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Top Wedding Venues in Chennai

Weddings are a beautiful union of the wedding couple and the reunion of the families and friends of the couple. The wedding turns into a grand four to five days festival in which everybody indulges in sheer joy and fun activities linked with the family customs and religion. It is actually true when someone says that a wedding is an event where you can witness all the types of dramas.

But to organize this ever-joyful and enthusiastic event you require a proper place. A place which can accommodate all the relatives, cousins, friends and everybody to enjoy the wedding! This place is called the wedding venue. The wedding venues are considered one of the most important factors and can be a very hefty expense of the wedding. So, to book the affordable wedding venues in Chennai you must be well versed with the process and the loopholes and mistakes people make while booking the wedding venue.

These wedding venues come in various types and the pricing differs on this basis. So, you must know everything from the basics. But before planning as to how to book a wedding venue, you must start preparing a guest list. The guest list gives you an idea of the number of people to be accommodated in the wedding venue. If you prepare a separate list for the relatives and friends, then you will get a proper idea of how many people will need a place to stay at, this will help you decide, whether you have to book a guest house in the wedding venue or not.

Types Of Wedding Venues 

There is a variety of wedding venues out there. But you will have to choose the wedding venue according to your budget and the guest list. The traditional choice is the best Wedding Lawns in Chennai but you can go with any kind of venue you want. But the most common wedding venues are as follows-


Usually, the choice of the wedding location is a personal preference and is decided with a certain price range in mind. People also give the location a big priority when it comes to booking a wedding venue. But when booking a hotel as the wedding venue people give priority to the wedding planning. The hotels usually provide a good facility of organizing the whole wedding from providing the venue, catering, decoration and many more services. This catches the eyes of the people as the hotels can be a sign of luxury and the wedding can be easily organized in the hotels as well. But the pricing differs from the rating of the hotels and also if the hotel is a luxury hotel then it makes a lot of difference in the status value of the wedding party but can increase the budget of the hiring party. 

Open Lawns

This is the traditional way of organizing the wedding. An open wedding hall with a guest house is to accommodate the family and the relatives in the venues for all the wedding events like- haldi, Sangeet, Mehendi, wedding, etc. This why these open lawns are the best choice for a lot of people, you can organize all the ceremonies and rituals on the same place and the wedding vendors can do their job in one corner without bothering the hosting party a lot of nuisance. The top Marriage Gardens in Chennai are usually in the budget as well and can easily accommodate a big guest list with utmost ease. And if you want a décor of your own choice then an open lawn can be the best choice for you.


If you have a limited guest list and the list is very intimate for you then a farmhouse is a great option for you. You can escape the noisy city and organize your wedding in a peaceful place in the backyard of your farmhouse or the hired farmhouse. It can be a relaxing affair, away from the hustle and the traffic of the city. The idea of a wedding being organized in a backyard might sound lame but it is very feasible and actually saves a lot of money too. You can find many rustic décor ideas for your wedding. It can look very majestic with the bohemian wedding theme and all the yellow fairy lights can add a very romantic vibe to the wedding.  

Resorts & Banquet Halls

All the people who want to have a grand wedding away from their hometowns and cities go for the destination Wedding Resorts Chennai. Chennai has an amazing destination wedding location. There are many resorts and banquets available in Chennai as well. If you are not up for mainstream wedding venues then you can go for the wedding resorts with comfortable facilities and services. The weekend getaway vibe in a wedding can be a plus one for anybody, making the resorts a pro choice very easily. But a wedding in a resort can be for limited people.

Banquet hall on the other hand is booked for the not so much and not so less, i.e. the medium amount of people or guest list. If you want to organize some small functions, parties and weddings then banquet hall can be your preference. But the main issues occur in the booking of the venue so you must keep in mind the budget you fixed for the wedding venue and then the price range you want to deal in. After this you must make a proper list of people who will come to your wedding and then book the banquet accordingly. A lot of times the banquet hall comes with catering facilities, so the number of guests should be strictly assessed and evaluated prior to booking the banquet hall. 

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