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Top Wedding Planners in Ludhiana

Wedding planning is one of most quintessential step of a marriage. Weddings with numerous rituals and ceremonies are a tiresome affair. Indian weddings are known for their ceremonies and handling them is beyond the management level of a single person. Wedding planning in Ludhiana requires great management and leadership skills. The planning is intensive and the successful execution requires expertise. When it comes to wedding planning, we know that India is popular for its loud weddings with all the shoo-shaa. 

Being the bride or groom you cannot afford to run here and there to get the arrangements of the wedding in order. All the wedding tasks are sure to give you a backache. You save yourself from the hassle of wedding planning and turning your consider hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner with expertise in the area can help in the proper organization of the wedding and can make your special day memorable. Gone are the days when the family members used to divide the work amongst them. With the changing times and hectic lifestyles the hiring of a wedding planner in ludhiana for intricate planning of a wedding is deemed as a necessity.

The exquisite weddings of Isha Ambani, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra has raised the bars of wedding planning. The lavish celebrity weddings have given the bride and groom #couplegoals of hosting a similar wedding. The luxurious celeb weddings made the couples to drool over everything from décor, attire to venue. Having said it all, modern day couples only settle for nothing but the best when it comes to selection of a wedding planner.

When we talk about Indian wedding, Punjabi marriage is the first one that strikes our mind. Punjabi wedding is deemed as one of the daintiest, grandest, loudest. From shimmery attires, fancy décor, loud music, scrumptious cuisines these are the perfect attributes of a Punjabi wedding. Ludhiana the Manchester of India is famous for its traditional styled desi Punjabi wedding. So if you’re one of those wanting to wed in style with all the shoo-shaa then consider having a destination wedding in Ludhiana. If you’re up for a wedding in the city then consider hiring destination wedding planners in Ludhiana to turn your special day into a collection of beautiful lifestyle memories. We at Shaadidukaan understand hiring a wedding planner is not an easy task and so have brought for you a list of tips that you need to keep in mind while booking for a wedding planner in ludhiana.

Things to Keep in Mind While Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

1. Budget: Before booking a wedding planner analyze your budget. Weddings are a costly affair and enough to burn a hole in your pocket. If planned in a budget then weddings would not leave in debts. Crucial steps of wedding planning are setting a budget and to ensure that you stick to it, hire a wedding planner. Set a budget for your planner. An help n estimate budget you to find the right wedding planner in ludhiana.

2. Research: The wedding market has a number of available wedding planners. A proper research is required for reaching the best wedding planner in Ludhiana. Search for a planner search with excellent work profile, a good market reputation and their charges. Select a planner who fits within your set budget.

3. Advance Booking: To ensure that you’re chosen wedding planner is available for the set dates it is advisable to book them well in advance. During the wedding season every couple has their hands set on the best planner in town. Before the best planner of the city runs out of date book them well in advance.

4. Services Offered: Top Wedding planners in Ludhiana offer different services like consulting, decoration, catering among others. Before booking for wedding planner check the services offered. Hire a planner who provides services that match with your requirement criteria.

5. Portfolio: Before finalizing your wedding vendor analyze their portfolio. Check their experience in the industry, testimonials received from happy clients, past work. Get an insight into the working style of the planner with their portfolio. If possible try meeting their older clients to ensure the planners authenticity. Also try looking up for photographs and videos of past weddings that they had planned.

Things to Discuss With The Wedding Planner

1. Theme: When you’re booking a wedding planner then ensure that you discuss about the theme of the wedding. A brief discussion about the style of the wedding would help in finalizing the theme of the wedding. Also finalizing the theme would help in avoiding last minute confusions and would also ensure that you have your ideal wedding.

2. Estimate budget: When you hire the best event planner in Ludhiana give them an estimate idea about your set budget. Briefing them about the budget would help the appropriate planning of the wedding.

3. Function And Events: Brief the wedding planner about the various wedding functions that you intend to host. Also inform the planner about your décor idea for various functions.

4. Guest List: Make your wedding vendor familiar with your guest list.A knowledge about the guests would help the vendor to properly plan your wedding.If you intend to host a specific function or have décor or food according to the preference of your guests then the wedding planner needs to be familiar with your invitees.

5. References: Before you finalize the best wedding planner in Ludhiana for your wedding ask them about their references. The reference given by the vendor would provide you an insight into their previous work, market image and would also ensure you of your choice.

Why Hire Your Wedding Planners in Ludhiana From Shaadidukaan?

Shaadidukaan is India’s fastest growing online wedding market where you can find a list of trusted and verified Budget wedding planners in Ludhiana. From wedding planners, caterers, makeup artists find an a list different wedding vendors on our portal at affordable prices. Make your wedding planning easy as you hire your wedding planner from our portal at a budget friendly price.


FAQ About Wedding Planners

Why Should I Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner in Ludhiana?

A wedding planner will help you out from the initial, card printing stage all the way up to the final wedding ceremony. He/She will surely help you save some time so that you can spend quality time with the near and dear ones instead of running around finalizing everything.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire A Wedding Planner Ludhiana?

It'll depend on his experience and the responsibilities that you need him to undertake. You can hire one of the best event planners in Ludhiana who fits your budget and can help you fulfill all the needs that you might require for a wedding.

What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner is someone who has good contacts in the market and will help you decide on the right vendor according to your needs and budget. He'll be someone who'll be like an assistant and will attend the meeting with the different vendors on your behalf.

What Qualities Should I Look For In A Wedding Planner?

A Wedding planner must be a good communicator as this quality will help him convey his thoughts more clearly to the vendors as well as yourself. You must make sure that he is confident enough to break the best deal out of the vendors.

How will Shaadidukaan Help Choose The Right Wedding Planners in Ludhiana?

On Shaadidukaan you'll find various verified wedding planners in Ludhiana from which you can choose one that fits your budget.. If you find yourself stuck and can't make a decision on your own, then we can assign you a Shaadidukaan Wedding Manager who'll help you out in choosing a wedding planner that best suits your requirements and also fits in your budget.

Are The Services Offered By Shaadidukaan Chargeable?

All the assistive services by Shaadidukaan are completely free of cost and don't come with any price tag. Moreover, we'll help you get the best deals from the vendors by negotiating prices and booking on your behalf.

What?ll Be The Proper Time To Start Looking For A Wedding Planner?

As soon as you possibly can! You should start searching for a wedding planner as soon as the dates of the wedding and other ceremonies are decided. Most of the decent wedding planners get booked early and it'll be really hard to find one at the last moment.

I Am Planning A Destination Wedding, Can You Provide A Destination Wedding Planner in Ludhiana?

Yes, sure. There are many destination wedding planners in Ludhiana who can help you out with all the planning. You can go ahead and post a quote and we'll get back to you with all the details.

How Much Time Does A Wedding Planner Need To Arrange Everything?

It depends upon the wedding planner and the services that you require. If the wedding planner has direct contact with vendors providing services according to your needs and in your budget then it'll take lesser time compared to the scenario in which he has to look for another vendor.

How Can I Verify That If A Vendor Is Genuine?

You can search through the website and scan through the profile of the best wedding planner in Ludhiana and can also find the details about their previous works. Once your quotation is received you'll get a call directly from the wedding planner, so, you can rest assured that you get the best services.

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