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A Complete Guide To Bengali Wedding Rituals, Customs, And Traditions 

A Complete Guide To Bengali Wedding Rituals, Customs, And Traditions 

A Bengali Hindu wedding is a reflection of the rich Bengali culture and its colourful traditions. Also called “Biye,” it is a treat to your eyes. Being a part of a Bengali wedding is an experience for a lifetime as it is full of enthusiasm and sweetness. From décor with vibrant, colourful flower garlands to food and different Bengali wedding rituals, Bengali weddings are an extravagant celebration. Festivities of Bengali weddings start a day before the big day and last many days after it.

A Bengali Hindu wedding is not just about eating lots of sweets and fish and draping a white and red saree. So, whether you want to get married in a Bengali style wedding or are invited to a Biye, you should know about the typical Bengali traditions and rituals. Without further ado, let’s go through this Bengali Wedding guide, to learn about the amazing Bengali wedding rituals and customs. 

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Bengali Weddings – A Grand Affair

Bengali wedding rituals source: pinterest

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Bengali Weddings are not just a one or two day celebration. They can go on for over a week. Family members and friends are often seen visiting the bride’s or the groom’s house for days before and after the wedding. It is not just for getting together, enjoying delicious food, or having chats. The aim of these visits is to perform the different wedding rituals of a Bengali Hindu wedding. The wedding rituals are performed before, after, and on the day of the wedding and require the involvement of the bride, groom, family members, and friends. Let’s walk through what happens in a Bengali wedding in this Bengali Wedding Guide:  

Pre-Wedding Rituals of A Bengali Wedding 

In a Bengali Hindu Wedding, there are a few unique pre-wedding festivities. Let’s have a look at all of them in detail: 

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Pati Potro (Adan Pradan)

Bengali wedding rituals source: pinterest

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Some call it Pati Potro while others call it Adan Pradan. No matter what you call it, it marks the beginning of a Bengali-style wedding. It is like a meeting with a purpose to fix the wedding date. A special, decorative mat called Shital Pati is the center of attention on this day. Both the bride’s and the groom’s families gather around it to decide the wedding date. Then the groom’s side presents some gifts for the bride.  They include good luck things like fish, sweets, betel nuts, and betel leaves.

In earlier times, the elders used to grab some haldi and sindoor to jot down the time, date, and the couple’s name along with dowry/gifts details using a coin. To close this super respectful deal, it was then signed off by some witnesses with their names. 

Aashirbaad (Roka/Engagement)

Aashirbaad (Roka/ Engagement)  source: pinterest

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The Aashirbaad ceremony takes place after the wedding date is fixed. Just like engagement, the families of both the bride and the groom visit each other to bless them. This ceremony marks the final approval of the families for the couple. It not only includes rings exchange, but the would-be in-laws also shower their blessings on the couple by gifting them clothes, sweets, trefoil leaves, husked rice, and gold jewelry. 

Aai Budo Bhaat

Aai Budo Bhaat source: pinterest

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In this Bengali Wedding ritual, the bride and the groom enjoy their last Bengali meal as a bachelorette or a bachelor. Close relatives and friends gather together in this ritual to celebrate and have fun. For this ceremony, lunch or dinner is hosted separately for the bride/ groom with different veg and non-veg meals cooked by their parents, friends, and relatives. The food served on Aai Budo Bhaat is mouth-watering and all the favorite foods of the bride/groom are served to them by their respective families. Moreover, the bride and groom’s family and friends join them to have an excellent time together, singing and dancing. 

Holud Kota and Dhan Kota

Holud Kota and Dhan Kota source: pinterest

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A day before the marriage, 5, 7, or 9 married women from the groom’s family make a Haldi paste using raw turmeric with a grinding stone. The woman holding the grinding stone is known as ayo and all the remaining women hold ayo’s elbow or hands while she grinds. It is known as “Holud Kota.” The same women also grind rice to make a rice powder known as “Dhan Kota.” The grind turmeric powder is used in the haldi ceremony. 

Ganga Nimantran

Ganga Nimantransource: pinterest

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It is one of the oldest Bengali Hindu wedding rituals. Ganga Nimantran is performed after Holud Kota. On this evening, the married ladies from both the families do this special tradition. They go to invite “Ganga” and ask its permission to use its water.  For this they can visit the nearest river or pond. All women carry trays having betel leaves, bananas, sindoor, nuts, and more. After inviting Ganga, they invite a banana tree too. For this, they take a plantain leaf from the banana tree and tie it to a Dorpon. 

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Dodhi Mongol

On the wedding day, even before the sunrise, the mothers of the couple feed them with puffed rice, curd, and sweets. It is a special breakfast for them before the start of the wedding. Moreover, until their wedding is done, they have to fast. 

Jol Tola

While Dodhi Mongol is going on at the bride’s and the groom’s house, other women of both the families head to Ganga or a nearby river to get some water for the wedding bath. This ritual also needs to take place before the sun comes up on the big day. 

Sankha Porano 

“Sankha” and “Pola” are conch shell bangles signifying the marital status of a Bengali woman. The bride has to put these after her Holud ceremony. And before she wears them, the bangles are dipped in some turmeric water. And this special Bengali tradition is known as “Sankha Porano.” Don’t forget to include this tradition in your Bengal Wedding ideas

Bridhhi and Nandi Mukh

Bridhhi and Nandi Mukh Source: pinterest

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A Pandit is then called to perform a Puja at the bride’s home to seek blessings from the seven generations and Lord Narayan. It is known as Nandi Mukh. This puja is also done at the house of the groom. After this, the earlier grounded rice and haldi are used in this puja. 

Gaye Holud

Gaye Holud Source: pinterest

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Gaye Holud, the haldi ceremony, is another intimate Bengali wedding tradition that is performed on the morning of the wedding day. Haldi is applied on the groom and then he bathes in Ganga or any nearby river or pond. The same turmeric is taken to the bride along with “Tatva.” Tatva can include sarees, sweets, cosmetic products, fragrant oils, and more. Then the bride is smeared with turmeric by the married ladies of the family before she bathes in water from Ganga or a nearby river. Search for some amazing Bengali wedding photo ideas in advance for this ceremony. 

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Wedding Rituals of A Bengali Wedding 

Let’s explore the main marriage Bengali rituals performed at a Bengali Hindu wedding

Dorpon and Bor Jatri

Dorpon and Bor Jatri Source: pinterest

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The mother of the groom hands over a Dorpon before sending him to the mandap. The groom has to carry it throughout the wedding. Then she blesses him and ties a Tulsi mala and red threads on the groom’s neck. Following Dorpon, the Baraat (Bor Jatri) proceeds to the venue of the wedding, singing and dancing, except for the groom’s mother. 

Bor Boron

Bor Boron Source: pinterest

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The bride’s mother and other family members early welcome the baraat. The bride’s mom welcomes the groom and his family with an aarti, offers refreshing drinks, and shares some sweets. Everyone else does Ullidhwani and plays the Conch shell. The bride’s father then gifts him Bostro (a new ring) and an Angti (a gold ring), which he should wear in the wedding.

Saat Paak

Saat Paak Source: pinterest

This ritual is the star of the Bengali wedding. The bride needs to sit on a small stool. Her brothers then carry her 7 times around the groom in a circle. The bride has to cover her face using betel leaves. Ensure to discuss Bengali wedding photo ideas for this ceremony with your photographer.  

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Shubho Drishti 

After the Saat Paak, the bride has to lower the betel leaves and look at the groom’s face. This lovely moment is accompanied with very loud cheers, joyful ululations, and conch shells sounds. 

Mala Badal

Mala Badal Source: pinterest

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The exchange of flower garlands in a Bengali wedding is called Mala Badal. The couple has to swap the garlands 3 times, not just once.


Somprodan Source: pinterest

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In this Bengali Wedding ritual, the father of the bride hands her formally to the groom forever. He then ties a holy knot using their clothes. All this happens while chanting Vedic mantras. 


SaptapadiSource: pinterest

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One of the most important Bengali wedding rituals, the Soptopodi is the saath pheere ceremony. The priest chants Vedic mantras before a sacred fire and the couple walks around it 7 times, which seals their union officially. 


Onjoli Source: pinterest

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In this ritual, the couple pays respect to the fire by offering some puffed rice. The bride stands in front of the groom, the groom holds her hands from behind, and they pour the rice gently into the sacred fire’s flames. 

Sindoor Daan

Sindoor Daan Source: pinterest

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The groom puts vermillion into the hair partition of the bride using a Dorpon, or a ring. This is the final step of a Bengali wedding vows. 


Bidaai Source: pinterest

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In the Bidaai ceremony, the family of the bride gathers at her home to offer their blessings to the newlywed couple. The bride then departs from the house to her new home. 

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Post-Wedding Rituals of a Bengali Wedding 

Let’s have a look at all the joyful traditions that happen when the bride reaches her new home. 

Bodhu Boron

Bodhu Boron Source: pinterest

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The mother of the groom greets the bride by doing Aarti with diyas, sweets, and flowers. Then, she touches the mouth and ears of the bride with honey. She often sits at the entry of the house, making the couple sit on her sides to bless them with love. This gesture of the groom’s mother shows that she has accepted them officially. The bride’s welcome is followed by another tradition in which she needs to step into a milk and red Aalta solution and leave her footprints on an aisle of white cloth. She may be even asked to break small clay diyas using her heels instead of the Aalta ritual. 

Aashirbaad and Kaal Ratri 

The wedding festivities continue with another aashirbaad ceremony at the groom’s house where everyone from the family shower their blessings on the newlywed couple, offering them sweets and gold jewelry. After this, the couple needs to separate for a night, known as Kaal Ratri, and get ready for bou-baat on the next day. 

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Bhat Kapod 

Bhat Kapod is another special ritual in Bengali Hindu weddings. The groom gifts his bride a tray full of Sindoor, new sarees, and some food, promising to take complete care of her meals and clothing forever.

Bou Bhat

Bou Bhat Source: pinterest

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The last Bengali wedding ritual, the Bou Bhat is a grand affair where the family of the groom arranges a grand party for family and friends to meet the newlyweds. 


After the wedding, the couple visits the family of the bride on the 8th day. They spend a couple of days there. It is when the wedding knot needs to be undone, which marks the wedding festivities end. 


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A Bengali Hindu wedding is a vibrant and joyful celebration. You should witness it once in your lifetime without any second thought. And if you are planning to have a Bengali wedding, then go ahead and plan it. It is a one-of-a-kind experience you will cherish forever. Hope this Bengali wedding guide helps you decide which ceremonies you want to keep for your wedding festivities. 

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