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111+ Best Awesome Arabic Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding

111+ Best Awesome Arabic Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding

Whether it is a wedding, any ceremony or any function in India, as sweets are gifted to one another, there is one thing that Indian women always do or we can say women in India always do. It is about drawing mehndi on their hands. Arabic Mehndi designs are more popular these days. Some who are more fashionistas type draw on their feet too. Mehandi is for every occasion in India, especially in weddings and its ceremonies. It is considered auspicious in both Hindu and Islamic culture. Though these days every bride prefer painting their hands and feet with mehandi.

According to some Hindu traditions, tales and folklore, when a bride’s mehndi goes darker, after drawing it, it means, it is said, that her going-to-be husband loves her more and she will also be loved by her in-laws. There are many different kinds of reasons and significances in history and ancient texts about mehndi that why it is drawn on hands and feet during a wedding, but no certainty in them, not any fixed one. But whatever it is, we don’t go into it now; while we present for you various types of Arabic Mehndi designs that you can try on your wedding whether on feet or hands, your choice. And even you can suggest to your friends also. 

Simple & Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs

These simple Arabic mehndi designs are amalgamation of floral patterns and mandala designs mixed together and when put on hands and feet create awesome designs patterns that look intricate in first glance but are not when they are drawn by an experienced mehndi artist.

Arabic Pakistani mehndi design

Mehndi design with circles and checks 

Flower and leaf mehandi - Pakistani

Fusion Mehndi design


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New mehndi design for back hand

Arabic back hand design 2019

Half Moon back hand

New Hathphool Mehandi design


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New drop mehndi designe for back hand


Latest design of mehandi 2019


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Front Hand Arabic Henna Patterns

When you see these Arabic mehndi designs, you will notice how nicely and aesthetically stars, leaves, hanging bells, rangoli patterns, and peacock feather pattern mehndi designs are drawn simply on brides’ hands. These Arabic mehndi designs are inspired from different elements of nature where simplicity is.

New style mehndi design

Beautiful bell dropping

Pakistani Mehandi design 2019

front hand Arabic mehndi design


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Simple Arabic mehndi

Short hand design of mehandi

Arabic peacock mehndi design

Beautiful pakistani design

A rose with leafs

Simple new arabic design of mehndi

Latest Henna design

Simple henna for front hand

Elegent front hand mehndi

Half-half beautiful henna


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Back Hand Hathphool Style Arabic Mehndi Designs

These Arabic mehndi designs when you closely see look like they are inspired by Indian hathphool designs that are worn during weddings and functions because these all mehndi designs resemble them. One can get inspirations for designs from anywhere, that’s the beauty.

Back Hand Pakistani mehndi design

Trendy mehndi for back hand

arabic simple back hand mehndi design

Beautiful and simple back hand

flower pattern back hand

2019 arabic henna pattern

Beautiful full circled pattern

Very easy arabic design of mehndi

Simple back hand mehndi designs

Simple arabic mehndi designs

Stunning henna pattern

Beautiful henna design for back hand

Shimmer mehndi tattoo

arabic mehndi tatto design

Need to delete image


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Arabic Mehndi Designs For Full Hand

Arabic mehndi designs for full hand means you whole hands get covered with it. For these Arabic mehndi designs, the inspiration is taken from mandalas, hathphool, floral and leaves patterns, birds’ pattern and it is a mixture of Chinese and Indian designs.

Indo arabic henna

Beautiful full circle pattern

Lotus in pakistani mehndi

Fusion mehndi for full hand

Dulhan arabic designs of mehndi

Full Hand latest arabic mehndi


Various Patterns Mehndi Designs

Who doesn’t like flowers? Everyone, and almost all of the mehndi designs are inspired by different flower patterns, and Arabic mehndi designs also. So if you want to draw different floral pattern, just take inspiration from another flower.

Beautiful flower pattern

Indo-arabic flower mehndi

Stunning flower mehndi tattoo

Arabic mehndi designs 2019 photo

Latest flower mehndi tattoo


Latest indo-arabic full hand flower mehndi

Arabic henna deisgns

Indo-western flower pattern

Flower mehndi photo

Latest flower mehndi image


When Your Fingers Talk With Mehandi Designs

Sometimes girls just don’t want to go full hand for mehndi, they only want to draw mehndi on fingers that look ethnic, classic and modern too. So if you only want to paint your fingers in mehndi, then these are the simple Arabic mehndi designs for fingers that you can try. Patterns of hanging bells, butterflies, and wind chimes you can notice in it.

Fingers mehndi design

Mehndi photo for fingers

Beautiful arabic design of mehndi finger

Simple arabic finger mehndi art

Finger mehndi tattoo

Trendy mehndi tattoo designs for fingers

Arabic fingers mehndi photo

Beautiful henna pattern for fingers

Full fingers pattern

Butterfly tattoo of mehndi

Magic of dots - latets henna design

2019 arabic henna pattern


Legs Decorated With Jeweled Arabic Mehandi Designs 2019

Arabic simple mehndi designs are not only for hands. They are for legs too. These mehndi leg designs are gorgeous and simply awesome. These mehndi designs are also inspired by mandala, floral patterns, regional paintings and others. You feel like you have worn the Cinderella shoes.

Unique legs mehndi design

Arabic mehndi art for legs

Latest legs mehndi design 2019

Beautiful checks mehndi design for legs

Arabic flower henna pattern - legs

Dulhan arabic mehndi art - legs

Bridal mehndi design for legs

Simple arabic mehndi art for legs

Indo-arabic legs mehndi designs


When Your Heart Beats With These Henna Arabic Designs

If someone asks you where is your heart? Then logically your answer definitely will be……..you know what we want to say. But pragmatically if you answer this question then your heart or your love is your going-be-husband, for whom you can draw these beautiful heart-shaped mehndi designs. Different hearts designs mehndi that you can have on your hands to express your love. Even you can put your names or wedding date there.

Beautiful heart shape henna art

Simple and elegent henna design

Arabic heart shaped mehndi designs

Heart designed mehndi tattoo 2019

Little heart shaped mehndi design

Latest unique arabic mehndi art

Key to heart - arabic mehandi designs

Easy heart henna designs

Simple heart shape mehndi pattern

beautiful mehndi tattoo design for hand

Heart shape mehndi design


Birds and Peacock Inspired Mehndi Designs

If you are looking something apart from Arabic mehndi designs then here are the animal birds’ patterns are also popular in mehndi designs. These are peacock mehndi designs that you can have on your hands and legs during your wedding days and whenever you want. You can also call them mehndi tattoos. They are different shapes and sizes with admixture of other designs.

Peacoke mehndi design 2019

Arabic mehndi pattern with peacock

peacoke design in mehndi


Henna design with peacock

Peacock design in mehndi for hands

Mehndi designs front hand - peacock

Latest peacock mehndi design

Beautiful mehndi design with peacock

>Arabic mehndi pattern - peacock

Peacock mehndi design for legs


Why to Go For Arabic Mehndi Designs

You have always seen your mother drawing Indian traditional mehndi designs whenever any occasion comes and you also sometimes. Drawing, again and again, the same thing bores. So nowadays brides are going for Arabic mehndi designs, which are simple in designs, not much intricate and other reason is they are getting more popular. These mehndi designs have its roots in Persia, though already popular in Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, it has also become a trend in India. And apart from all, everyone around the world loves it whether in the Middle East, Asia, European countries. And nowadays girls also flaunt these mehndi designs as a style statement. Even though normally girls use them on hands and feet but if you consider yourself a queen of fashion or a trendsetter, you have your choices wherever you want to draw them on your body! In old times, mehndi designs were used as a way of body decoration, and as time continuously passes, it became a wedding tradition. 

From Where Mehndi Art Came?

Dull minds definitely don’t want to know about it but smart ones are always curious about anything and they always think “from where something came or origin?” Mehndi art originated some 9000 years ago in Asia and some parts of the Middle East. We don’t claim this fact but it is said. At that time it was not used for decorating hands and feet while because of its cooling properties it was used (still is). Those who lived in deserts, they used it to cool down their body temperature. As time changes, it went to other parts of this world, and gradually Arabic Mehndi designs became popular because of as I above told you, its simplicity and elegance. 

Important Features of Arabic Mehndi Designs

Free Flowing: Arabic style mehndi is about free flow as wind flows freely. It consists of simple designs patterns like birds, flowers, leaves, vines and any other simple designs that belong to nature. On the other hand, Indian mehndi designs are intricate and focused till below the wrist also. Former is concentrated on palms.

Scattered Patterns: Usually there are scattered patterns in Arabic mehndi designs means they are more spread and also include dots. On the other hand, these mehndi designs take less time and chosen by those brides who want to go minimalist.
Not Intricate: These designs also take less time and dry quickly without taking much time while intricate designs take overnight time. Oh, you have to wait long hanging your hands here and there. 

Color Variations: Another great feature of these designs is that when they get dried, they give colors in variations like maroon, black, light, dark orange, semi-dark yellow because of the shading effects given to it. 


We think that a little knowledge you have taken while reading our blog about Arabic mehndi designs. We have told you approx everything whatever information we could get. Now it is about types of Arabic Mehndi designs that we are going to tell you:

Indo-Arabic Mehndi Designs: it is the mixture of both including Arabic style and Indian style. Indo Arabian mehndi designs go with bold outline filled with detailed Indian pattern.

Arabic Tattoo Mehndi: these are predefined mehndi designs stickers that you can directly apply on your palms. Though these are not long lasting but useful for those who want beautiful designs and are in hurry too. There are varieties of them you can buy in market and best for those girls who always want something on their hands printed. 

Though there is no any specific season for mehndi if you want to have it on your palms. If you want it you can have it but mostly it is applied during big festivals in India like Diwali, Karva Chauth, Raksha Bandhan and Eid including at the time of weddings. So flaunt whatever designs you want to flaunt of Arabic Mehndi designs and of any type you want on any occasion you want. For your ease, here are Arabic Mehndi designs patterns images from where you can take ideas for your next design


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