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Top Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Who wouldn't want to document and record their wedding in a special way? For this very task we have the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai. A photographer is a significant part of the wedding. He/she never fails to impress us with their amazing skills of capturing all the moments that go without notice. They capture all the beautiful shots in a way that each frame ends up showing a unique story. Hence, the bottom line is that a professional wedding photographer is a must in the wedding ceremony. But booking one can be the trickiest part, and we understand your concerns. Hence, we have a proper guide to book the top wedding photographers in Chennai with the utmost ease.

Types Of Wedding Photography

Traditional photography

Traditional photographers are the ordinary photographers who click casual photographs of the guests and relatives. These Best photographers in Chennai usually capture all pictures they are asked to click. There are many examples- when the guests and relatives bring up the gifts and pose with the newly married couple, when the guests and the relatives ask the photographers to get themselves clicked individually, or when the family asks the photographer to click some portrait photographs, and then these photographers come into play. Capturing the direct frames is their job; because of this very reason they are not that expensive to hire.

Candid photography

CCandid photographers are the professional photographers who click every minute details, emotions and moods very precisely. It is their specialty to make the images tell a very detailed and impactful story. A lot of times the host family misses out the real fun of the wedding because of the excessive work that comes with the wedding. But they have a way to relive these fun memories of the weddings and the guests through these beautifully captured candid photographs. Candid photography calls for a Best photographer in Chennai, who is professional at their work; no layman photographer can click these types of pictures; they need years of practice for this skill. But don’t worry; the wedding candid photography in Chennai is done by professionals.

Pre-Wedding photography

One trend that is getting a lot of attention is the pre-wedding photography. The pre-wedding photographers are the photographers who click the pictures of the would-be couple in a romantic manner. When you hire a pre-wedding photographer in Chennai, you usually take a pre-wedding trip with your partner to get pictures clicked. They usually hold a full-fledged highly advanced photo shoot with the couple as the models.  This photo shoot is done with the utmost precision, and a lot of photography tricks are used to make these pictures seem like proper portraiture and landscapes. The destinations are chosen to be very exotic and the chief characteristics are the very natural and refreshing sceneries.

Traditional videography

Traditional videography is a type of wedding video making in which the videographer has to make the video of the whole wedding. This conventional wedding videographer is seen with his big camera roaming around the wedding venue to record the activities of the guests and relatives. In a marriage, the traditional videographer is very important because he/she captures the video of all the fantastic, energetic and intimate things the relatives and guests do at the wedding. They also have a service in which the live footage of the wedding is shown in a big projector at the wedding venue itself. The video footage becomes a very important souvenir for the couple later in their life. They can reminiscence their wedding through the wedding footage. 

Wedding cinematography

Wedding cinematography is a type of wedding videography that is gaining a lot of attention from the couples. But it is different from the wedding videographers in Chennai. In this the videographers make a 30 minutes video of the couple. Here, the groom and the bride act as the hero and the heroine, respectively. This video is more than a short video; it is a movie like clip which captures the chemistry and compatibility of the couple. This movie is made by the professional videographers with the help of various high end gadgets and a lot of cinematic effects are added to it as well. A lot of time the editing of the movie is more important than just recording the clips. The direction and the artistic outlook during recording of the video is what counts. This looks easy but requires a lot of professional training because the amount of editing and patience the task requires is a lot and can be attained over a period of time.

Drone Photography and videography

Drone photography is a type of photography which involves a drone camera. The drone clicks the photographs and records the video from the sky. It gives a very different perspective in the wedding as it captures everything from the bird eye view. A lot of people don't find this type of photography or videography impressive, but in reality, it adds a very new outlook to the wedding album. But the only limiting thing about drone photography or videography is the hefty charges involved with it. The drone and its photography equipment are very costly, making the service expensive as well. But the drone can capture all the fun from the sky without interrupting the crowd, making it a very good option in wedding photography.

Why To Choose Shaadidukaan To Book Wedding Photographers in Chennai?

Shaadidukaan is India’s fastest growing online wedding market where you can find hundreds of vendors for you requirements. This portal is one of the best, leading and trusted wedding market in India. Shaadidukaan is available in 24 Indian cities and has 46 categories of unique vendors that people require in their wedding. These categories and cities are increasing and will soon cover the whole of India. And Shaadidukaan can help you make a list of wedding photographers in your city very easily. You can easily find videographers or photographers for wedding in Chennai or for any desired city. All the wedding photographers in Chennai Shaadidukaan has are authentic and experienced, so you can find a reliable photographer in our portal. 

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