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Hello Team Shaadidukaan. A big thanks to you for my successful conversion of one lead from your portal Shaadidukaan of client Kanchan Sharma. The assistance from your support team was really helpful in our first business from Shaadidukaan.com. Wedding Xperts, Delhi (Gurpreet Singh) 07 Sep, 2020

Wedding Xperts

I have successfully converted one lead from Shaadidukaan of client Priya Singh. Thanks a lot to Shaadidukaan Support Team who helped me in this lead conversion as our first business from Shaadidukaan. Sukoon Gulati Makeovers, Delhi (Sukoon Gulati) 07 Sep, 2020

Sukoon Gulati Makeovers

Thank you Shaadidukaan support team for helping me in successful conversion of the business lead. Will look forward for longer association with Shaadidukaan.com . Thanks a lot! JP Mehandi Art, Delhi (Jai Prakash) 07 Sep, 2020

JP Mehandi Art

I have successfully converted the lead from Shaadidukaan of client Mrs. Neha Gour. Thanks to the vendor support team who helped me to convert this lead into our First business from Shaadidukaan.com . It is great to associate with you. Candy Look Beauty Hub And Skin Treatment, Jaipur (Tanya Sharma) 24 Aug, 2020

Candy Look Beauty Hub And Skin Treatment

I successfully converted one lead from Shaadidukaan.com of client Mrs. Shivi. Thanks to support team of Shadidukaan who helped me to convert this lead as our first business. Thanks you Shaadidukaan. Meenakshi Mehandi World, Delhi (Ms. Meenakshi) 11 Aug, 2020

Meenakshi Mehandi World

Thank you so much for the help provided by shaadidukaan and its vendor support team. I am very grateful to them as I got a lead because of their assistance. I am looking for more future endeavors with shaadidukaan. Nidhi Photography, Mysore (Mr.M.S. Manjunatha) 23 Mar, 2020

Nidhi Photography

I would like to show my gratitude towards Shaadidukaan and their vendor support team. They helped me to convert a lead for my photography business. Thanks again for your entire support. Wedding Foam, Jaipur (Mohit Nath) 17 Mar, 2020

Wedding Foam

I Just confirmed my first deal with the help of shaadidukaan and their vendor support team. A big thanks to them for providing a good lead. Looking for more future endeavors. Makeup By Chakshu Fulwani, Jaipur (CHAKSHU FULWANI) 16 Mar, 2020

Makeup By Chakshu Fulwani

I would like to thank you for being so much helpful to me and providing good lead. I am looking for more business opportunities in future with shaadidukaan and their support team. Shivangi Events & Entertainment, Jaipur (Abhishek) 12 Mar, 2020

Shivangi Events & Entertainment

Just converted my first business deal with the help of shaadidukaan and their vendor support team. You guys are very much supportive. Thank you so much. Trio Media, Mumbai (Mr Chandan Kulkarni) 12 Mar, 2020

Trio Media

Just convert a deal with the help of Shaadidukaan and their wonderful support team. The support you guys provided was good and looking for more future businesses with Shaadidukaan. Karan Mehandi Artist, Thane (Mr Karan) 12 Mar, 2020

Karan Mehandi Artist

I have got good deals with the help of shaadidukaan and its vendor support team. It is very much good to connect with the team and looking for more business in the future. STAR WEDDING SAFA, Delhi (Mr. Navjot Nanda) 07 Mar, 2020


Shaadidukaan and their team have helped me a lot by providing good clients and opportunities. I appreciate their efforts and support highly. Thank you so much guys. Manoj Films Photography, Chandigarh (Mr. Manoj) 06 Mar, 2020

Manoj Films Photography

A big thanks to the vendor support team of shaadidukaan because they helped me to convert the deal. looking for more business opportunities with them! Krishna Mehendi Artist, Delhi (Krishna) 06 Mar, 2020

Krishna Mehendi Artist

Recently converted a deal with the help of shaadidukaan. I would like to thank the organization and special thanks to their support team. Floral Design Decor, Delhi (Wakar Ali) 06 Mar, 2020

Floral Design Decor

The support team of shaadidukaan did a great job and helped me very much with my photography business. Thanks a lot for helping me and converting the deal. Lensense Studio & Photography, Lucknow (SHOBHIT) 06 Mar, 2020

Lensense Studio & Photography

Thanks to shaadidukaan for their support and help for converting my deal. They have supported me a lot and their team is also amazing. Amantran Weddings, Delhi (Ms Kanika) 06 Mar, 2020

Amantran Weddings

I would like to thank you for being such supportive and helpful in providing good leads. Really appreciate your work and the vendor support. We will continue with Shaadidukaan this year also. De Novo Unisex Salon, Jaipur (Palash Rupani) 03 Mar, 2020

De Novo Unisex Salon

Just confirmed another lead from Shaadidukaan. Had good business opportunities and the support provided was really good. DEEPAK MEHANDI ARTIST, Jaipur (DEEPAK SINGH) 03 Mar, 2020


Thank You to the support representative of Shaadidukaan who have helped in converting good leads. Thanks a lot guys. K P Anchor, Indore (Krishna Pal Bhadoriya) 03 Mar, 2020

K P Anchor
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