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Top Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Top Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

A Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad is a sort of dreamy photo session that takes place before your wedding day. It's an opportunity for you and your partner to record those priceless, unguarded moments and make lifelong memories. 

Imagine yourself and your partner shining in your finest attire in a setting that reflects your unique personalities and meanings. It sounds incredible, doesn't it?

However, it might be difficult for engaged couples to decide on the ideal location for their pre-wedding photo session. The place should be stunning and accurately capture the couple’s unique personalities. 

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The largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, offers a wide range of themes, from romantic to adventurous, classic to contemporary, because of its enormous array of landmarks.

Ahmedabad has a rich cultural heritage, art, and history. It offers a unique backdrop for Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad by fusing modern conveniences with classic charm. The city is well-known for its bustling streets, serene lakes, tastefully designed gardens, and well-preserved historical sites—all of which provide interesting angles for your engagement pictures.

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Here, we'll unveil some of Ahmedabad's best pre-wedding photoshoot locations.  

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Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Sabarmati Riverfront

Sabarmati RiverfrontSource: Wikipedia

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Sabarmati RiverfrontSource: Pinterest

The waterfront along the Sabarmati River is the ideal location for pre-wedding photos in Ahmedabad.

The magnificent Sabarmati Riverfront urban development project has converted the river's banks into a vibrant and scenic public area. This colourful, well-kept garden offers many different species of plants and flowers.

The riverfront offers many charming backdrops for couples with its beautifully landscaped gardens, contemporary bridges, and peaceful river views. 

Consider going at sunrise or sunset. At this time, the lighting is soft and warm, which can create a magical glow in your picture and enhance your pre-wedding pictures overall.

Sarkhej Roza

Sarkhej RozaSource: Pinterest

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Sarkhej RozaSource: Pinterest

Sarkhej Roza is a representation of religious harmony and cultural fusion. It is a combination of Hindu and Islamic styles. With its breathtaking architecture, calm ambience, and extensive historical backdrop, it is a great place for Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad.

This place is well known for its magnificent mausoleums, mosques, and tombs. The intricate patterns and sculptures adorning the buildings offer an amazing backdrop for your photos. 

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The lush green surroundings of the gardens around Sarkhej Roza serve as a cherry on top of the architectural wonders. The calm atmosphere and the old buildings provide a historical backdrop for romantic moments

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria LakeSource: ahmedabadtourism

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Kankaria Lake1Source: Pinterest

It is one of Ahmedabad's biggest lakes and the best pre-wedding photoshoot location as well. Kankaria Lake offers the ideal fusion of breathtaking architecture, exhilarating activities, and picturesque surroundings.

There are lively night markets, rides, and well-kept gardens all around the lake. The serene lake's water reflects the surrounding environment, giving your photos a serene quality.

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The island pavilion known as Nagina Wadi, which is located in the centre of Kankaria Lake, offers a distinctive setting for your photo session. It's one of the lake's most unique features.

Another location close to the lake is the Kankaria Zoo. The plethora of animals and birds that call the zoo home provides a striking and colourful backdrop for your photos.

You can take pictures of spontaneous moments spent with the animals or strike a pose in front of the zoo's brightly coloured backdrop. At Kankaria Lake, couples have a variety of backdrop alternatives to pick from, including bright and colourful zoos or amusement parks, tranquil and beautiful spots by the lake, or a mix of the two. 

Adalaj Stepwell

Adalaj StepwellSource: ahmedabadlive

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Adalaj StepwellSource: theleela

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Adalaj StepwellSource:  thirdeyetraveller

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Adalaj Stepwell, also known as Adalaj ni Vav, is a fifteenth-century, five-story stepwell. 

It is a breathtaking location for a pre-wedding photo session, close to Ahmedabad! This antique place offers a distinctive atmosphere and elaborate architecture.

The well-preserved structure, together with the play of light and shadow, makes for a very interesting backdrop for your photos. The symmetrical layout and the way the geometric patterns interact provide countless opportunities for unique designs and photographs.

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Adalaj Stepwell's historical significance gives your pictures an additional level of depth. It's a location where you can connect with the area's rich past while also capturing your love.

Law Garden

Law GardenSource: fabhotels

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Law GardenSource: Pinterest

Law Garden offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural charm for your pre-wedding photography.

The popular public Law Garden is known for its colourful flowers, abundance of greenery, and peaceful environment. In the middle of nature, it's a wonderful spot to capture romantic moments. It offers a range of photographic backgrounds, such as various sculptures and art installations, which can add an artistic touch to pictures.

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Another main attraction of the garden is its night market. Traditional fabrics, handicrafts, and accessories from Gujarat are widely available on the market. By including the market's vivid colours and cultural features, your photoshoot can take on a unique and joyful feel

Source: Pinterest

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

Sidi Saiyyed MosqueSource: gujarattourism

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Sidi Saiyyed MosqueSource: gujarattourism

Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is a magnificent work of Indo-Islamic culture situated in the heart of Ahmedabad. Built in 1573, it is well known for its exquisite stone latticework and breathtaking design, called the "Sidi Saiyyed Jali."

The mosque’s highlight is the well-known "Tree of Life" pattern, which creates a beautiful backdrop for Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad.

The mosque’s elegant architecture and calm atmosphere provide a wonderful setting for your photo shoot. With the beautiful stone carvings as a backdrop, you can record magical moments that will last a lifetime.

Vastrapur Lake

Vastrapur LakeSource: ahmedabadtourism

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Vastrapur Lake is renowned for its peaceful air and stunning views. This lake is surrounded by a wealth of greenery and beautiful landscapes, which create a perfect backdrop for a nature-themed pre-wedding shoot in Ahmedabad and enhance photographs with a magical touch from the vivid hues of the natural world and the lake's reflection.

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The lake offers numerous spots for capturing different moods and styles, together with a lovely promenade and well-kept pathways. For a unique and joyful photo opportunity, you can rent a paddleboat, have a leisurely stroll down the promenade, or rest on one of the seats.


PolsSource: mododesigns

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PolsSource: Pinterest

Ahmedabad's "pols" are ancient residential neighbourhoods characterised by their beautifully carved wooden exteriors and small pathways. Because of their striking shades and unique architectural details, they are a well-liked option for pre-wedding portraits.

For couples who wish to incorporate a live and rural feel into their photo shoot, The Pol’s is the perfect place for a pre-wedding shoot. Its best feature is its peaceful location.

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Science City 

Science City Source: veenaworld

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Science City Source: veenaworld

At Ahmedabad Science City, a combination of wide landscapes, modern buildings, and science-themed exhibitions can give your photos a distinctive touch. This place is perfect for those who enjoy science and technology.

The Energy Park is one of the backdrops for your pre-wedding photo session; with its solar panels and turbines, it might evoke a futuristic and eco-friendly vibe.

The Hall of Space is another location that provides an ethereal and surreal atmosphere with its astronaut models and sky displays. For additional photo inspiration, stroll through the gorgeous gardens and green spaces that surround the structure. 

Thol Bird Sanctuary

Thol Bird SanctuarySource: gujarattourism

Thol Bird SanctuarySource: Pinterest

Thol Bird Sanctuary, located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, is a hidden treasure for people who appreciate the natural world.

This is a photographer's and birdwatcher's paradise because of the variety of migrating species that may be photographed here.

The lake is the ideal location for photographing romantic moments because it is encircled by thick nature. It's the perfect place to include a glimpse of nature and wildlife in your pre-wedding pictures.

Jhulta Minar

Jhulta MinarSource: holidify

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Jhulta MinarSource: gujarattourism

Ahmedabad's Jhulta Minar is a magnificent example of architecture. It is one of the elements of the Sidi Bashir Mosque complex, which also includes Jhulta Minar or Shaking Minarets.

It is special because, in reaction to the first minaret's trembling, the far minaret starts to vibrate as well; it's as though a strange force connects them. For centuries, this phenomenon has baffled tourists.

Regarding a location for your pre-wedding session, Jhulta Minar might give your pictures a whimsical and intriguing touch. You can document unguarded moments when you and your partner connect with the minarets, exhibiting the joy and happiness in your partnership

Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Auto World Vintage Car MuseumSource: gujarattourism

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Auto World Vintage Car MuseumSource: gujarattourism

The Auto World Vintage Car Museum, housed in Ahmedabad, has an amazing collection of antique and classic vehicles that will give your pictures a sense of refinement and nostalgia.

The museum has an amazing collection of exquisitely restored cars from all historical periods. Distinguished brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, and numerous others are part of the collection. With these amazing vehicles, you may record unforgettable moments with your lover. The vintage cars also make for stunning backdrops.

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The museum also provides a range of backdrops and themes For your photo shoot, there are many chances to take striking and unforgettable pictures. From the majesty of the main display area to the quaint vintage atmosphere, there are many chances to take striking and unforgettable pictures.

Ellis Bridge

Ellis BridgeSource: gujaratsamachar

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Ellis BridgeSource: Pinterest

Ellis Bridge is a famous and ancient bridge that crosses the Sabarmati River and serves as a link between several city neighbourhoods. 

It is a great location for pre-wedding photos since it offers a lovely mix of urban, natural, and architectural elements. With the river running beneath you, you can capture romantic moments with the view of the bridge. The surrounding cityscape and the bridge's elaborate design might give your pictures an air of elegance and personality.

This place is also surrounded by lovely parks and gardens, like the Sabarmati Riverfront Park. For your Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Ahmedabad, these green areas offer a calm and beautiful backdrop that lets you include both urban and natural components in your shots.

La Fabuloso

La FabulosoSource: lafabuloso

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La FabulosoSource: lafabuloso

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La FabulosoSource: lafabuloso

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La FabulosoSource: lafabuloso

La Fabuloso is an Expansive Photography Studio Located in Ahmedabad. This tranquil photo studio offers more than 20 setups, including picturesque international locations like Venice, Tuscany Stone Street, Alberobello Street, Santa Fe, Stepwell, and Moroccan Palace. Moreover, La Fabuloso provides themed photo shoots. This gorgeous site is a must-see for couples looking for a cosy pre-wedding photo with lots of diversity and unique effects like lights, bubbles, smoke, and snow.


Ahmedabad offers many pre-wedding photoshoot spots because of its rich history, lively culture, and breathtaking views. Every location, from the modern marvel of the Sabarmati Riverfront to the architectural wonder of Sarkhej Roza, has a certain something. Every couple can find something to love in Ahmedabad, be it a historical site, lush gardens, or a peaceful lake.

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