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Top Wedding Planners in Chandigarh – Shaadidukaan

If you don’t know how strenuous and daunting planning an entire wedding function is, ask the father of a bride who has just wrapped up the wedding of her daughter.  The response will be like ‘ i wish some would be here to take care of all the wedding planning responsibilities so that I could savor the fun of all wedding rituals’. Wedding planning is such a cumbersome task that it can boggle the mind of any individual especially when the wedding date is on the brink of arrival.

One of the best ways to exterminate the burden of wedding planning from your shoulders is hiring illustrious wedding planners in Chandigarh. Now you must be wondering that hiring a wedding planner will surely boost up your wedding budget and quite possible you may run of the cash. But that’s not the case. Wedding planners have a very strong network in the market. When they take the charge in their hand, they strive hard to bring down the cost without comprising a bit in the resources quality.

There is no dearth of wedding planning companies in Chandigarh. But finding a distinguished wedding planning company among the heaps of self-proclaimed top wedding planners is a bit stiff. Especially during the wedding season when every other couple-to-be rushes to hire the best professional to plan their wedding. If you are looking to hire the top-notch wedding planner in Chandigarh city to plan your wedding, look no further than Shaadidukaan. We are an online wedding market where you can find the Chandigarh city top-notch wedding planners at an affordable cost and without breaking any sweat.

Crucial Pointers That You Must Keep in Mind Before You Contact the Wedding Planners

If you want to land up with the Budget Wedding Planners in Chandigarh without wasting much of your crucial time, there are various pointers that you must keep in mind before contacting the professional wedding planners.

Vital Questions That You Must Ask The Wedding Planners Before You Hire Them

Hiring a wedding planner to take over your wedding planning is indeed a significant decision. To make sure you don’t face any frivolous and insignificant issues from the wedding planners end, there are numerous questions that you must ask the Best Wedding Planners In Chandigarh before you book them for the job.

1. Budget – There are two key reasons for which people hire the wedding planners: one is to curb down the budget and other is to get rid of the wedding planning responsibility and stress. Budget is of profound importance when hiring wedding planners. A renowned wedding planner who has an excellent network and immense experience can curb down your wedding budget manifold times but his package may cost you big. Keeping in mind the wedding budget, ensure from the vendors, can they plan your wedding within the given budget?

2. Style of Wedding – Some wedding planners are quite proficient in planning the traditional style weddings, while others can plan scintillating destination weddings that will make you say WOW. Ensure from the vendors' end, are they capable enough to plan both styles of the wedding? Give big preference to the vendors who are efficient in planning both traditional and destination styles of the wedding.

3. Experience -  The experience and the flair to do something big is what separates the top Wedding Planners  of Chandigarh from the rest. Thoroughly go through the experience and work portfolio of all the wedding planners you shortlisted and join hands with the whom experience and creativity you find resonating with each other.

4. Prior Experience of Working At Selected Location – Always give huge preference to the wedding planning vendors who have prior experience of working at the selected venue. They must be well aware of all the ins and outs of the venue and can help you to save a lot of money at various places. Moreover, we recommend you to discuss the wedding venue you want to select for the wedding function with the wedding planners.

5. Payment Structure & Payment Modes – Gone are the days when people use to carry loads of cash together to make the prior bookings for the wedding function. Now, we are living in the digital era. Most of the payments are made via online and electronic transfers. Before you book the wedding planners, ask them, do they use digital modes of payment transfer to receive the payment? If yes, ask them to reveal their payment structure and preferred modes of payment.

6. Cancellation & Refund Policy – One common mistake that most of the individuals commit while hiring the wedding planners is they don’t task about company cancellation and refund policies. Knowing these policies right from scratch can help you to save your hard-earned money, in case the event gets canceled because of some or other reasons.

Why Shaadidukaan to Book The Wedding Planners?

Like you, we also want your wedding function to stand apart from the pack.  And that we strive to do by providing you the startling selection of verified and trusted wedding planning vendors to choose from. Shaadidukaan has the biggest selection of wedding planning vendors in Chandigarh city who can turn your humdrum wedding function into a stellar affair without making a dent in your wallet.

Apart from that, we are renowned among our customers for providing them an amazing service after sales. So don’t waster your time anymore. Visit shaadidukaan, share all of your requirements with us, and we will come up with the best wedding planning vendors that will render you seamless services and make your wedding a memorable affair.


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