lights handy to deal with the situation.

How many decorator staff would be present at the venue if I book a package? Would extra staff cost me more?

Well that depends upon the decorator your hiring and also upon the your venue size. A large venue requires more hands in comparison to smaller venues.If your having shortage of time and need the decoration to be finished fast then you need to inform the decorator well in advance about your need. If your asking for more helping hands then you need to shell out a few extra bucks to pay for the labour of the staff.

Why should I hire my decorator in Ludhiana City from Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find a list of the cities best wedding decorators at an affordable price. Choosing our decorators who are verified and trustworthy makes your wedding planning easier.

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