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Top Wedding Caterers in Chennai

The highlight of any wedding is the food. So while you are here for choosing best wedding caterers in Chennai, let us provide you a full proof guide of how to book a professional caterer. A lot of time the casualties can go without notice but not the tasteless and unappetizing food. The food of the marriage is a way to everybody's heart, and the menu is the path. So you must take a lot of care while booking the correct and reliable caterer. A wrong wedding caterer can make mistakes at the end moment during the ceremony, and you can face a significant backslash due to this. So, choosing a wedding caterer carefully is very important.

How To Hire A Trustworthy Caterer?

Make a guest list

The first and foremost thing to do is make a proper guest list. You must make the guest list in a way that it covers all your families, relatives, friends, guests, helpers, etc; who are supposed to be invited to the wedding. It is essential to make a proper list because the number of people attending your wedding will be decided through this list. And it will determine how many people will have food how many times. So, you should make the list properly and don't forget to keep the list intimate and short, as it will affect you the budget.

Fix budget accordingly

The next step is to fix your budget. You must decide on a price range in which you will hire the caterer. But you must remember to keep a portion of the budget aside for the unforeseen mishappenings that might happen related to the caterer. This reserve money can save you from that risk and help you execute this service with the utmost ease. The next thing to keep in mind is the essential guest list you made prior to fixing the budget. You should adjust the budget according to the number of people attending your wedding according to the guest list.

Make a list of caterer according to the budget

When you are done with the financial planning, you must move forth to the next step of making a list of top wedding caterers in Chennai according to your budget and price range. This service will help you get an idea of how much the basic, professional, and experienced caterers charge for their service. You can get a basic idea of the price range that must be adjusted according to the market. You should also keep the customer services and the location of the caterer in mind as it will help you hire a trustworthy and easily contactable caterer for your special day. This looks like a small issue, but the authenticity should be checked properly.

Pick references

This is a very important step; picking references can play a significant role while hiring a wedding caterer. As this service is booked months before the actual wedding day, so a lot of time you don't actually get to test the authenticity and the level of service they provide. And when it comes to food, then you must understand that it should be tasted before accepting and finalizing the caterer. If somebody has hired a caterer then they can definitely suggest you a best wedding caterers in Chennai. And we suggest you shorten the list of the caterer on the basis of these references as well. 


Then you must check the caterer's previous work. This evaluation can be done after you go through the portfolio of the wedding caterer. As the caterers record their past works in these, like the veg caterers in Chennai have a portfolio regarding all the vegetarian dishes. The most important thing is the pictorial presentation of their service and food can be observed through their proficient portfolio. And this portfolio will tell you the amount of experience the wedding caterer has. And you can also see through the secondary things, like- the cutlery, uniform of the waiters, outfit of the serving staff, etc. These little things add up to the ambiance of the wedding and help in improving the vibe of the event.

Packages available and food tasting

The next step is to inquire from the selected caterers about their available packages. This will give you an idea of whether the caterer is providing useful food items in your price range or not. This plays a vital role because a lot of time people have planned a lot about their wedding, a lot of people have some preferences that they want at their wedding day and the packages, and the fixed budget can restrain them. So, you must plan it through and negotiate with the caterer properly.

After you have selected some food packages from the respective wedding caterers in Chennai, then you must go and taste the food of the caterers. If this food tasting facility is available, then you can examine the work of the caterer before the wedding as well. This will make you hire the wedding caterer without any complaints or doubts.

Liquor license and the staff

The next step is crucial if you want to include liquor at your wedding. You must always check the liquor license of the caterer because if the caterer is unauthorized to serve alcohol, then you can face a lot of troubles on your wedding day. Usually, the non veg caterers in Chennai are requested to serve alcohol without even a proper authority. And if they have the license then make sure that the salary of the bartender is included in the package.

You should also ask the caterer about the number of catering staff that will be available on the wedding day because the waiters and the helpers are a very important part of the wedding. They help in organizing the wedding smoothly and make sure that the guests are full comfort. But make sure that hiring the waiters and the helpers should be a part of the package you will be booking.


The last step is to decide the caterer. After you have found the desirable and trustworthy caterer, you will have to negotiate the payment method. Make sure that you pay the money in installment because you should pay the whole money after you have received the whole service. But you should rightly pay the advance and the full amount on the negotiated date and not keep the vendor hanging.

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