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Best Bridal Earrings For Your Wedding: You Can’t Resist Girls

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Best Bridal Earrings For Your Wedding: You Can’t Resist Girls

Oh great, great brides, we know you are so beautiful that even Sun and Moon shy, stars hide behind sky and when you walk, everyone gets shocked because they haven’t seen beauty like you. You look so damn gorgeous, dainty and lit, when you come in your bridal wear embellished and fit. Even seeing you your groom say, whom I am marrying, whether a girl or an angel from a heaven. Such a beauty you are, leaving us all dead shining like Sirius. Enough poetry!

Brides always have options of various jewelry in which they can embellish themselves. There is no lacknes of it on this planet. Everything looks so “Phataka” (awesome) on them. So one of the jewelry, we are telling you today is about your Jhumka or Jhumki and in simple terms, bridal earrings. There are many jhumka designs both modern, antique, customized, what you want!? 

You can wear different designs of them whether in your Sangeet ceremony, Haldi ceremony, Roka ceremony or many others. For all different ceremonies you can wear various bridal earring designs. Match with your wedding outfits and shape of your face. Whether you want long ones or short ones or middle size ones, it is all your choice. Gold is always regal. But nowadays platinum and silver jhumkas are getting more popular, brides’ favorite choice they are. 

So which one you are going to wear on your wedding and on other ceremonies? Do tell us and some pairs of jhumka buy for your bridesmaid also. After all they are those who will be taking care of you all the time during the wedding. Give the pairs in return gift or on wedding, your choice, your friends and sisters, you know better. You can also try old jewelry of your mother and grandmother too and they definitely will look unique because of their designs. It could be that their designs not available in the market. 

So there is this all the world you need to show your favorite jhumka on your wedding! “Latka, jhatka, thumka and your jhumka”, all you have my brides! 

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