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Choose The Top Makeup Artist in Ludhiana

A bridal makeup artist is someone who not only can enhance your looks but also help you look your best at your wedding. A great bridal makeup artist would use makeup to magnify the beauty that already resides in you.

Indian brides, unlike all those American brides, tend to look more vibrant and colourful. Giving a proper thought to the wedding makeup is really important as it is a really big day for you and you’ll be the centre of attraction for all the guests. Your makeup is important as it’ll be a part of every wedding photograph that you’ll cherish for years to come. So, we have listed some of the best wedding makeup artists in Ludhiana who’ll help you get the look that you’ve always desired. 

There are a great many chances that you’ve been scrolling through endlessly, looking at the posts all over the internet to find that perfect look that’ll be according to your taste. Or, probably you’ve got no idea of what will look good on you. So here are some looks that you can choose from and help highlight your personality. 

Some Stunning Indian Bride Looks From Which You Can Choose From

Dramatic Eyes Look: If you want to have a simple makeup for your wedding then you can choose this look as it’ll need a little punch just to stand apart. It is a combination of some neutral colours with the stand out factor being the eyes. 

Bronze Look: That sun-kissed golden-bronze look will surely give you a shimmery look. You can also ask the bridal makeup artist in Ludhiana to combine it with glittering eye look and a dark lipstick as it will give your face a sculpted look directly out of a magazine. 

Peachy-Pink Look: It gives off a more rested kind of feeling and will work wonders on lighter skin tones. The makeup can vary from lighter shades of peach all the way up to some bright red colours. Some harmonising colours for eyes and lips makeup can complete that perfect look. 

Rose-Gold Look: If you’re trapped between the above two looks, one of the best wedding makeup artists in Ludhiana has suggested that you can go with this look as it combines the awesomeness of both the looks. A peachy makeup with just a touch of gold will help complete the look. 

Icy Cold Look: Wearing this look can help you feel like a queen. This makeup will look dewy on the outside and will look really good on a Christian bride dressed in an all-white gown. This look is really good to sport for a winter wedding.

Metallic Look: Probably the most common in Indian weddings this look will literally make your skin shine. With all the different colours like copper, silver and gold it will make up for a bright and bold look.

Finding a perfect makeup artist calls for understanding your personal preferences of the makeup and finding out what will look good on you. It is important to interview the makeup artist and ask them some questions before finalising them as it’ll help you verify that if they will be able to deliver as per your expectations.

 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Makeup Artist Before Finalizing

Which brand products do you use? Every bridal makeup artist in Ludhiana has his own preferences when it comes to using different products. You must inquire about the brand of the product that he/she will be using and confirm that you don’t have any allergic reaction to it.  

Can you provide home service? It’ll be better if they provide the makeup service at your home as it’ll be more comfortable for you as you won’t have to get to their makeup studios. Home service might invite for a few extra bucks but it’ll sure be worth it. 

How much time have you been doing bridal makeup? It is universal that a lot of things can be learnt only through experience, and the bridal makeup is no different. An experienced bridal makeup artist can tell what makeup will look good just by looking at the skin. 

Do you have a portfolio? A portfolio is really important for any top makeup artist in Ludhiana as it showcases their works to the best of their ability. A good portfolio will immediately capture your attention if it resonates with your style and will help you to analyze your final look. 

How long will it take for the whole makeup? Different artists have different styles by which they work and depending on it the timing might differ. However, the average time is somewhere between 1 - 2 hours, the only thing you must consider is that the artist gives enough time to settle one layer before applying a second. 

Are there any extra costs involved? The last one but the most important of all that you must surely ask a bridal makeup artist in Ludhiana. You must ask your makeup artist if there are any additional costings that you might have to pay like service taxes etc. You must also inquire that if a trial makeup is included or not in the final pricing. 

What Shaadidukaan is? And How Can We Help You Find The Best Vendors?

Shaadidukaan is an online portal which hosts a number of vendors from different cities all across India. All the vendors that you’ll find on Shaadidukaan are all personally verified and are trustworthy and provide quality wedding services. You can find a vendor for all the services for the wedding however small or big it can be all in one place.

Booking the best bridal makeup in Ludhiana on Shaadidukaan will help you to rest assured that you’ll get the best possible services available in the market at the lowest possible rates. Shaadidukaan not in any way charges anything extra from its customers for all the services that it provides.


FAQ About Makeup Artist

What type of wedding makeup does the make-up artist in Ludhiana provide?

The make-up artists usually provide the makeup types based on your budget. If you talk about the Top makeup artist in Ludhiana then they provide the following types- * Airbrush Makeup * HD Makeup * Mineral Makeup * Matte Makeup * Smokey Makeup * Natural Makeup

Do the makeup-artists use branded products?

Yes, all the makeup-artists use branded products for bridal makeup because this type of makeup is supposed to be more durable and should look good on camera. The makeup artists also make sure that the makeup is applied according to your allergies.

Will the bridal makeup artist help me wear my bridal dress and jewelry as well?

In India, the bridal makeup-artists in Ludhiana and every city provide the whole bridal dress up service. They provide the following service, like-bridal makeup, bridal outfit, bridal hair-do, and bridal jewelry.

Will the bride get a trial before or not?

Usually, in India, the trial is not provided but the makeup style is discussed beforehand. But if you still want to experience your bridal look before your wedding then additional charges are included.

What pre-wedding service shall the bride take?

The bride should take the following pre-wedding basic services- * Weekly facials; starting two months prior to the wedding. * Full body wax. * Full body brushing and massaging. * Hand and feet massaging. Best Wedding Makeup Artists in Ludhiana suggest the brides continue the same skincare procedure till the wedding day to avoid sudden skin issues.

Why should I book my makeup artist in Ludhiana from Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding vendors for your wedding requirements. Experienced and professional wedding makeup-artists are listed with us, and in the city you want. You just need to select the city and vendor category, and a list of verified vendors appears before you with their contact details. Contact whichever you want to.

Will the makeup-artists come to me or I will go to them?

It depends from artist to artist; if the makeup artist has a parlor near your venue then they might come to you but if it is far, then you will have to go to them. For example- bridal makeup artists in Ludhiana make sure that your wedding is near their parlor because Ludhiana NCR is a big region. You cannot book an artist from Ludhiana when you are getting married in Ludhiana.

When should I book the makeup-artist?

You should book the artist at-least five to six months before your wedding day to avoid the unavailability of artists at the last moment.

Do I have to pay for the traveling and accommodation charges of the artist?

If you book an artist from a different city or from a far region in the same city and expect them to come to you, then you will have to pay for the accommodation and the traveling expenses. This can be an exception if your Bridal makeup artist in Ludhiana or other cities has included it in their package beforehand.

Do they provide service for other females at the wedding as well?

They do but extra charges are applicable. For the girls of age 13-14, the charges are less and people above that age group will require more makeup services; the price will increase with the service provided.

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