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The 50 Best Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas at Shaadidukaan

The 50 Best Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas at Shaadidukaan

While you’re very busy finalizing the wedding details like a fun photo booth idea, shortlisting the wedding poses, or choosing a beautiful wedding venue, don’t forget one of The Most Important Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas which is sure to have an impact on all your wedding guests. Yes, it is the auspicious and beautiful place where you’ll be exchanging vows and solidifying your relationship with your loved one- the Marvelous Mandap Designs!

A mandap is the structure that has four posts symbolizing air, earth, fire, and water. All these elements symbolize spirituality and represent energy. This structure should be covered and nowadays, it is decorated with beautiful florals and fabrics.

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From the rustic boho and hanging chandeliers to the stunning canopy of flower themes, a wedding mandap design can easily be created as you envisaged by experienced and skilled designers and planners nowadays.  If you’re not sure how your mandap design should be but want it to look like a picture-perfect heaven, check the list of remarkable mandap decors and designs for some inspiration:

Fairytale Style Mandap

Fairytale Style MandapSource: Pinterest

If you want to have a dreamy fairytale mandap, you can get a visual reminder seeing this Indian wedding mandap design. This Pink Mandap Décor with beautiful pink flowers, adorned lavishly with draperies and cherry blossoms, will send chills down your spines.

Peach White Floral Mandap Design

Peach White Floral Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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This mandap stands gracefully, decorated with delicate and beautiful blossoms in the shade of white and peach, which helps create an ethereal atmosphere. At the center of this mandap hangs a stunning chandelier, which sparkles with many crystals that reflect the sunlight and cast shimmering patterns all over the space.

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Canopy Of Roses Mandap Design

Canopy Of Roses Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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This mandap is beautifully adorned with hundreds and thousands of roses. The roses fall down from the magnificent canopy in lavish layers, creating an enchanting and luxurious overhead display. Under the canopy, fabrics sway gently in the breeze, which adds a touch of elegance and softness to the setting.

Lotus-Shaped Floating Mandap Design

Lotus-Shaped Floating Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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We cannot just take our eyes off this wedding mandap design, resembling a blooming lotus. Its petals are unfurling delicately to uncover a central platform to let the ceremony take place. Created from a pristine white material, it exudes grace and purity, which mirrors the perfect lotus flower petals. Overhead, a beautiful canopy of flowers, casting dappled shadow on the water, creates a sense of romance and intimacy.

All White Mandap Design

All White Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Adoring this all-white mandap design are cascades of flowers, from lilies to roses, creating an opulent and lush display that attracts the senses. The sweet fragrance of flowers fills the air, which adds an additional layer of allure and romance to the atmosphere.

Rustic Open-Air Mandap Design

Rustic Open-Air Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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In the rustic open-air mandap design, beauty and simplicity intertwine to make a setting that looks both grand and intimate. This mandap stands below a canopy of trees and their sprawling branches offer a complete sense of seclusion and natural shade. Its open design enables the gentle breeze flow, carrying the scent of fresh greenery and wildflowers with it.

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Rainbow Hued Mandap Design

Rainbow Hued Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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With a rainbow hued wedding mandap design, you are greeted by a mixture of hues, which creates a scene that makes you feel like you are stepping in a fairytale. The mandap design stands proud and tall and its pillars are decorated with swaths of colored fabrics in all shades of rainbow. From tranquil blues to verdant greens, sunny yellows to fiery reds, and soft pinks to deep purples, the colors dance and blend together in an enthralling display of harmony and beauty.

Temple-Style Mandap Design

Temple-Style Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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The temple style mandap design is adorned with ornate details and intricate carvings, reminiscent of the Indian temples. This mandap design for weddings evokes the sense of spirituality and reverence, which transports you to the place where devotion and tradition converge. Moreover, garlands of jasmine and marigolds adorn the mandap and their fragrant bloom fills the air with a sweet devotion.

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Dome Style Mandap Design

Dome Style Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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What can be better than a majestic dome style mandap standing as a centerpiece of a splendid wedding celebration? This Indian mandap design is inspired by the marvels of different domed structures and exudes the sense of sophistication and opulence. Adorning the mandap design are cascades of foliage and flowers, arranged in a lavish display that spill on the edge of the canopy, which creates an opulent and lush atmosphere. Surrounding this wedding mandap design, shimmering fairy lights and flickering candlelight produce a magical tone, casting an inviting and warm glow over the whole space.

Ivory Indian Wedding Mandap Design

Ivory Indian Wedding Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Ivory has become a popular wedding palette these days for couples. So, the ivory Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas will offer you a stunning wedding décor inspiration. Against the sandstone front of the venue, surrounding waterbodies and checkered floor, this wedding mandap design for Indian wedding will be an ideal choice for a white wedding.

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A Floral Galore Mandap Design

A Floral Galore Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Crafted with real, fresh flowers, this mandap design for Indian wedding with a floral backdrop and cascading garlands dome is mind-blowing. It is the space where beauty and love converge, offering a sanctuary for couples to exchange vows.

Floral Tassels Mandap Design

Floral Tassels Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

For a simple yet elegant Mandap decoration, floral tassels can do wonders. This specific design is a well-known and the most remarkable assortment of ornaments.

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Mandap Design With Sleek Lines

Mandap Design With Sleek LinesSource: Pinterest

This wedding mandap design is sure to capture your imaginations. It combines a sleek wood structure with cascades of pink, peach, and white blooms that reflect the ocean backdrop.

Floral Stunner and Pampas Grass Mandap

Floral Stunner and Pampas Grass MandapSource: Pinterest

The whispering breeze is seen carrying the delicate pampas grass, producing an enthralling backdrop for a bohemian and serene wedding celebration. In the pampas grass wedding mandap, nature takes the center stage, weaving elements of ethereal beauty and rustic charm together.

Red, White, and Pink Mandap Design

Red, White, and Pink Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Red, White, and Pink Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

When paired in different florals, white and red hues make a stunning combination.  The shades of pink, red, and white creates a mesmerizing backdrop for a fun-filled and lovely wedding celebration. The structure of the mandap is created with elegant pillars and arches, painted in different color hues. Sheer fabrics or delicate lace drape from the canopy gracefully, billowing in the breeze gently and adding the touch of ethereal beauty.

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Scarlet Floral Wedding Mandap Design

Scarlet Floral Wedding Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Wish to make a beautiful and upscale ambience for the wedding festivities? Nothing can be better than recreating this wonderful mandap design full of magnificent red roses.

Glass Structured Mandap Design

Glass Structured Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Do you want to have an indoor wedding? Looking for a beautiful wedding mandap design that appears spectacular at any banquet hall or 5-star hotel? You can take clues from this structured glass mandap design having mirrors.

Lilac Theme Mandap Design

Lilac Theme Mandap Design Source: Pinterest

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For your beach wedding, a mandap decoration idea with many flowers can be a great idea. A gazebo on the beach having an overhead floral ceiling and flowers all over will look like a fairytale, won’t it?

Floating Mandap With Lotuses. All Around

Floating Mandap With Lotuses. All AroundSource: Pinterest

This is one of the newest mandap decoration ideas. It is centered with a lotus and lotus leaves filled in a pond. It will be like a dream come true while you take your pheras in a soothing and bewitching setup.

An Anand Karaj Mandap Setup

An Anand Karaj Mandap SetupSource: Pinterest

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An Anand Karaj Mandap setup is an elegant mix of class and rustic. With floral chandelier, beautiful drapes, and foliage garlands, all add the right glimmer required.

Round Canopy With Drapes and Flowers Mandap Design

Round Canopy With Drapes and Flowers Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

This  is a splendid Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas with an open air roof having a circular canopy and pillars dressed in roses and drapers.

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Pastel Themed Wedding Mandap Design

Pastel Themed Wedding Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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If you want to have a tasteful mandap décor on your special day, then the pastel theme wedding mandap décor is ideal for you. The pillars with multicolor flowers and draped roof make it a pretty sight.

Mandap Design With a Metal Dome

Mandap Design With a Metal DomeSource: Pinterest

Another classic and traditional Indian wedding mandap design is replete with an outstanding metal frame dome, bright flowers, and artistic arches.

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Close To Nature Mandap Design

Close To Nature Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Envision a mandap decoration filled with nature. It will look nothing less than a gorgeous green beauty full of big leaves and some flowers with a platform well-designed to exchange the wedding vows.

All Floral Mandap Design

All Floral Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Floral mandaps are all the rage and you can take them to another level. An all flower-based wedding mandap décor idea can have a floral canopy, floral forests, floral chandeliers and hanging, and even floral archways.

Simple, Modern Mandap Décor

Simple, Modern Mandap DécorSource: Pinterest

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You can take your mandap design to the whole new level by applying some vibrant color hues to a basic, traditional mandap. Roses, peonies, and carnations mingle together and infuse the entire space with romance.

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Ombre Mandap Design

Ombre Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

When shortlisting a Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas with flowers, this wedding mandap design is an example that you can’t miss out. The magnificent Ombre effect creates a very beautiful spectacle that you must include in the wedding festivities.

Tree of Life Wedding Mandap Design

Tree of Life Wedding Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Select opulence when envisioning a dream wedding mandap. This is the perfect inspiration for you that will ensure that all your wedding celebrations are not less than grand.

Blushing Canopy Mandap Design

Blushing Canopy Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Beneath the blushing canopy, you can capture the fairy-esque essence with floral arrangements and open-air décor through a ravishing mandap décor.

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Mandap Decoration With Red Draping

Mandap Decoration With Red DrapingSource: Pinterest

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To mix the mandap with remaining ceremony space, draping hung above the seat of the guests and extended out of the structure.

Crystal Mandap Design

Crystal Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

A crystal Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas displays sophistication and elegance along with glamor. Crafted from transparent, sleek glass or acrylic panels, it offers an airy and modern feel.  In this design, warm, soft lights are placed strategically to highlight the crystal design.

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Minimalistic Mandap Design

Minimalistic Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Embodying clean lines, understated elegance, and simplicity, a Minimalistic Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas is usually muted and neutral, with shades like beige, ivory, white, and soft pastels. The design includes sheer fabric drapes in simple and elegant styles. A cluster of flowers adorning the top and the corners of the wedding mandap offers a delicate touch of beauty and nature.

Vintage Floral Mandap Décor

Vintage Floral Mandap DécorSource: Pinterest

This vintage Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas exudes nostalgia and old-world charm. Crafted from vintage wood, it draws inspiration from the bygone era. Vintage style light fixtures like candle lanterns or Edison bulbs are included in the design to caste a romantic and warm glow.

Tropical Mandap Design

Tropical Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Adorned with bamboo accents and tropical foliage, this mandap design captures the great essence of tropical paradises. With such a lot of leaves and foliage, there is texture and form.

Round Whimsical Floral Mandap Design

Round Whimsical Floral Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Step in the world of whimsy and enchantment with this round whimsical mandap décor idea. Exchange your wedding vows in a lush, eye-catching canopy of twinkling fairy lights and blooming flowers. This mandap creates a dreamy environment for your big day.

Structured Mandap Design

Structured Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Picture yourself standing under the beautiful arch of a meticulously crafted wedding mandap, surrounded by architectural brilliance and timeless beauty. This mandap design will offer you just that. Take your wedding festivities to new heights with this structured mandap design idea, where every detail, every line, speaks volumes!

Geometric Mandap Design

Geometric Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Geometric Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Amp up your wedding celebration to new style, sophistication, and elegance with this geometric style mandap design. This mandap design idea will offer you a modern, contemporary look with its alluring design and floral decor.

Mughal Theme Mandap Design

Mughal Theme Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

This Mughal theme mandap design is sure to capture the grandeur, regal elegance, and opulence of the Mughal age. The frame of the mandap is created using embellished materials like metal or wood with delicate filigree work or ornate carving. The traditional Mughal elements like jali work or jali screens, add splendor and authenticity to the mandap’s overall aesthetic.

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Floral Hanging Ropes Mandap Design

Floral Hanging Ropes Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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The combination of different color flowers, hanging ropes, and foliage generates an interplay of textures in this mandap design. What adds depth and visual interest to this mandap’s overall aesthetic are wispy tendrils, soft petals, and delicate leaves!

Banana Leaf and Marigold Chandeliers Mandap Decoration

Banana Leaf and Marigold Chandeliers Mandap DecorationSource: Pinterest

Celebrate the sacredness of a wedding ceremony and the beauty of nature with this joyful and vibrant mandap setup. The chandeliers are made of marigold flowers entirely and are crafted meticulously using marigold garlands strings, producing a breathtaking focus point for the wedding mandap.

Graceful Bamboo Mandap Décor

Graceful Bamboo Mandap DécorSource: Pinterest

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This bamboo mandap design creates an intimate and serene atmosphere for the couple to exchange their wedding vows. The elegance and simplicity of the natural materials, makes this design a meaningful and memorable option for a wedding celebration.

Botanical Mandap Design

Botanical Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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Transform your mandap into a rich botanical paradise, where each detail reflects the abundance and beauty of nature with this mandap design. When you exchange vows under this mandap décor, you are sure to produce an atmosphere that will make the divine bestow its blessings.

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Square Structure with Floral Chandelier Mandap Design

Square Structure with Floral Chandelier Mandap Design1Source: Pinterest

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Square Structure with Floral Chandelier Mandap Design1Source: Pinterest

The combination of a square structure adorned with vibrant color flowers and the organic, soft beauty of a floral chandelier in white makes for a magnificent masterpiece which will leave an ever-lasting impression and memories.

Simplistic Pink Mandap Décor Idea

Simplistic Pink Mandap Décor IdeaSource: Pinterest

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This understated and simple mandap design features unembellished pillars and clean lines. The key decorative element of this Wedding Mandap Decoration is pink drapery adoring the whole structure. To add to the beauty of this mandap, use vibrant hues of flowers to decorate the canopy.

An All-Yellow Mandap Design

An All-Yellow Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Yellow drapery envelops the mandap structure. Leverage Bright, shiny drapes to make the canopy panels. This will offer a classic backdrop. To complement this yellow drapery, include floral arrangements in yellow in the mandap decoration to add natural beauty and pop to the design.

Multicolor Flowers and Pastel Curtains Mandap Design

Source: Pinterest

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You can take a mandap décor to a whole new level by applying vibrant color flowers to a basic, traditional mandap décor. This monotonous pastel mandap décor becomes attractive by adding multicolored flowers.

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Mandap Design With Golden Bells

Mandap Design With Golden BellsSource: Pinterest

If you want to add a cultural significance and traditional charm to your wedding ceremony, adorn your mandap décor with big golden bells to make it perfect. You can also decorate the mandap’s center with many layers of bells in different sizes, making a superb display which captures every eye.  To complement the bells, greenery and floral arrangements can be incorporated in the mandap decoration.

Multicolor Roses and Drapes Mandap Design

Multicolor Roses and Drapes Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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This one is a wonderful mandap decoration idea if you want something beautiful and elegant. You will leave your guests spellbound with this design. It’s a tribute to culture and tradition, infusing the wedding celebration with harmony, blessings, and joy.

Forestry Mandap Design

Forestry Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

Forestry mandaps come with rustic vibes and natural elements such as flowers, tree barks, and grapevines. If you like rustic wedding décor, then a forestry mandap is definitely for you! Whether you are planning a boho-theme wedding or a beachside wedding, this mandap design can be perfect for you.

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Simple Tree Mandap Design

Simple Tree Mandap DesignSource: Pinterest

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It is another calming and serene mandap design that can be wonderful for a simple wedding. This mandap design idea is ideal for you if you want some floral touch.

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So, these were a few of the latest wedding mandap design ideas. Don’t leave any stone unturned if you want to make your wedding special. These mandap designs are beautiful, elegant, and can be great for making your D-day special.

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