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Shaadidukaan Wedding Awards Gala-Night 2024 (SWAG-2024)

17 Oct 2024 Jaipur, Rajasthan

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  • Recognition and ValidationBy Shaadidukaan (Serving Since 2015)

Celebrate Excellence In The Wedding Industry With Us

Shaadidukaan, your trusted online wedding planning platform, proudly presents the Shaadidukaan Wedding Awards Gala-Night. We recognise and honour the outstanding contributions of professionals who make dreams come true in the world of weddings.




A Night To Remember

Every year, the world of weddings witnesses a grand celebration of excellence, creativity, and innovation by Shaadidukaan. This prestigious event THE SWAG, hosted by the online wedding planning platform Shaadidukaan, is a testament to the dedication and talent of wedding professionals who play a pivotal role in crafting the most magical moments in people's lives.

The SWAG is not just an event; it's a night to remember. It's a night where the stars of the wedding industry gather under one roof to honour and celebrate their outstanding achievements. The anticipation in the air, the glitz and glamour, and the collective excitement will make it a truly memorable occasion.

Diverse Categories, Infinite Talent

At the heart of the awards ceremony are the diverse categories that recognize excellence across various facets of wedding planning. From the Best Wedding Planners who meticulously orchestrate every detail to the Best Makeup Artists who transform brides into ethereal beauties, every category reflects the immense talent within the industry. Whether it's the Best Caterers tantalizing taste buds or the Best Photographers capturing timeless moments, each category represents a unique skill set that contributes to the magic of weddings.

A Transparent and Rigorous Process

What makes THE SWAG truly special is the transparency and rigour of the nomination and selection process. Nominees are carefully observed based on their track record, client testimonials, and the quality of their work. This ensures that only the best of the best make it to the Winner List.

The Esteemed Jury and Panel

The awards' credibility is further bolstered by the esteemed jury and panel comprising industry experts, celebrities, and influencers. Their collective knowledge and impartial judgment ensure that the winners truly deserve their accolades. The presence of these luminaries adds an extra layer of excitement to the ceremony.

Honoring the Winners & Nominees

The highlight of the SWAG is, of course, the moment when the winners are announced. Each nominee takes the stage, heart pounding, and hopes high, as they await the verdict. The joy, tears, and heartfelt speeches that follow are a testament to the passion and dedication that go into creating unforgettable weddings.

Networking and Collaboration

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the awards ceremony provides a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration within the wedding industry. Professionals from different categories come together, exchange ideas, and explore potential partnerships. This synergy is essential for the continued growth and innovation of the industry.

Celebrating Excellence in Style

As the night unfolds, attendees are treated to live entertainment, sumptuous cuisine, and a celebration that continues long after the awards have been presented. It's a night of revelry, laughter, and forging connections that extend beyond the ceremony.

A Night to Look Forward To

The SWAG is not just an event; it's a tradition. It's a night that celebrates the tireless efforts, creativity, and passion that go into creating weddings that are nothing short of magical.

The SWAG Ceremony is a testament to the excellence and innovation that define the wedding industry. It's a night of glamour, celebration, and recognition. It's a night that honors the professionals who make dreams come true, one wedding at a time. It's a night to remember, and it's a night to look forward to, year after year.


Shaadidukaan Wedding Awards Gala-Night : The SWAG 2024 are an annual celebration of excellence in the wedding industry. These awards recognize and honor outstanding professionals who contribute to making weddings memorable and magical.

Professionals in various wedding-related categories, such as wedding planners, photographers, makeup artists, caterers, and many others, can participate by either self-nominating or being nominated by others in the industry or clients.

  • You can apply for nominations here.
  • The final list of nominees is determined by our expert panel.

The jury and panel consist of industry experts, celebrities, and influencers who bring their knowledge and impartial judgment to the awards selection process.

Yes, there may be a nominal nomination fee associated with each entry to cover administrative costs. The fee may vary depending on the category.

Yes, you can submit nominations in multiple categories as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each category.

The date and location of the awards ceremony are 17 Oct 2024 Jaipur, Rajasthan and shall be celebrated in 4*+ Property in Jaipur. Please check our website and official announcements for the latest information.

Tickets to the awards ceremony can be purchased via mail:

Yes, we welcome sponsors who wish to support this prestigious event. Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

The dress code for the awards ceremony is typically formal or black attire. We encourage attendees to dress elegantly and in accordance with the event's glamourous ambiance.

To stay updated, please visit our official website, follow our social media channels, and subscribe to our newsletters for the latest news and announcements.

You have the option to either self-nominate or be nominated by others. We encourage both methods to ensure that deserving professionals are recognized.

Winners shall be awarded by Bollywood/TV celebrity and are selected through a combination of public votes and evaluation by the expert jury and panel. (80% Public Votes | 20% Jury). The exact process may vary by category and is on discretion of SWAG team.

Winners of the SWAG receive a prestigious accolade, recognition in the industry, opportunities for media exposure, and a chance to showcase their work on our platform. Business Listing is additional in certain nominations.

No, there is no appeals process applicable for the SWAG. The decisions of the jury and panel are final and not subject to appeal. Winners are determined through a thorough and impartial evaluation process.

All disputes are subject to Jaipur jurisdiction only.

Please fill out the application form below to nominate.

We will get back to you within 24hours.


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