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8 Bridal Jewelries & Their Meaning, Importance Which Every Bride-To-Be Should Know!

8 Bridal Jewelries & Their Meaning, Importance Which Every Bride-To-Be Should Know!

Every bride wants to look like a dream on her wedding day, and why not, marriage is once in a lifetime event. If you are a bride-to-be then you must have gone through all the list of must-dos to nail that perfect wedding look. Starting from a beautiful lehenga to gorgeous makeup to perfect hairstyle and picture-perfect jewelry.

But have you wondered about the significance and meaning of so many beautiful trinkets that you’ve finalized for the wedding day? No? Relax. We are here for you.

Today we’ve compiled a list of 8 different styles of bridal jewelry and have explained their importance as well. So the next time some sanskari aunty decides to pull your leg by asking the jewelery meaning, you’ll be well prepared with the answers. And yeah do not forget to add some wit to the answers.

Indian Bridal Jewelry Pieces

Elegant Maang Teeka

Indian Bride Maang Tikka Jewelery
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Be it a bride or any lady, her wedding dress-up is incomplete without a beautiful maang tikka. This piece of jewelry is worn on the head at the parting of the hair. As per Vedas, in our forehead lies a chakra which is said to be the eye of the soul. There are big and small sizes of maang tikka available, therefore brides with large forehead should opt for big tikkas whereas small tikka is more suitable for a smaller forehead.

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Royal Paasa

Indian Bride Paasa
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This piece of head jewelry was bought to India by the Mughals during their period of rule. The jewellery meaning in Hindi of paasa is jhumar. Traditionally, only Muslim brides used to wear it but nowadays a lot of brides of different religions are wearing paasa due to its classic and royal look. You can try this for your daytime mehndi function or small wedding gatherings.

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Playful Earrings

Indian Bride Earrings

As per Hindu traditions, evil spirits can enter a human body through openings. And the bride needs all sort of protection from anything evil. Therefore earrings are said to protect a bride (and every lady for that matter) from the evil spirits. So next time you finalize the earrings, remember they’re not just some trinkets, they’re much much more.

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Traditional Nosering

Indian Bride Nosering

A nosering on a bride looks pretty as hell. The jewelry meaning in Hindi of a nosering is nath. It is said that a nath should be worn by a girl only when she is getting married as it is considered to be a symbol of a married woman. There are a lot of modern and unique styles of nosering available in the market, from diamond-studded to multi-colored stones, gold to silver based.

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Glittering Bangles

Indian Bride Bangles
Image Credit: weddings2k19

There are so many Bollywood songs dedicated to chudiya or chudha and why not, these are considered as the most important jewelry for every bride. Chudha is said to bring happiness and prosperity in a bride’s life and also signifies long life of her husband. Glass, silver, gold or even platinum-based bangles are available in the market.

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Amazing Armlet

Indian Bride Armlet
Image Credit:  yogesh_malleeswaran

Also known as Baajuband, it is worn by a bride to fight off evil eyes (or the buri nazar). They are available in a lot of intricate designs and made up of gold or silver studded with precious as well as semi-precious stones.

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Sexy Kamarbandh

Indian Bride Kamarbandh
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Although it is mostly worn by south-Indian brides, kamarbandhs are gaining a lot of popularity among many north-Indian brides as well. Jewelry meaning behind a kamarbandh is that it enhances a bride’s beauty and sensuality. Depending upon the type of saree you are opting for, kamarbandhs are available in plain gold design, gold & Kundan Meena design or silver-diamond design as well.

Quirky Payal

Indian Bride Payal
Image Credit: coupledreamwedding

The tinkling sound of a bride’s payal is said to bring joy & prosperity in her in-law's house. Along with payal, the bride also wears toe-rings or bichiyas. It is said that bichiyas absorbs energy from the earth and pass it through the bride’s body, making her feel energetic and refreshed every time.

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