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How Much Does a Destination Wedding in Mumbai Cost?

How Much Does a Destination Wedding in Mumbai Cost?

Destination weddings are a new hot topic these days. Depending on your budget, style, and guest count, you can select an ideal destination for your special day. But how do you decide on the cost? From traveling and decorating to cuisines and hotels, a destination wedding is a big step and requires days of planning.  We have prepared a list of exquisite hotels and resorts and a detailed description of Destination Wedding in Mumbai Cost. Whether you want to add the city's charm to your wedding festivities or host an intimate affair by the sea, this city never disappoints. 

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Why Choose Mumbai For Your Dream Wedding? 

Why Choose Mumbai For Your Dream WeddingSource: pinterest

The City of Dreams is a beautiful blend of culture, cuisines, art, and celebrations. From luxurious venues and stunning beaches to historical landmarks, the city can transform your big day into a fairy-tale wedding. 

Envision your dreamy affair with a stunning backdrop of the Arabian Sea or a luxury wedding in a lavish resort. The city has a plethora of destinations to suit your preferences. 

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From the dreamy setups of 5-star hotels to the serenity offered by stunning resorts, find your dream venue with Shaadidukan and host an event that will be unforgettable for life. 

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Further, the Cost of a destination wedding in Mumbai entirely depends on your taste and preferences. There are numerous options to choose from. The city offers luxury destinations and minimal banquets. 

Its delicious delicacies, and authentic street foods are worth the hype. The local markets and beautiful streets are a must-visit. A blend of culture and modernity, Mumbai can be your dream wedding destination. 

Mumbai Wedding Cost Breakdown 

Here’s a detailed cost breakdown of planning a marriage in Mumbai. From travel, transportation, venue, accommodation, catering, and extra expenses, a lot requires your attention. 



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Destination Wedding in Mumbai Cost depend highly on the selection of catering services. The city is famous for its mouth-watering food, flavors, and various cuisines, which are essential to weddings. Look for chefs and catering services that provide authentic Mumbai-style food. Whether you are planning for international delicacies or traditional Indian food, catering expenses take a significant portion of your budget. 

Catering Cost -  750-1550 per plate. 

Venue Rental

Venue Rental

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With a combination of luxury hotels and budget-friendly resorts, the city is famous for various properties.  

The Destination Wedding in Mumbai Cost depends on your budget, location, popularity, and brand name. Heritage hotels and beachside resorts in lush areas like Bandra, Juhu, and South Mumbai are a little pricier, whereas resorts on the outskirts are within budget. Look for a resort with excellent services, modern amenities, high-class catering, exquisite decor, and experienced event management on a budget. 

Venue Rent- 1,50,000Rs. 


AccommodationSource: tripadvisor

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The city offers multiple accommodation options to suit every budget. From lavish hotels to budget-friendly guest houses, there is much to choose from. If you are hosting numerous wedding festivities for various days, select the one that suits your budget. Mumbai wedding estimate depends on your guest list, so look for an accommodation option that is comfortable and loved by guests. 

Accommodation Cost- 1000-1500Rs. (per night)

Entertainment and Decor

Entertainment and Decor

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Entertainment and Decor

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Decor is one such thing that can go from minimal to lavish. Destination wedding cost for decor in Mumbai depends on fresh flower arrangements, royal lighting, beautiful chandeliers, and a luxury entrance set up with artificial flowers and minimal decorations. With a list of famous DJs from Mumbai, choosing one to light up the function with grooving music is easy. You can either organize a live music band or go for a well-known DJ to make your event memorable. 

Decor Cost -  2,00,000Rs. 



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Mumbai is famous for its heavy traffic. Traveling a few kilometers can take a lot of time, so arrange transportation facilities from the hotel to the venue for guests' convenience. Arrange airport transfers, logistical support, and shuttle services for a smooth journey. One way to cut the transportation cost is to look for a guest house near the wedding venue. 

Car rental Cost -  22Rs per kilometer. 

Extra Expenses

While arranging the budget for a wedding, there are multiple miscellaneous expenses that you can’t avoid. For destination wedding costs, tiny details like wedding attire, videography, photography, and gifts require much attention and cost anywhere between 1,00,000 to 2,00,000. 

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Tips for Budget-friendly Destination Wedding in Mumbai

Destination weddings are a new trend for today’s couples. Fulfilling this dream in this city might not look easy, but here are some tips to make your wedding budget-friendly. 

Plan in Advance

Planning a wedding requires attention to many tiny details. In the peak wedding season, everything from banquets and resorts to makeup artists and event planners is more expensive. Things get booked quickly, and paying attention later can cost much money. 

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So, plan your event to secure good deals on venues, hotels, and vendors. Destination weddings in Mumbai cost can vary if you book things beforehand. 

Invite Limited People

Invite Limited People

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It is difficult to shorten the guest list, but inviting people without limits can increase your expenses. Inviting close ones will drastically reduce your hotel and catering costs.

Choose a Local Photographer

Choose a Local Photographer

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While planning a destination wedding, one thing you can do is hire a local photographer. Instead of taking one with you and increasing the travel expense, you can go for the local one within a set budget. 

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Photography charges - 50,000 to 2,50,000 a day. 

Identify Your Priorities

Prioritize your expenses and set your budget accordingly. Try to exclude unnecessary costs that are going beyond the limits. For instance, you can cut heavy costs on decor and venues and add that money to makeup artists and photographers. Destination weddings in Mumbai cost can entirely depend on setting priorities. 

Negotiate With Vendors

Negotiate With Vendors

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Negotiating with vendors can cut heavy costs. Don’t hesitate to have one-on-one conversations with dealers. Many vendors offer huge discounts on booking if you plan well in advance and avoid the peak season. Things get expensive in high demand, so avoid peak season. Mumbai wedding estimates entirely depend on negotiation with vendors. 

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Reduce The Decoration Cost

Reduce The Decoration Cost

Always visit 3-4 vendors before finalizing things. Instead of fresh flowers, heavy chandeliers, and extraordinary lighting, you can opt for artificial flowers, minimal setup, and required lighting. How much a destination wedding costs entirely depends on your planning. 

Consider Off-Peak Dates

Your date planning can thoroughly shake your budget. Instead of paying a whopping amount on weekends, you can opt for off-peak season and weekdays. You can reduce destination weddings in Mumbai costs by selecting off-season rates for accommodation, venue rental, and other services. 

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Miscellaneous Expenses

Try cutting down on local travel expenses and asking your travel companies to arrange flights, buses, and cab services for visiting the city. This will drastically affect your budget in a positive way. 

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Go For All-Inclusive Packages

Many hotels and resorts offer all the services compiled in a package. From cab services, makeup artists, catering, and decoration to event management, mehendi artists, and entertainment services, all come at a discounted price. Mumbai wedding costs can vary if you go for an all-inclusive package. 

The Bottom Line

Wedding planning requires a lot of effort. With a detailed idealization, you can create a memorable experience. Before tying the knot, there are multiple tasks on the checklist. 

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A destination wedding in Mumbai is a surreal experience filled with love, laughter, and vibrancy. But How much does a Mumbai wedding cost? The average cost can range from 5 lakhs to 50 lakhs or more. By understanding costs, miscellaneous expenses, planning strategy, catering, decor, and accommodation charges, you can transform your wedding into a fairy tale moment.  

However, there are various things where you can cut down on the high cost, like decor and events, and invest that amount into other options. So, negotiate smartly with vendors and enjoy your romantic moments in the city’s rich culture.

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