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21 Wedding Reception Games That’ll Be Perfect To Entertain Your Guests

21 Wedding Reception Games That’ll Be Perfect To Entertain Your Guests

Everyone wants to organize their wedding in a way that it becomes a long-lasting memory. Yes, wedding decor and the delicious food items are really necessary when you are aiming to make our wedding reception special for the guests but what’s even more important is to actually include the guests by organizing various fun-filled activities. We understand that playing games at the wedding reception are not a common norm in India, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Organizing some wedding reception games will be a great way to keep the guests entertained and will add to the overall fun-filled evening.

Few Entertaining Wedding Reception Games For A Fun-Filled Evening

We’ve rounded up 21 different games wedding receptions and sure to score big with your guests.

#1. Introduce board games instead of centrepieces


Being creative and adding some board games in the centre of the tables will be a great little way to keep your guests entertained. There are various different options that you can introduce like chess, snakes and ladders, etc.

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#2. The Shoe Game


This one is among the top wedding reception games that are played in the western countries. A couples are made to take a seat back to back with both having one shoe fo their partner and one of their own. The host will then ask different questions that each person has to answer by holding up the shoe that corresponds to their answer. Some great questions that you can include can be:

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who is a better dancer?
  3. Who dresses better?
  4. Who is a better cook?
  5. Who is a better bathroom singer?
  6. Who has more clothing?

#3. Jenga


Jenga is a game that I believe is really perfect as a wedding reception game. Marriage is all about creating a balance and more importantly maintaining it. Jenga is a classic block-stacking game where each person playing has to remove one block out from the middle of the stack while making sure that the entire stack doesn’t crumble down.

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#4. Corn Toss Sets


Corn toss set is a relatively new game in the markets that can easily become a part of the wedding reception games for the guests to play. The set includes a rectangular wooden board with a hole at one side and some bags of corn. Players take turns throwing the corn bags and if it lands in the hole then it rewards 3 points and if it lands on the other part of the board the player gets 1 point. The one who reaches a total of 21 first wins.

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#5. Card Games


You can introduce a deck of cards on each of the tables that the guests can play. Introducing UNO cards will be a really great entertainer for all the children whereas the traditional cards will be really great for all the elders.

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#6. Tambola


In almost all the events and family gatherings in India, Tambola is the go-to game that everyone loves to play. So, adding the game to be played as one of the wedding reception games won’t be much of a problem.

#7. Infusing Good Old Dart Game With Art


The old-school dart game with an artistic infusion will be another great addition to your wedding reception. You can set up a canvas attached with different balloons filled with colourful paints. Now, at a safe distance where the paint won’t splatter on the guests' dresses, you can setup a dart-throwing station. The guests will absolutely love to play this for sure while also creating a one of a kind colourful artwork on the canvas that’ll be perfect to frame up and hang in your new home.

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#8. Paani Puri Competition


This one is the great game that every Indian would love to play. It is much of a probability that you have already competed with your friends in eating paani pooris so including this one on our wedding reception schedule will be fun. BTW, what’s the most number of paani pooris have you eaten at once? My record is 44. What’s yours? Do tell me in the comments section below.

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#9. Word Search


Transform a classic chalkboard into a word search puzzle. But remember that here the trick is to use the permanent paint to write the letters and to give the guests the chalk only to encircle the words. You can go ahead and provide some clues of the words to make things even more interesting. This will be the perfect wedding reception game that your guests can try their hand at all evening long.

#10. I Spy Wedding Game


Similar to the scavenger hunt where a person has to look for things that are hidden away at different locations, the wedding spy game is to search for the different happenings all around the place and then capturing them into beautiful pictures. It’ll be a great way to keep the guests entertained while also help you get some amazing clicks of the different events. Some different clicks that you can include  can be:

Someone dancing
Delicious Dessert Counter
Group Selfie
Someone Crying

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#11. Pictograph and Dumb Charades


Pictograph and Dumb Charades are both really interesting games where a team gives the name of a movie or some other thing to a member of the opposite team and then he/she had to make his team understand that word by just using their drawing skills(Pictograph) or actions(Dumb Charades), without saying it aloud.

#12. Include A Wish Tree


Some might not consider it a game but I believe any activity that involves the guests participating in an activity at the wedding is worth an addition. It will be really great wedding reception game for even the shy couples who are not willing to play other games and requires the guests to write relationship advice for the ney couple and hand it on the tree.

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#13. Tic-Tac-Toe


If you haven’t played tic-tac-toe on the last pages and in the side columns of your school notebooks in a boring lecture then you have missed out on a lot. Tic-Tac-Toe is a great strategy two-minute game that you can play almost anywhere. You can even print out the 3x3 cubicle patterns required for this game on the hand wiping tissues that are stacked on the tables.

#14. Dress Up Photo Booth


This is another activity that’ll be really great and enjoyable to all the guests. You can set up a photo booth with lots of fun props which the guests can dress themselves in and can get photographed.  Some great props that you can include can be:

Over-sized glasses
Moustache sticks
Pretty flowers
Ornate frames
Polaroid cutout

#15. Card Pyramid


Creating a high, multilevel card pyramid is a skill and requires a person to be really very careful and all engrossed. This will be a pretty great wedding reception game that’ll surely keep the guests busy the whole evening.

#16. Fun Wheel


It’ll be a great option to set up a wheel with different activities listed out on it. Then a bride can randomly pick a couple from the groom’s family’s side to spin the wheel and the one activity on which the wheel stops will have to be done by the couple. The same thing can then be repeated with the groom choosing a couple from the bride’s side.

#17. Dance Challenge


Ask all of your guests to settle down on the tables at the wedding and then announce the songs associated with each of the tables. As soon as the song plays the whole table has to rush to the dance floor and get things moving. This will wedding reception game will be a great conversation starter between the guests sitting on the same table.

#18. Ring Toss


This is an awesome game that can be played between the bridal party and the groom party as two different teams. You'll need two sets of 5 rings each in different colours that the player needs to toss and try to hoop them in one of the six bottles left at a distance. The team with more number of ringed hoops wins.

#19. Colouring Station


Apart from just the middle-aged and elderly guests, there will be many kids who’ll be attending your wedding. Setting up a colouring station as a wedding reception game for kids will keep all the kids busy and help showcase their creative talents.

#20. Lego Blocks


You can actually set up a kids corner at the wedding with lots of lego blocks. Not only will it be loved by all the kids but their parents will love you for creating a place where they can leave their child and enjoy your wedding. But be sure to hire a nanny who’ll look out for all the kids in the absence of their parents.

#21. Drinking Games


Perfect for a laid-back casual wedding, a drinking game will surely bring back all the college memories of your guests. It is better that you keep this wedding reception game for the after-party celebrations. You wouldn’t want your grandma and grandpa witnessing such shenanigans.

These are some of the great games that’ll not only keep the guests entertained in your wedding but will help make your wedding more memorable. Have some other great game ideas that can be included in the wedding reception Don’t keep it just to yourself and share with us in the comments section down below.

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