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21 Mouth Watering & Unique Live Food Counters For Your Wedding

21 Mouth Watering & Unique Live Food Counters For Your Wedding

There is something entirely different about the culinary experience one has at Indian weddings. These weddings are nothing less than GRAND FEASTS which are aimed to tempt, tease and sate your taste buds. And there won’t be a guest who will leave without having a fill of his/ her favorite dish.

If we take a closer look at the menu, it is mostly made up of floaters, live-counters, and buffet. And of all the three, live stations (the desi term being ‘stalls’) are the most loved ones. The fresh, appetizing taste of the food which has been cooked to perfection, right in front of you is incomparable. But nowadays live food counters at Indian weddings are limited to common and repeated food items like Pasta, Chowmein, Gol-Gappa, Dahi Papdi Chaat, Pizza, Paneer Chilla etc.

No matter how much all these dishes are loved, guests feel bored with eating the same menu at every second wedding. So if you are going to be married soon, then it is very important to plan a menu which is unique and has a mass appeal.

So to help you out, we have crafted a mouth-watering list of live-counter food items which will leave the wedding guests wanting for more and more!

21 Yummilicious And Never Seen Before Live Food Stations At Weddings

Sensational Sizzler


People visit specific restaurants only to enjoy sizzlers, and you’ll give them a delightful surprise for sure by including it on the menu. Sizzlers are delish due to the smoky flavor of the charcoal plate on which the assortment of food items like the baked vegetable, french fries, brown rice etc is cooked. Non-vegetarian options are also available where the vegetable can be replaced with chicken-tikka or fried fish.

Paneer Tikka


For vegetarians, paneer tikka is LOVE! Big chunks of paneer and crunchy vegetables (onion, capsicum) are marinated in spicy curd based mix. Then all these are skewered and cooked to perfection on open charcoal fire which makes the paneer pieces soft like butter and add loads of smoky flavor. A perfect live food station choice for winter weddings.

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Pita Bread, Falafel And Hummus


Lebanese food culture rocked the Indian restaurant culture in the last 2-3 years. And now it is dripping down to weddings as well. It is a hollow bread (Pita) stuffed with Lebanese styled vegetables, falafel balls, and oh so creamy hummus. Your guests will love this less explored item on the menu.



Guests are tired of eating the same-old and boring penne or fusilli pasta (in red and white sauce) which is a part of almost every wedding menu. You should consider replacing it with the delicious lasagna. It is long pasta sheets which are arranged in layers with vegetable and sauce based filling in between and this all is topped with fresh cheese, which is then baked to perfection.

Flavored Popcorn


Who said popcorns are limited to movie theatres? These days food caterers are adding crunchy goodness to weddings with flavored popcorns like caramel & salt, cheese, tomato. chocolate and much more. It will be best suited for wedding events which have dance performances where guests can munch upon these yummy treats.

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich


No longer just an evening or picnic snack, grilled cheese sandwiches are taking wedding food concept to ‘homely-level’. You can serve them as bite-sized snacks along with a shot glass filled with cold tomato soup (also called as gazpacho). The cheesy and tangy tomato flavor will bring newness to the menu.

Mutton Seekh Kebab


A dish loved by all the meat-lovers. Freshly minced mutton mixed with an Indian spice mix and cooked on open charcoal fire; these juicy kebabs are delicious AF. If you want to make the wedding a memorable event in the guest's mind, then making these kebabs a part of the menu is mandatory.

Fried Chicken


One of the most loved fast food of every non-vegetarian is fried chicken. Some couples are treating their wedding guests with the crispy and juicy chicken by including it on the wedding menu. Easy to prepare and loved by all, it will surely make the wedding a memorable affair.



Every Indian has grown up eating this 2-minute snack, then why not consider it making a part of the menu? You can keep it in a classic way or add some veggies or convert into a cheesy, white sauce. The options and flavors are endless. So you can consider kicking out the boring chowmein and replace it with the evergreen Maggi!

French Fries


There is no age for enjoying french fries. No matter if you are one or twenty or fifty, once a favorite, it becomes a forever favorite. And to include some Indian twist, masala’s like red-chili powder or garam masala can be added to amp-up the flavor.



As we said above, this blog is all about out of the box, never seen before live counter menu items. And burger (with vegetables or chicken) is a rare sight at Indian weddings. This is the major reason to include it in the menu, as it is a hot favorite of children, young adults and even some members of the elderly clan. Thought instead of having standardly sized burgers, you can keep small, bite-sized miniatures to reduce any form of wastage.



A lot of people are unaware of this global appetizer, which is simply a toasted bread loaf topped with juicilicious toppings. One of the best ways to begin the meal is this light snack which increases the guest's appetite for further eating. Also, the cost involved in making this food item is very less and at the same time, it has an appeal of being an haute global cuisine.

Chocolate Fountain


Mostly found in the buffet menu of 5-star restaurants, this chocolate fountain is a delight for cocoa lovers. It mostly served as a chocolate fondue, where melting chocolate is flowing from a machine and guests have to dip small pieces of fruits and plain cake using skewers. It will be a refreshing change from all the commonly served Indian sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun etc.

Paan Shake


We Indians love paan and enjoy this delicacy as a mouth-freshener after the spicy food. But nowadays many wedding venues (banquets or lawns) have placed restrictions on including paan as many people have a tendency of spitting which creates dirtiness. So the caterers came up with the uber-cool concept of Paan Shake by mixing the minty-cool ingredients with creamy milk. It is the best way to start and end a meal at summer weddings.

Dry Fruit Chaat


Dry-fruits like cashews, almonds, walnuts etc are called the luxury food items due to high costs. Hence it is an uncommon item at Indian weddings. If money is not the issue then we highly recommend making it part of the menu because of the rich and heavenly taste. It is a crowd pleaser and also a favorite of elderly wedding guests.

Floss Candy


Some weddings are delighting the guests with their childhood memories in the form of this sweet treat. Floss Candy or as we Indian’s lovingly call ‘gudia ke baal’ will attract guests of every age like CRAZY! A lot better than boring, traditional Indian sweets, right?



There are 2 types of people in the world, one who love momos (aka the dumplings) or the ones who hate them. There is nothing in between. So if you and the fiance fall in the former category then how about adding some steamy delight to your wintery wedding. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available depending upon the choice. And you can also convert these steamed dumplings into an Indian version of Tandoori Momos to bring in some desi twist.



An evening Mexican snack which is slowly becoming a top favorite of many Indians. These are wheat-based, dried tortilla shells in which different fillings are placed to add flavors. It is very versatile in nature and taste well with vegetarian (mix veggies and kidney beans) as well as a non-vegetarian mix (chicken, pork etc).



These are basically deep-fried, small baskets topped with a variety of toppings depending upon the flavor palette. Like, for the vegetarians it can be baked vegetable or mixed veg salad. While for the non-vegetarians it can be topped with shredded chicken salad or spicy mutton mix. There are no hard and fast rules for the toppings, it is all about personal preferences.

Chana Chor Garam


An Indian picnic favorite snack is the Chana Chor Garam. This tangy-spicy mixture filled with finely chopped veggies can be served in food-friendly paper cones. The guests will drool over its tangy flavors which are rarely found at weddings.

Fruit Flambe


Have you ever had fruits on fire? Yes, that’s what flambe is all about. It means enhancing the flavor of fruits by inducing alcohol and setting it on fire. This leaves a bitter-caramelized taste on the fruits which tastes like HEAVEN. The guests will enjoy this live dessert counter a lot.

So these were some of our recommendations for unique and never seen before live food stations at Indian weddings. If you have experienced any other dish which should be included in this list, please comment in the section given below and let us know. We would love to hear from you.

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