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Top Wedding Bands in Pune

Imagine a wedding without relatives and electrifying beats of the band baaja; both of them are impossible, right? From jingle to jangle and to all the thrilling sounds that excite every bone in our body, wedding bands provide energy to the wedding. Bands provide a whole new level of zeal and enthusiasm to the wedding; cheering everybody.

Wedding is a way of celebrating the union of two families, the maternal and the paternal side. And the bands give an authentic and lively experience to the simple Maharashtran wedding. The groom goes to the wedding mandap accompanied with the brass bands and obviously the dancing relatives, and then further ties the auspicious knot.

Shaadidukaan can help you find the best and trusted Best Wedding bands in Pune easily! All you have to do is visit our website, click on Vendors on the menu then wedding bands, further you can select the city and the area. This will give you a big list of our vendors who want to make your wedding energetic!

Types of Extra Services Provided by the Wedding Bands

Points to be considered before Booking a Band

Booking a wedding band before the wedding can be a tiring task, so we suggest you a few easy pointers which you should keep in mind before booking a vendor.

Fix your budget- The first and foremost thing is to fix your budget before taking any step. It will help you ascertain the range and will cut a lot of extra researching. After you have fixed your budget try to keep some extra money for the unforeseen charges which might occur in future to be on the safe side.

Decide on few bands- After you are done fixing your budget, look for all the wedding bands which are in your budget range. It will help you to sum down all the available brass bands in Pune from the ones which are not in your budget. After jotting the names down, call them and ask for the availability of the band baaja in Pune on your wedding night.

Payment- While you confirm the prize range, do not forget to ask the vendor the payment method they require. Negotiate with the vendors well and try to convince them to pay them in installment. And do not leave the payment or the finalization of the vendor for the service till the last moment because you can lose the opportunity and end up with nothing in the end.

Facilities- Ask the vendors for availability of extra services as mentioned before, like- Ghoriwala, Doliwala, Lawazma and Palki. This will help you get multiple services from a single vendor which can cut down the cost of other expenses and also save time and efforts because you will be dealing with a single vendor.

Location- Try not to book the wedding bands in pune far from where your wedding will take place. This will help you to manage any unforeseen issues that can take place during the operation of the service. It can also decrease the casualty from the side of the band.

Ethics- Vendors are the reason for all the smooth working in a wedding so act accordingly with them. No matter how small or big job they do for you, you should always be thankful and filled with gratitude for their service! Also, do not be one of those customers who keep the vendors hanging when it comes to the payment. They have provided you service compromising on the other wedding offers, so do not delay the payment because they deserve it.

Things You Must Not Forget to Discuss with the Brass Bands in Pune

We hope our tips on wedding bands will help you fill your marriage with melodic rhythm and joy! You can find many trusted Top Wedding Bands in Pune on the official website of Shaadidukaan.





FAQ About Bands

Do wedding bands in Pune provide a mock performance before we book them?

Seeing is believing and upon witnessing a mock performance you would get an idea about how the band might sound on the day of the wedding. Although mock performance availablity differs from vendor to vendor. So when your booking a vendor have a discussion about the mock performance to clarify your doubts.

At what time do the bands arrive?

The arrival time of the band depneds upon baraat procession schedule.Usually bands arrive 3-4 hours in advance so as to complete all their testing work. However when your booking for band baaja in Pune you can specify the timing about when your expecting the arrival of the band.

How much time it takes for the wedding band to set up their equipments?

Usually it takes an hour to set up the instruments and the testing an all requires another hour. So wedding bands require approximately 2 hours to set up their instruments.

How long would the band perform?

Many wedding brass bands in Pune charge their performance on per hour bases while some of them offer packages that differs from occasion to occasion for which they are performing. The performance timing depends entirely upon the package that you are opting for.

Can wedding bands perform on a personalized playlist?

Ofcourse wedding bands to provide performance on personalised songs that's what your paying them for. Apart from their own songs they can play a couple of on demand songs for free. However if you need specially curated playlist to be performed then you need to inform your wedding band vendor well in advance.

Do wedding bands have a dress code?

Yes wedding bands have a dress code for their performing artists. In the times where themed weddings are gaining popularity couples want their band artist to dress up in a manner that matches their wedding theme. If your having a particular color dress code in your mind then you should inform the vendor about it while booking them so that they can cater to your needs.

How many musicians and vocalists would be present in the wedding bands?

The number of musicians and vocalist present in a wedding bands depends entirely upon the package booked. A vocalist and DJ usually performs with a partner in a wedding band. A smart way of sticking to the budget is to book a portion of a top wedding bands in Pune. This would ensure that you have great music at the price of less.

Do I need to rent any equipment or instrument for the wedding band?

While booking for wedding band find out what equipements the band is bringing with them and what all instruments you need to rent from the venue. Also you need to find out whether you need to cover any equipment with draping or not. As its your wedding , a beautiful occasion and you would not want your venue to look like an electronics store.

Do wedding bands Pune offer liability insurance?

Top wedding brass bands in Pune being professionals offer liability insurance which acts as a backup in case of any mishap thus preventing your money from getting drained in water.So when your booking wedding bands ensure that you check their liability insurance certificate.

Why hire a wedding band in Pune from Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find a list of the top wedding bands in Pune. Make your wedding planning easy as you book for a trusted and verified wedding band in the city at an affordable from our portal.

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