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Hire Top Wedding Planners in Kolkata

These days, apart from guests, relatives, groom and bride; a wedding planner is an inseparable part of your wedding. Without whom you cannot think about your wedding because they are the people who plan your wedding as you want from starting to finish even planning your honeymoon too. This age is not our parents’ age where a little bit of lack could be ignored. Today’s young generation who live in big cities, travel in metros, work in MNCs; want in their wedding everything a class. They want everything perfect. Their wedding is like a new birth for them. So in coming time or whenever you want to marry in future, there are best wedding planners in Kolkata available that you can hire for planning your wedding in your budget. When you hire a affordable wedding planner in kolkata, the best advice is; always hire experienced and professional people.

Find Best Wedding Planners in Kolkata on Shaadidukaan, India’s Biggest Online Wedding Market

A couple, who is going to marry in Kolkata, knows how important are wedding planners for them. Today’s people who always remain busy without wedding planners they cannot imagine their wedding. But finding the right and experienced wedding planners is always the tiring task that no couple wants to get into. And on the other hand, when you go to book best wedding planners in Kolkata, all say they are perfect, right one for you that lead you to a dwindling situation. But you don’t need to worry now because all the vendors you want for your wedding, you can search on Shaadidukaan, where hundreds of vendors are listed to provide you the top quality services. You can search here any vendor as affordable destination wedding planners in Kolkata or in your city.

Why Choose Shaadidukaan for Your Wedding

There are two words in our mind always circling which we want for everything: Best and Easy. A little bit a couple can compromise in the budget but not in the quality who want their wedding awesomely unforgettable affair.

On Shaadidukaan, which is India’s fastest growing wedding market, there are hundreds of vendors listed on it, which you can book according to your wedding requirements. There are around 45 categories in which you can find vendors. All the vendors listed on the portal are experienced and professional people, even verified. The portal is currently working in 24 Indian cities and expanding gradually in more cities. It is also active in 6 foreign cities. It is beneficial both for vendors and users where former can make business and latter can find the vendors they want. Shaadidukaan is one of the trusted online wedding markets in India and among people on which anyone can trust for its service quality. Searching a vendor is so easy and smooth on it. You only need to select the city and the vendor category and hit the search button, within seconds a list of vendors appears before you where service providers are listed with their contact details and profiles. Suppose you want to search top wedding planners in Kolkata, then select the city and the vendor category.

Traits of a Potential Planner that You Should Look While Selecting for Yours

Experience: The first thing that you must see in a potential wedding planner is the experience. This experience matters most. Experienced wedding planners know and understand all the nuances of wedding planning. They know what hurdles can come in wedding and how they can be resolved. With an experienced wedding planner, you don’t need to take any headache. But many couples compromising budget select the less experienced people, for which they later regret. You should understand compromising service quality can affect your wedding hugely. Besides all this, they must be professional also. Prefer to hire an experienced wedding planner in Kolkata.

Creativity: Yeah, okay, experience is the main key element for your wedding planner but they should not be rigid experienced, while creativity should be their other feat. Yes, your wedding planner who is going to plan your whole wedding must be creative. He/she must be able to show your whole wedding before really happening of it, that how particulars things in your wedding going to work. Whether it is about décor, crockery, lightings, food, which is best, which is not; they must be quick to provide you the right and authentic answer for your every query. On the whole, they should be a problem solver and jack of all trades.

Effective Communicator: They must be an effective communicator. The skill that you need the most provided you can explain all your team what should be done and how should be done. You must have understood yourself what is right for making a wedding perfect, but to explain others how it will be done, you require the effective communication skill provided you can explain the right things.

Find India's Best Wedding Planners 

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FAQ About Wedding Planners

Why Should I Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner in Kolkata?

A wedding planner will help you out from the initial, card printing stage all the way up to the final wedding ceremony. He/She will surely help you save some time so that you can spend quality time with the near and dear ones instead of running around finalizing everything.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Wedding Planner Kolkata?

It'll depend on his experience and the responsibilities that you need him to undertake. You can hire one of the best event planners in Kolkata who fits your budget and can help you fulfill all the needs that you might require for a wedding.

What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner is someone who has good contacts in the market and will help you decide on the right vendor according to your needs and budget. He'll be someone who'll be like an assistant and will attend the meeting with the different vendors on your behalf.

What Qualities Should I Look For In A Wedding Planner?

A Wedding planner must be a good communicator as this quality will help him convey his thoughts more clearly to the vendors as well as yourself. You must make sure that he is confident enough to break the best deal out of the vendors.

How will Shaadidukaan Help Choose The Right Wedding Planners in Kolkata?

On Shaadidukaan you'll find various verified wedding planners in Kolkata from which you can choose one that fits your budget.. If you find yourself stuck and can't make a decision on your own, then we can assign you a Shaadidukaan Wedding Manager who'll help you out in choosing a wedding planner that best suits your requirements and also fits in your budget.

Are The Services Offered By Shaadidukaan Chargeable?

All the assistive services by Shaadidukaan are completely free of cost and don't come with any price tag. Moreover, we'll help you get the best deals from the vendors by negotiating prices and booking on your behalf.

What?ll Be The Proper Time To Start Looking For A Wedding Planner?

As soon as you possibly can! You should start searching for a wedding planner as soon as the dates of the wedding and other ceremonies are decided. Most of the decent wedding planners get booked early and it'll be really hard to find one at the last moment.

I Am Planning A Destination Wedding, Can You Provide A Destination Wedding Planner in Kolkata?

Yes, sure. There are many destination wedding planners in Kolkata who can help you out with all the planning. You can go ahead and post a quote and we'll get back to you with all the details.

How Much Time Does A Wedding Planner Need To Arrange Everything?

It depends upon the wedding planner and the services that you require. If the wedding planner has direct contact with vendors providing services according to your needs and in your budget then it'll take lesser time compared to the scenario in which he has to look for another vendor.

How Can I Verify That If A Vendor Is Genuine?

You can search through the website and scan through the profile of the best wedding planner in Kolkata and can also find the details about their previous works. Once your quotation is received you'll get a call directly from the wedding planner, so, you can rest assured that you get the best services.

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