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9 Ethical Ways to Host an Amazing Eco-Friendly Wedding

9 Ethical Ways to Host an Amazing Eco-Friendly Wedding

We all are well aware of the fact that the current environmental conditions are extremely dire and it is essential to take the requisite steps expeditiously to protect the environment. Before it wreaks havoc on humanity. The good thing is ground-breaking innovations and staggering technological advancements have also led to the birth of Eco-Friendly Wedding way which we can utilize to preserve and thrive the environment.

An eco-friendly wedding is a new rage among the millennial couples. More and more couples are opting for the eco-friendly wedding style to fetter the use of non-biodegradable materials and contribute their fair share in the go green movement.  There is a myriad of things you can do to make your mere wedding a perfect eco-friendly wedding. In this post, we are going to state 9 absolutely ethical ways which you can consider to host a super dazzling eco-friendly wedding. Let’s get started.

Ethical & Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas

1. Paperless Invitations

Every year millions of trees are cut down to print the newspapers, notebooks, and wedding invitation cards as well. Moreover, the entire process of producing the papers is not eco-friendly and produce tons of noxious chemicals as a byproduct. You can adopt the paperless invitation approach and create eco-friendly digital invitations. That will help you to save money as well as natural resources.

Paperless Invitations

Numerous online wedding planning sites are offering the free website creation service to the couples. There you can create beautiful eco-friendly wedding cards and share the link with the guests you wish to invite.

2. Organic Food

Catering is the crux of any wedding function. People forget everything about weddings except for the taste of food items. Another intriguing and ethical way to host an eco-friendly wedding is to consider including only organic food items. That are highly rich in nutrition, healthy, and absolutely eco-friendly.

Organic Food

Organic food usually costs more but you can cut down the cost by asking your wedding caterer to source the food from in-season and locally grown products. The best part about organic food items is they require less time in the fridge and minimal packaging to stay fresh.

3. Wedding Dress

Wedding Dresses

Agree or not, couples spend heavily on purchasing the perfect wedding outfit. A huge chunk of the wedding outfits prevailing in the market is made up of unsustainable fabrics. You can give a push to your pledge of having an eco-friendly wedding by considering wearing eco-friendly attire which is made up of sustainable fabric at your wedding function. Now, either you can choose to take the dress on rent or if you want a brand new wedding attire. Give preference to the designers who produce wedding outfits using sustainable fabrics only.

4.  Sustainable Wedding Venue

Sustainable Wedding Venue

The more lavish venue you pick for the wedding function. More decor items (most of them are non-biodegradable) you need to exhaust to deck out the venue. You can pick a natural wedding venue like a public garden which requires less decor to host an eco-friendly wedding and cut down the cost of decoration and electricity.

5. Request Guests to Carpool on Your Special Day

 Request Guests’ to Carpool on Your Special Day

Majority of the guests arrive at the wedding function via their personal vehicles. All those vehicles will cause a significant amount of carbon emission and damage to the environment. You can cut down the gas emission and make your function more eco-friendly by requesting guests to consider carpool to visit the venue and contribute for your pledge of keeping the function eco-friendly.

6. Rent Re-usable Items

Rent Re-usable Items

Non-disposable items like beer cans, plastic, utensils are one of the biggest reasons behind the towering growth of environmental pollution. Cut away all the non-biodegradable materials and ask your wedding planner to connect you with the vendors. Who can render biodegradable products and make your wedding function win-win situation for you.

7. Candle lights to Save Electricity

If you are tying the wedding knot during the day time, not a problem. But if you are getting hitched under the charm of the evening then, instead of using fairy lightings. You can utilize candelabras and candlelights to lighten up the whole venue and keep the wedding function eco-friendly.

Rent Re-usable Items

The candlelights will fill the whole venue with romance and delight the guests for sure.

8.  Setup a Disposal System

Setup a Disposal System

Have words with your wedding planner in advance to set up a disposal system that encompasses recycle containers for the disposal of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable items like food, vegetables, and cans. It will help you to keep the venue clean and the environment pollution free.

9.  Donate Leftovers

Donate Leftovers

A major portion of the wedding food goes untouched and get wasted completely which is completely unethical. You can give a touch of perfection to your eco-friendly wedding by donating the leftovers to the needy ones.

Ask your wedding planner to elicit the contact of NGOs and food banks who can collect the leftovers and feed them to the needy individuals.

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