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Mind Blowing 10 Wedding Decor Ideas

Mind Blowing 10 Wedding Decor Ideas

The idea of wedding dream is not only restricted to dream. To accomplish the wedding dream, you required some inspiration and a right person to help you to set your wedding set. The right person would be a professional wedding planner. As you grow up, you will set a wedding illusion of dreamy perfect decor, dreamy lighting or some dreamy flowering set. Accomplish your wedding decor as you want is related to all of the wedding venue. It helps to set the mood that is most possible things for a wedding. It is not important you should go with expensive things; you may just try new styles and a good ton of ideas to personalize the celebration wedding venues. You just required simple things to add a beautiful touch to your wedding venue. Here are some wedding decor ideas that you should try to décor the wedding venues.


The one of most highly wedding décor idea is Light fusion. Light can be adding the magical effect to the wedding venues. Use colorful lighting sets in all over the wedding venues. It looks like dancing light and create a magnificent scene all over. If you have an event like a wedding reception, wedding party or any other party, then you can also use a dramatic set of candles. Add dreamy appeal by uplighting the taller candles on the table space. Float scented candles in the portrayed vessel at the wedding venues entrance.

Blossoms for Charm

A blossom in wedding is a sign of positivity in the environment and it is essential for Indian wedding too. The tradition of using the flowers in the wedding is old and has been used for ego. You can try some new flower decoration instead of traditional routine design. Flower decorator helps you to set the new flower decoration. Try floral curtains at the entrance and float scented flowers in the portrayed vessel at the wedding venues entrance. You can also go with traditional Indian Wedding Decor theme, marigold flowers. Use a fresh bunch of colorful blossoms.

Wall paintings and Other Pieces

An empty wall of wedding is like a blank canvas. The separate and unique idea to decorate the wedding venue is by putting the classy painting on the main spot of your wedding. To set the wedding venue background, you go with the Mughal era, ancient Greek art, Roman art or with Indian art. There is no necessity to purchase the expensive painting, they can available for rent as per day. Tell your wedding decorators to rent out at a reasonable cost. Wall paintings and Other Pieces add glamour’s look in your wedding venue.

Indian Elements

In a wedding or other wedding events, people make efforts to dress in traditional. So time to dress the wedding venue in traditional too. Traditional decor in the wedding venues states the traditional mind alive in the guests. To state the traditional mind, I suggest styling the wedding venues; you can use window hanging, local popular design, ethnic texture fabric, etc. Likewise, you add a luxurious touch to the wedding environment. 

Hang Paper Lanterns

We all love the glow of paper lanterns, so why should not use in wedding venues. Hanging paper lanterns in the wedding or reception change your ordinary wedding venue in the eternal wonderland. Instead of White paper lanterns, use rainbow colors paper lanterns. When sundowns, bright the wedding venues with the beautiful paper lanterns in multiple colors. You may go with particular color paper lantern too like white, purple, so any other color. Particular color lantern adds a lot of charm and elegance to the wedding venue’s space.

Colored Glassware

We growing trend, couples get creative with their wedding day and wedding decoration. Colored Glassware helps them. Instead of clear glassware, colored glassware impacts must. Consider a budget colored glassware vendors to add a different touch in reception. Colored wineglass, highballs for the balls or any other curtly can pop your wedding table. Mix and match different shape and size colored glassware looks very antique and go ideal for a wedding.

Use Table Lamps

Using table lamp for wedding or wedding events adds two different roles on the wedding venue tables, functional and decorative. Functional, wedding table lamp brighter the wedding table and decorate the wedding table. Table lamps heighten the wedding table of wedding venues. You go with unique shape and style in a different type of table lamp. It is perfect to fulfill your light need and décor.

Make Chalkboard Signage

It will be unique for your wedding. Set the Chalkboard on the wedding entrance or in a separate corner. Place some colorful chalks and spray paint, so guests can use it to complete the rest of your decoration. Decorate this unique Chalkboard Signage, with some lighting. So it looks attractive and attracts the wedding guests. You can also go with greenery draping or flower garland.

Make a Family Photo Wall

We all love family and would like to keep them near us, then why not in wedding event too. Choose your best and loved family photo to make a family photo wall in the wedding venues. Let guests know your best beautiful moment. Family Photo Wall decoration gives you home feely environment.

Tassels Garland

Tassels are new trend and fashion in dress, earrings. So you can use this trend in the decoration of wedding venue. A tassel garland is always great for any event decor. The tassel garland decoration is somehow is simple, but it is elegant and surely attracts the guest’s eyes. You can enhance the tassels decoration with the perfect lighting or paper lanterns.

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