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11 Super Fun Indian Wedding Games Ideas for Bride & Groom to Amp Up The Excitement

11 Super Fun Indian Wedding Games Ideas for Bride & Groom to Amp Up The Excitement

Could you imagine a wedding function where there is no music, entertainment, games, and chortle of guests’? Forget about the bride and groom, no guest would love to be the part of a wedding ceremony which lacks exuberance.

Sangeet, dance, and wedding games make a wedding function zingy and peppy. Without them, a wedding function will become completely dull and lackluster. Everyone at the wedding loves to watch out the sweet tussle and banter between the bride and the groom when they play the wedding games.

Indian wedding games not only make the function thrilling but also ensure your guests’ get entertained thoroughly. To make sure your wedding function don’t fall short in fun and excitement, we have jotted down some interesting and quirky Indian wedding games ideas for bride and groom that will supercharge the whole environment and raise the entertainment bar.

Fun Wedding Games Ideas for Bride and Groom

1.  Test Your Partner

indian wedding games

Here’s the most sought-after Indian wedding game that tests the bride and groom bonding and compatibility. Give a pen and piece of paper to both bride and groom and ask them to write specific details about their partner like birthday, favorite color etc. Test your partner game is a great way to find out how strong the chemistry is in between a couple.

2. Spot The Name

indian wedding games

Do we really need to utter a word about this popular traditional Indian wedding game for bride and groom? In this game, a bride has to imbibe the Initials of the groom’s name in her mehndi and the groom has to find out his name initials in the mehndi design quickly. If he loses, he will have to acceept all the braggings of her better half throughout the wedding life.

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3.  Ring Fishing

ring fishing wedding game

Ring fishing is an enormously popular Indian wedding game played in every Indian wedding ceremony. Trusts us when this game is played by bride and groom, you will find their family members brimming with the excitement more than the couple. A big bowl filled with milk and a bit of turmeric is presented in front of the newlywed couple. Wedding rings of the bride and the groom are put down in the bowl. The bride and groom have to find the rings by using their free hand. Whoever finds the rings first get bragging rights for the rest of their life.

4. Shoe Game

shoe game

Once popular in western weddings, shoe game has also taken Indian weddings by storm. The concept of this game is quite simple. The bride and groom have to sit on chairs facing each other backs. Then, they have to exchange each other shoes and hold them to commence the game. A person will ask various questions related to the couple which they have to answer by raising the shoe. The one with maximum right answers wins the game and of course a hefty prize!

5. Untying The Knot

untying the knot

The sole purpose of this dazzling Indian wedding game is to check the patience and coordination level of the bride and groom. The sister of groom or one of the bridesmaids ties the one hand of the bride and the groom with a thread having multiple knots. The couple has to untie all the knots by using their free hands.  It is a simple and meaningful Indian wedding game for the bride and groom that everyone loves watching.

6. Memory Game

memory test

Want to check who has a razor-sharp memory among bride and groom? Memory game will help you find out. This mind-boggling game will render thorough entertainment to the guests and family members. Put a few belongings of bride and groom on the table and ask them to meticulously view them for 10-15 seconds. Once they are done staring the belongings, tell them to write the name of belongings they remember.

Not only the newlywed couple, but you can also ask other couples to join the game and amplify the fun manifold times.

7. Guess The Family Member

family photograph

Except for a few family members, both bride and groom are not well aware with each other side. Guess the family member is an excellent Indian wedding game to check out the couple guessing ability and add some charm and giggles to the wedding ceremony. Bring the family photographs album of both the sides and ask the bride to guess the family members of the groom’s side and vice-versa.

8. Romantic Rhymes

games for indian wedding

Romantic Rhyme wedding game is crazily popular in the Maharashtra circuit of India. In this game, a bride is supposed to fit the groom’s name in a two-liner poem.  The bride has to make sure that both the line rhymes well. You can ask other couples to join the game and let them savor the fun as well.

9.  That Belongs to My Wife

games for marriage in india

A super fun Indian wedding game that put the ability of groom and other male members of the family on the test. Collect a few belongings of the bride and other female members and put all of them on a table. Ask the bride and other male members to identify the stuff that belongs to their wife. Don’t forget to put an amazing gift for the winner.

10.  Paper Dance

paper dance

One of the finest and highly engaging Indian Mehndi games ideas to include in the wedding ceremony. Bring the bride, groom, and other couples on stage and give them a piece of paper on which they have to dance till the music runs. The paper will be folded after every song. The couple with the smallest paper size wins the game.

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11. Eating Competition Between Bride, Groom, and Their Families

eating competition

What’s better than an eating competition between the bride’s and groom’s families to induce immense fun and entertainment at the wedding ceremony? Pick any food item like golgappa, Gulabjamun and let the food battle begins.  To make the competition nail-biting, place an eyeball-grabbing prize for the winning side.

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