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The Great Indian Rich Thalis For Your Wedding

Sep 12, 2018

What is amazing about India? Its differences are, and with so many differences it is united. And we all cherish this differed unity. Different c...

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Tongue Licking Dishes For Your Wedding Menu

Aug 25, 2018

Indian weddings are not only known for extravaga...

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7 Most Common but Important Things about a Caterer

Jun 18, 2018

Your wedding is probably the most important day in your life except the day on which you were born. As such, you want to leave no any bounds whe...

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Top 21 Wedding Cake Designs : Cut What You Like Taste Best (Totally Baked Us!)

May 30, 2018

When cultures get mixed, it is always a remix. In weddings also, we can see that there are sometimes, of different ...

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How to Pick the Perfect Menu for an Indian Summer Wedding?

Apr 24, 2018

The wedding is a beautiful occasion everywhere, in the world and you all want to make sure that your wedding ceremony is the best. There are man...

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Understand Catering Services Before You Regret

Nov 25, 2017

Catering is the business or service of providing food at events. Food forms one of the most important parts of any event be it marriage, busines...

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Ten Facts about Cake Shops That Will Blow Your Mind

Nov 15, 2017

Be it a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, a surprise office target achievement celebration of the team or a quiet celebration in the c...

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Latest Food Trends For Your Wedding : Your Guests Are Waiting!

Oct 28, 2017

Everyone likes to eat varieties of cuisines and wants to savour the new trendy dishes that are being cooked in a re...

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