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Darken Your Mehndi With These Tips: More Darken Means More Love

Darken Your Mehndi With These Tips: More Darken Means More Love

It’s the wedding season and your mother is looking for professional Mehendi artists. Your friends and cousins are continuously sending you Mehendi designs. But you, on the other hand are worried about the color of your Mehendi. This is every would-be bride ever.

It is pretty understandable how significant the role of Mehendi is in our Indian society. From festivals to weddings, Mehandi has left a beautiful mark in all the events. It is funny how the highlight of the Mehendi ceremony is not the dancing aunties but the bright color and the beautiful designs of the Mehendi.

But the biggest problem that the women face is the color of the Mehndi after drying up. It is so uncertain that you can’t imagine which color the henna will leave. The dark color is the ideal shade of the Mehendi and is the most desirable.

If you are worried about how to attain this dark Mehndi, then we have the best tips for you to darken that beautiful Mehendi.

Darken Your Mehndi With These Tips

Lemon and Sugar Mixture

Lemon and Sugar Mixture - mehndi darker tips

This is one of the oldest and most reliable methods to darken your Mehendi. 

Take a bowl and squeeze a lemon in it. After squeezing the lemon, take a half tablespoon of sugar and mix it in the lemon solution. After mixing it, take some cotton and soak it in the solution. Then gently dab the mixture on the applied Mehendi area.

Don’t forget this is done before removing the Mehendi, it can be applied after removing the Mehendi as well but the former process provides quick results!

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Let the Mehendi Dry for a Long Time

Let the Mehendi Dry for a Long Time

Another way to get a dark Mehendi color is to let it dry fully. 

A lot of times we become too impatient and remove the Mehendi beforehand. Mehendi must be removed after twelve to thirteen hours for the best colors. The best way out would be applying it overnight. 

After applying it overnight, just rub the part where Mehendi is applied and the dry henna will fall off. Also, avoid water or soap water where Mehendi is applied. This will help the henna to retain the natural color.

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Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil - mehndi darker tips

Another way to darken Mehendi is by applying mustard oil.

After rubbing your Mehendi off, apply mustard oil to the area generously where Mehendi was applied. This will darken the Mehendi applied before. 

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Clove Bhaap 

Clove Bhaap - mehndi darker tips

Although we suggested you the best lemon and sugar mixture for darkening the Mehendi but there is another old method that can help you darken the Mehendi, it is a bit less safe. 

The steam (Bhaap) of the cloves helps the Mehendi to darken from the very base of the skin. 

Take a pan and heat it for two minutes. Then put five to six cloves on the pan and heat them. Put your hands over the pan, once the cloves are heated.

Don’t keep them very close to the pan because you can hurt yourself. When the hand feels too hot then take a break; do it twice for the best results.

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Vicks for darker mehndi

This is another way to enhance the color of the Mehendi.

This is usually used after applying the Mehendi for a long time. After removing the Mehendi, take Vicks and apply it on the area where the henna designs remain and let the balm cool down. This will make sure that the color of the Mehendi is enhanced and darkened. But make sure that you don’t rub that area on your eyes. This might leave your eyes very irritated.  We hope these tips were helpful and we really hope that they leave a beautiful color on your hands!

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