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An Essential Guide for Selection of Wedding Bands in Ludhiana

Indian Weddings are loud, grand and lavish. Weddings in India are pompous and deemed incomplete without the latkes and jhatkeys. Music and dance are one of the quintessential elements of a wedding. Irrespective of which part of India you hail from wedding bands is one of the crucial elements of a wedding. Grooving to the tunes of the loud music played by the bands is a common sight that is spotted at the weddings. One of the popular dance forms of India is the baraat dance wherein a frenzy of crazy dance moves is performed by all age groups.

One of the loudest weddings of India is a Punjabi one. Ludhiana the industrial hub of Punjab is known not just for its industries or food but is also popular for its weddings. If you have always been fascinated by the grandeur of Punjabi wedding and always wanted to have yours in the similar style then Ludhiana is your destination. Are you up for a destination wedding in Ludhiana? Are you clueless about how to search for the best wedding bands in Ludhiana? Why worry when we have got your back. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a wedding band vendor.

Tips to Remember While Booking Profession Wedding Bands for Your Weddings

 Dance, music, décor, food, shimmery attires these are the major attributes of a traditional Indian wedding. The main idea behind the loudness of Indian weddings is to have fun and wedding bands are the right entertainment source that induces fun in the festivities. Knowing the role played by wedding bands the Indian wedding market umpteen number of band baaja vendors. Choosing the right vendor amongst the number of options becomes a difficult and to help you with it we at Shaadidukaan have enlisted few things that you need to keep in mind while booking a wedding vendor.

1. Budget: Weddings are a luxurious affair and without a proper planning it is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. To avoid being debt ridden it is beneficial to have a fixed budget for the planning. Set a budget for your wedding band. A budget would help you to approach the ideal wedding brass bands in Ludhiana and negotiate with them for the final costing.

2. Availability: While booking wedding bands for your wedding check their availability for the prescribed dates. Check the other bookings that the band has for the dates. Before finalizing ensure that they reach the venue on the set date and time.

3. Cancellation And Refund Policy: When you’re booking for band in Ludhiana for Wedding carefully read their agreement form to get an idea of their cancellation and refund policy. Mishaps are inevitable and can occur at anytime and at anyplace. Refund and cancellation policy safeguard your money from getting drained during mishaps. So be on the safer side and have a discussion about the cancellation and refund with your selected vendor before making the payment.

5 Unique Groom Entry Ideas

 ‘Baraat aa gaye’ is one of the most anticipated sentences of a wedding. It is the auspicious moment when the groom seated on his ghodi along with his band baja and baraat enters the wedding venue to tie the knots of love. Sweep the guests off their feet by ditching away the traditional ghodi entry style and making an impactful grand entry. Here for all you grooms to-be are a few cool and sassy entry ideas.

1. On A Quirky Bike With A Sidecar: Have you always been fascinated by the Jodi of Munna and circuit? Why not enter the venue in Munna bhai style. Instead of going the old school way of entering the wedding venue on a ghodi make an entrance in style by being seated on a quirky bike with a sidecar accompanied by your best man. This bollywood styled entry never fails to awestruck the guests.

2. On A Segway: Remember Arjun Kapoor from Ki and Ka moving here and there trying to woo Kareena on a segway or Karan Grover making a grand entrance on his wedding on a segway. Another bollywood styled entry which is sure enough to bewilder your guests with its uniqueness.

3. In A Vintage Car: Do you have a thing for retro? Then this is your entry style. Make a statement by ditching away the black and white cars and replacing it with a stunning brightly colored vintage beauty.

4.  Like A Maharaja: Revel in the old world charm as you make a royal entry. Enter the wedding venue decked in the wedding finery like a Maharaja seated on a elephant back with a mahout leading the way to the wedding.

Why Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India’s leading online wedding market where you can find a list of trusted and verified wedding bands in Ludhiana. Make your wedding planning easier as you book your vendor from us at an affordable price.


FAQ About Bands

Do wedding bands in Ludhiana provide a mock performance before we book them?

Seeing is believing and upon witnessing a mock performance you would get an idea about how the band might sound on the day of the wedding. Although mock performance availablity differs from vendor to vendor. So when your booking a vendor have a discussion about the mock performance to clarify your doubts.

At what time do the bands arrive?

The arrival time of the band depneds upon baraat procession schedule.Usually bands arrive 3-4 hours in advance so as to complete all their testing work. However when your booking for band baaja in Ludhiana you can specify the timing about when your expecting the arrival of the band.

How much time it takes for the wedding band to set up their equipments?

Usually it takes an hour to set up the instruments and the testing an all requires another hour. So wedding bands require approximately 2 hours to set up their instruments.

How long would the band perform?

Many wedding brass bands in Ludhiana charge their performance on per hour bases while some of them offer packages that differs from occasion to occasion for which they are performing. The performance timing depends entirely upon the package that you are opting for.

Can wedding bands perform on a personalized playlist?

Ofcourse wedding bands to provide performance on personalised songs that's what your paying them for. Apart from their own songs they can play a couple of on demand songs for free. However if you need specially curated playlist to be performed then you need to inform your wedding band vendor well in advance.

Do wedding bands have a dress code?

Yes wedding bands have a dress code for their performing artists. In the times where themed weddings are gaining popularity couples want their band artist to dress up in a manner that matches their wedding theme. If your having a particular color dress code in your mind then you should inform the vendor about it while booking them so that they can cater to your needs.

How many musicians and vocalists would be present in the wedding bands?

The number of musicians and vocalist present in a wedding bands depends entirely upon the package booked. A vocalist and DJ usually performs with a partner in a wedding band. A smart way of sticking to the budget is to book a portion of a top wedding bands in Ludhiana. This would ensure that you have great music at the price of less.

Do I need to rent any equipment or instrument for the wedding band?

While booking for wedding band find out what equipements the band is bringing with them and what all instruments you need to rent from the venue. Also you need to find out whether you need to cover any equipment with draping or not. As its your wedding , a beautiful occasion and you would not want your venue to look like an electronics store.

Do wedding bands Ludhiana offer liability insurance?

Top wedding brass bands in Ludhiana being professionals offer liability insurance which acts as a backup in case of any mishap thus preventing your money from getting drained in water.So when your booking wedding bands ensure that you check their liability insurance certificate.

Why hire a wedding band in Ludhiana from Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find a list of the top wedding bands in Ludhiana. Make your wedding planning easy as you book for a trusted and verified wedding band in the city at an affordable from our portal.

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