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Hey all the soon-to-be brides and grooms, it is time for you to roll up the sleeves and get down the business of finding a wedding caterer who will make your event memorable. The three crucial elements that work together for making an event a super success is the venue, food, and decoration. If any of the three lack the element of surprise and appeal; the event’s overall impact is reduced. However, when it comes to food, if a menu item does not satisfy the guests’ palette then it becomes easy for them to remember the function for the tasteless food. Hence it is crucial to hire from the best wedding caterers in Pune; who can bring a smile on the guests’ face on the first bite.

Now there are many aspects when it comes to hiring a food caterer. Gone are the days when family members used to get a relative or known person who is into the food business to cook feasts for the functions. With the catering industry on a boom, there has been a surge in the number of food caterers. The number of options means more confusion; so to help you, we have compiled a list of seven must remember points when it comes to picking the ideal choice from the list.

Seven Important Points To Help You Hire Veg And Non Veg Wedding Caterers in Pune

  1. Listen To Your Friends And Family: Your first step should be to make a list of top wedding caterers in Pune and then schedule meetings with each of them. Now the big question is how to prepare the list? Where to find the names of such caterers? You should take the help your friends and family members who got married recently. These references are perfect because they give you true feedback on the food with respect to its food and quality. We recommend preparing a list which includes at least eight to ten names, and based on the feedback received strike-off the names who are not the ideal candidates for the job. This task will help save your time which would’ve have been wasted in traveling in the city for searching such vendors.
  2. Check The Availability: The next step is to call each food caterer from the list and inquire about their availability on the event dates. You should cut the names of food vendors who are pre-booked, and now you will have the list of food caterers whom you have to meet for further discussion. Directly dropping to the business premises of Best wedding caterers in Pune without checking their availability on the phone will lead to wastage of both the time and efforts.
  3. The Number Of Wedding Guests: The total count of wedding guests invited to the wedding functions will have a direct impact on the budget set aside for hiring the caterer. Therefore you, along with the family members decide the guest list before meeting different vendors. It will give you an insight into the food expenses, and you can channelize your efforts on those service providers who fall within the pre-decided budget. Also, not all the caterers are able to provide services for a huge guest list. Some specialize in organizing small parties while are experts in mass catering; hence expected guest will help in keeping the entire scenario clear.
  4. Type Of Cuisine: It is important to create a wedding menu which caters to the masses and not a particular section of people like kids or young adults or the elderly clan. For example, the people of the younger generation like international cuisines like Italian, Lebanese, Oriental, etc; while the elderly clan prefers North-Indian and South-Indian cuisine like Dosas, Paneer Curries, flatbreads, etc. Hence with the aid of top affordable wedding caterers in Pune, you should create a menu which achieves a balance between different cuisines and is able to quench their desire of guests of all ages.
  5. Staff And Equipment: In western weddings, the responsibility of getting all the cooking equipment and serving staff is of the caterer. However the same is not the case in India because of two different catering options available – Halwai or Caterer. Halwai is called a cook who is required to bring a team of cooks along with cooking utensils to the wedding venue, and the couple is required to provide them with the raw material, cutlery, and servers. For couples who prefer to not to take any kind of responsibility, the option of western style catering is available nowadays. However, the former is reasonable and the latter is expensive.
  6. Tasting Session: All the leading non-veg or veg Wedding caterers in Pune schedule a food tasting session for the couple to give them an idea about the taste. The option to visit on-going event catered by the same vendor is also available for the couple. It is important because you will be able to communicate the change in a dish or flavor if it is required.
  7. Check With The Venue Management For Restriction: A lot of venue owners and management are signing contracts with different wedding vendors and making their location exclusive to their services. It means that if a couple wants to get married at that location, they need to hire the vendors like decoration, caterer, event planner, etc who are associated with them. If they want to hire a vendor of their personal choice, then a waiver fee has to be paid in addition to the venue rental. Therefore before you book a caterer, it is recommended to inquire with the venue management about such type of restrictions.

So these were our seven helpful tips which will come to your aid and help you find the perfect and budget wedding caterers in pune.

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FAQ About Caterers

What is the average price range of wedding catering services in Pune?

Food is one of most sought after attribute of a big fat Indian wedding. People might forget the lavishness of your wedding but the taste of the cuisines continues to linger on their tastebuds forever. Wedding catering requires an investment, a good chunk of your set budget. As far as the pricing goes it depends upon the packages you're choosing. The cost itemized depends upon the appetizer and entr'e choices inclusive in the package. Wedding caterers in Pune also have packages that depend upon per plate costing. Choosing packages helps you to save on a few bucks. Wedding catering packages often include choicest of appetizers, salad, entr'e, dessert, and beverage and mouth fresheners. While choosing your caterer ask their package quotes and sample menu to get a better idea about the pricing.

How to know the credibility of the caterer?

Food is what uplifts the mood of the wedding. Guests' falling sick after consuming your wedding food is the last thing you would want to happen. To avoid this glitch and to check the credibility of your hired wedding caterer check their license. Investing in wedding catering is an add on expense and you definitely would not want your money to drown in water by serving your guests with bad food that fouls their mood. A licensed caterer means that they have met the local health department standards and carries liability license and liquor liability insurance. If you're planning to serve liquor at your wedding check that the caterer also has liquor license. Guests getting drunk and causing damage to the venue property, injuring themselves or a third person is a common sight. A liquor liability license safeguards you from these crisis situations preventing you from shelling out bucks for the damages.

How do I know the reliability of my caterer?

Wedding is a once in a lifetime moment and you would want only the best for your wedding. With the number of wedding caterers in Pune choosing the right one is difficult. Once you have narrowed down upon your choice then you need to ensure that your caterer is reliable and trustworthy enough and is worth the price. To check the reliability of your caterer ask for references and testimonials that they have received from their clients. References reveal the reality of the caterers and how it is to work with them in person. To be on the safer side get atleast 4 references of clients who had a wedding menu and style similar to yours.

Can wedding caterers prepare non vegetarian meals within the price or do they charge extra for it?

India is a foodie's paradise and we Indians are known for our foodie nature. At a wedding you would find people with varying tastes but what tops it all is the populations who have a craving for non-veg. In Punjabi and Bengali weddings without non-vegetarian food the menu is considered incomplete. If at your wedding you're expecting footfall of guests who love non veg then book a caterer who specializes in it. Your chosen caterer might agree to prepare non veg dishes but would charge extra for it. If meeting the demands of the guests is more important for you then better be prepared for paying a hefty price. If your caterer is charging way too much then you need to hire non veg caterers in Pune for you're those guests.

Does a wedding caterer offer sample tasting of the food that would be served?

The quality of food matters the most at a wedding. You simply cannot choose a caterer on the basis of the reviews and their ratings. You cannot judge a book by its cover, right! Its not necessary that only branded caterers serve good quality of food, even caterers that fit in a budget can serve good food. Many caterers provide sample tasting of the food to make you sure about their quality. If the caterer your choosing refuses to do so then change your caterer and choose the ones that provide a tasting session.

Can my caterer prepare special on request vegetarian food with no onion and garlic for a few guests?

If you're expecting Jain guests who have a strict no to onion and garlic then you need to serve them with special food.Veg caterers in Pune often have special packages for Jain food. Its your wedding and you would not want any of your guests to return with an empty stomach. So it it better to have a talk with your caterer before you hire them about your requirement and also brief them about your demand for special food. Often caterers agree to prepare the special food but that to for a price. So if your planning to have special on request made food then be better prepared to shell out a few extra bucks

Do Pune Wedding Caterers provide full service or we have to pay them extra for additional staff?

Full caterering service implies to making the table arrangements, serving food, bar service. The service type depends on the package your opting for. A full service package usually costs more incomparison to the other packages. Full caterering service adds a luxurious feel to the wedding. If your willing to shell out a few extra bucks then you can opt for a full service.

Will my wedding caterer provide a dress code for the staff?

If your planning for a themed wedding you would want every aspect of the wedding to match with the theme. You would also want the serving staff to be dressed according to the theme. Often top wedding caterers in Pune provide a dress code for their venue staff. Before hiring your caterer have a talk with them about the dress code so that the staff match with the tone and style of your wedding.

Is the catering package inclusive of the bartender fees?

Are you planning to serve liquor at your wedding' Then you would not want your guests to sit with empty glasses. You need to have a proper number of bartender who would attend the needs of the guests. Ideally in a wedding for every 100 guest there are 4 bartenders that means 2 bartenders for every 50 guests.If your expecting more footfall of guest at the bar then you need additional staff and caterers charge extra for extra staff. You in a full service package which is inclusive of liquor there are 4 bartenders. If you want helping hands then you better be prepared to spend extra money.

Where would the caterer prepare the food? For live counters and onsite services would they bring their own equipment?

Usually the main courses are prepared before hand in the kitchen of the caterer and brought to the venue but for some food like naan, puri, aloo tikki the food needs to be prepared on site with the installation of makeshift cooking area. Usually for on site cooking and live counters the caterers tend to bring their own food although incase they have to bring in some heavy weighted equipment the caterers charge extra for that. Especially for live counters where they have to bring all the heavy weighted pans and ladles.

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