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Hey, hey, hey! A big congratulations on getting engaged. We wish you and the love of your life a super duper future together. Given you are online and studying this text, we take the preparations for your wedding have started in full swing. Which is not surprising because Indian weddings are grand and pretty elaborate. 

The first task for every couple in planning the wedding is to look for a venue where they want to get married. And this task is nothing but easy, which you must have also realized by now. Hence to help you out, we have compiled a list of 11 things to keep in mind while looking for wedding venues in Kolkata.

11 Pointers to Keep in Mind While Finalizing Wedding Venues in Kolkata

  1. The number of people you want to invite. Every wedding venue has a limit to the number of guests which it can easily accommodate. Fixing a venue according to the expected number of guests will avoid making the function chaotic. Hence sit with both the families, get an estimation of the number of wedding guests and look for the venue accordingly.
  2. The amount of money you have set aside for the wedding venue. It will not be wrong to say, for any wedding around the world, money is surely an important aspect. And you will be surprised to know, almost 30% of the entire wedding budget is spent on booking the venue. Therefore it is necessary to plan all the expenses accordingly and search for venues with realistic expectations. 
  3. The type of wedding venue you want for the big day. Many couples face a lot of confusion in choosing the type of venue they want to get married at. It can either be a farmhouse or an open wedding lawn or a hotel banquet. And not even that, there are many marriage halls in Kolkata for you to choose from. So depending upon the amount of money and the number of wedding guests, type of venue should be selected.
  4. Visit the blogs, websites etc of wedding venues. In this day and age of digital marketing, all the businesses are marking their presence online. And it can be in the form of a dedicated website or blog or Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts. So if you have finalized 3-5 venues, then we recommend searching and visiting their online profiles. Here you can find real wedding images of other couples and this will give an insight about how weddings are planned at a particular venue. 
  5. Choose the wedding date. The date of the wedding has a lot of impact on aspects like money and availability. For example, if you have fixed a wedding date based on an auspicious calendar then there are high chances of many weddings taking place on the same date, and this will affect the availability of the venue. But if the wedding date is fixed during the off-season then the cost of the venue will be comparatively less and it will be easily available. 
  6. Availability of the venue. Like we said above, availability of the best wedding Venues in Kolkata will depend upon the wedding date. And instead of wasting time in visiting each venue, start your negotiations via discussion over the call by asking about the availability of the venue on the decided date.
  7. Destination weddings are gaining a lot of momentum. And because of this lot of couples are planning their weddings over weekends or long weekends, so all the family members and friends can enjoy the functions to its best. But take care, planning a destination wedding will surely have an increasing effect on the budget if not managed properly.
  8. You can also plan an intimate wedding at a vacation home. There are some couples (even if not many) who get married without their families to conquer true love. And for such couples, their friends provide much-needed support. Therefore, such weddings should be planned in vacation homes, where an only a limited number of people are there. Trust us, it will make the entire wedding day super special and memorable for both of you. 
  9. Get inspired and plan your wedding based on a theme. Lavish and star-studded weddings of many celebrities have surely set super beautiful wedding goals. And now it is your time to take some inspiration and plan a wedding on similar lines. No, we are not saying to spend crores of money, rather have a wedding based on a theme, no matter how simple it is. To quote some examples it can be based on flowers or the era of the 80s or the super glam Bollywood etc.
  10. Look at multiple venues and finalize only after that. A huge mistake which many couples commit is by booking the very first venue they visit while searching for wedding venues in Kolkata. Yes, we understand that you have found the dream venue but still, there is nothing wrong is visiting other shortlisted options as well. You may never know if the next venue was even more gorgeous and cheap than the one you booked. 
  11. Ask for venue rules, if any. Yes, you will be surprised to know about the rules which wedding venues impose on the couples looking to get married. For example, some marriage lawns in Kolkata and wedding resorts in Kolkata have a pre-fixed deal with tent house, light vendor and food caterers giving them an exclusive right to the venue. In that case, you have to hire only those vendors for the particular services, otherwise, to hire an outsider, you need to pay a waiver fee. Therefore before booking any venue, ask the venue owner or the management for any such rules.

These were our powerful 11 pointers which will help you book only the perfect venue for the wedding in Kolkata. Now the next step is to start searching for different venue options available and for that, India’s most trusted online wedding market will help you. We have more than thousands of wedding venues like resorts, lawns, and banquets registered online. Just visit the website, choose the city as well as the vendor and a list of top venue options will be presented on the screen.

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FAQ About Venues

How much do the vendors charge for a wedding venue?

The price ranges according to the location of the venue. The price increases if the venue has a metro station or a highway road near it because of the easy transportation availability, for example- wedding venues in Kolkata are usually on the prime locations or distant areas so that the guests can reach the venue without getting stuck in traffic. The goodwill of the venue can also hike the prices a lot, like all the rated hotels charge extra than the normal wedding lawns and wedding resorts. The price also depends on the additional services provided by the venue

What is the best location for a wedding?

The best location for a wedding would be the lawns, rated hotels or the resorts near the highways, airport, railway stations, bus stations or the metro stations. This will help people to reach the venue easily and can decrease a lot of confusion. You can also book a venue which is near your home to ensure the smooth working of the wedding operations.

What is the price per plate?

The price per plate differs from venue to venue. If it is a wedding lawn then you will have to arrange a caterer and the price per plate will be quoted by the caterer. It also differs from city to city, like the wedding venues in Kolkata, Kolkata, Kolkata or any metropolitan cities will have expensive price per plate. If you plan to tie the knot in a resort or a rated hotel then there will be a fixed price according to the respective vendor. The price per plate also depends on the menu you are planning to have on your wedding day.

Do the wedding venues in Kolkata provide guesthouse facilities?

It depends on which type of venue you are planning to book and your budget. If you decide upon rated hotels and resorts then you will easily find guesthouses and changing rooms but not all the wedding lawns provide the facility of a guesthouse. Your budget plays an important role as well, if your budget is not that much then you should look for wedding venues near your home and book a cheap guesthouse rather than paying the venue vendor a hefty amount.

Which cities are good for a destination wedding?

The destination wedding resorts in Kolkata, Goa, Kolkata, Udaipur, Kolkata, Shimla, Nainital, South India, etc organize amazing weddings and provide a lot of facilities as well.

What are the types of wedding venues?

The most common types of venues are the wedding lawns, rated hotels, and the resorts. Your price range can differ from the choice of wedding venue you have decided upon. The wedding lawns will be cheaper than the wedding resorts or the rated hotels. But the resorts and the rated hotels will provide you most of the services at the same place, unlike the wedding lawns.

Do the venues charge extra money for extra services?

The services provided by the venue vendor can hike up the prices a lot. But it is fair because these services provided by the venue vendor can help you decrease the number of vendors in total and a lot of time.

How can Shaadidukaan help in booking a best wedding venue in Kolkata?

Shaadidukaan is India's fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of wedding vendors for your wedding requirements. Experienced and professional wedding venues in Kolkata vendors are listed with us, and in the city you want. You just need to select the city and vendor category, and a list of verified vendors appears before you with their contact details. Contact whichever you want to.

How to decide the size of the venue to be booked?

The size of the wedding venue depends on the number of people you are planning to invite in the wedding. If you are expecting 800 people then you won't book a venue that can accommodate 1000 people because you are actually paying for the extra 200 people without any reason. It is very important to keep a tab on your guest list because it can determine how much parking space you will require when talking about space.

Does the wedding venue provide the decoration facility?

Again, it depends on the venue. Usually, the top marriage gardens in Kolkata, Kolkata, Kolkata, Kolkata, etc provide all the services and charge a hefty amount for the service. But the resorts and the rated hotels do have the facility. You just have to discuss it with the vendor.

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