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30 Real Brides Share Their Beauty Secret With Us!

30 Real Brides Share Their Beauty Secret With Us!

There you are, lying on your couch looking for some bridal makeup looks and tips that can help you walk down the aisle like nobody else. But all this over pinning and clue less surfing is of no point if you don’t look for the tips from the experienced people. Yes, a bride must draw her inspiration from the real brides who have already experimented and rocked the wedding makeup like nobody else. To help you with that, we have selected thirty unique brides who won’t only inspire you but will also leave you awestruck with their stunning looks! Each and every real bride has her own story behind her unique look. So, don’t forget to unravel these secrets that our brides have to share with you!

30 Beauty Secrets From Our Gorgeous Real Brides

Choosing A Highlighter Two Shades Brighter 

The first one on our list is the highlighter that completes the bridal look. It goes without saying that the highlighters created a big trend on the internet when everybody rubbed this shiny product on their cheekbones before leaving for work. So, don’t forget to bring out your inner diva by applying highlighter two shades brighter than the usual shade.

Highlighter Two Shades Brighter
Credit : Da Studio

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Keeping A Tab On The Amount Of Bronzing

One of the most widely experimented makeup technique is bronzing. But the hard core bronzing can be a bit too much for the Indian skin tones. So hence, you need to keep a tab on the amount of bronzing you do on your special day. Otherwise, it will make your face look stuffed with unnatural brown tones. 

Tab On The Amount Of Bronzing

Pairing Smoky Eyes With Nude Lipstick

Then the next one on the list is the very special feature that encompasses the beauty of the bride. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about the eyes. When you are going for the dramatic smoky eyes, then don’t forget to pair it with a nude lipstick as it will help to draw more eyes towards the eyes.

Smoky Eyes With Nude Lipstick

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Selecting Glittery Eye Shadow With Bronzing

Then coming back to the bronzing makeup again. Being an Indian bride, one has to decide a makeup that not only complements the overall look but also highlights the feature. And one of the best feature to highlight are the expressive eyes, so don’t forget to glitter them up if going with bronze makeup.

Glittery Eye Shadow With Bronzing

Skipping The Heavy Blush Colours

Rosy cheeks have been the idle of the beauty standards set by the society, but that is an old school trend. On other hand today’s trends suggest is that one must flaunt the natural look. And if you go for that then you must skip this heavy blusher look.

 Heavy Blush Colours
Credit : Jyoti Vyas Photography

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Focusing On The Undertone While Selecting The Makeup Style

One of the most important things that one should keep in mind is that before deciding the colour palette of the makeup, one should determine his/her undertone; whether you have warm, cool or neutral undertone.

Undertone While Selecting The Makeup Style

Keeping Eye Makeup Light When Going For Poppy Lipsticks

It is a basic that one feature should be highlighted and the other significant feature should be kept normal as it helps to create a balance. So if you are going for a poppy lipstick then do not forget to keep the eyes light and avoiding the heavy eye shadow.

Eye Makeup Light When Going For Poppy Lipsticks

Following The Face’s Structure For The Highlighter 

We know how difficult it is to resist from applying highlighter all over the face. The shiny finish is addictive but one needs to control the hand on when applying this makeup item. So when your makeup artist is applying the bridal makeup then do not forget to remind him or her to highlight the most effective parts of the face, i.e. the structure of the face.

The Face’s Structure For The Highlighter

Applying Nude Lipstick With Nude Blush Colours

It goes without saying that nude shade is one of the most tempting lip shades in the market right now. But it is one of the most difficult shades to pull off as well. And if you are planning to wear this shade on your wedding then you should pair your blusher with the nude shades too.

Nude Lipstick With Nude Blush Colours

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Dark Eyes With Light Makeup Is A Must

Just like pairing poppy lipstick with the light eye makeup, this point is about keeping the makeup light if going for the heavy eye makeup look! We would suggest you to go for light airbrushing makeup if going for the dramatic eyes.

Dark Eyes With Light Makeup
Credit : Sepia Creation

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Dark Eyebrows With Red Lipstick

One of the most underrated features that often the Indian brides miss out on is the eyebrow. Indian women are blessed with the best of eyebrows and we would suggest them to up their eyebrow game. So on this wedding season pair your red lipstick with well-groomed and dark eyebrows.

Dark Eyebrows With Red Lipstick
Credit : Vivek Singh

Apples Of The Cheeks To Be Highlighted If Going With Contouring

The next point on the list is the very basic thing that people often end up forgetting. If your makeup artist is planning to do heavy contouring then remind him or her that he must highlight the apples of the cheeks too. This will balance the heavy contouring and will make sure that the face is properly worked upon.

 Cheeks To Be Highlighted

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Choose One Tone For The Overall Makeup

One of the most essential thing that you must remember is that it is important to decide upon a basic tone that fill follow in all the features. You don’t want to go colour pop on the bridal look as it is your special day!

One Tone For The Overall Makeup
Credit : Da Studio

Heavy Lashes With Nude Makeup

If you are not one of the people who like to go heavy on the makeup then this look is the perfect choice for you. Rather than going for poppy lipsticks, you can simply go for nude lipstick and pair it with heavy lashes for a party look.

Heavy Lashes With Nude Makeup
Credit : Da Studio

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Match Your Eye Shadow With Your Lipstick

The next one on our list is one of the most traditional type of applying makeup, we are talking about matching your eye makeup with your lipstick. This will not only give an appealing look but will also maintain the aesthetical aspect of the makeup.

Match Your Eye Shadow With Your Lipstick
Credit : Da Studio

Multi-coloured Eye Shadow With A Simple Liner

 Another traditional makeup trend that is coming back in the game are the gradient tricolored eye shadow. If you are wearing something colourful then you can definitely take out three colours of the same colour scheme and create the most magnificent eye shadow look ever.

Multi-coloured Eye Shadow

Avoiding Contouring If Going For Dark Eyebrows

The next one on our list is avoiding heavy contouring if going for dark eyebrows. The eyebrows will add a bold look as it is and if you further go for the contouring part, then it might affect your overall look. So we would suggest you to keep it simple by either going for heavy brows or for the contouring.

Avoiding Contouring If Going For Dark Eyebrows
Credit : Saurabh Joshi Fotoc

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Highlighting The Apples Of The Cheek Instead Of Applying Blusher

If you want to go for a simple look then this look can do wonders for you! You can simply highlight the apples of the cheek instead of applying blusher. This will give off a look that can match the no-makeup-makeup look very easily by giving your skin the healthy glow.

Highlighting The Apples Of The Cheek Instead

Keeping The Highlighter And The Eye Shadow Of The Same Tone

Just like matching the lipstick’s shade with the eye shadow, you can also keep the highlighter and the eye shadow of the same tone as well. It will help you to create a minimal yet elegant appearance with the utmost ease.

Highlighter And The Eye Shadow Of The Same Tone

Light Eye Shadow With The Heavy Lashes 

One more basic that we have for our would-be brides is that you need to keep their eye shadow light if you want to flutter in those well curled lashes. Rather than going for the multi-coloured palette, you can simply go for the pleasing tones.

Light Eye Shadow With The Heavy Lashes
Credit : The Photo Junction

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Highlighting The Tear Duct With Glittery Eye Shadow

Who doesn’t like to flaunt their big eyes? But if you want that swirly ideal eye look then don’t forget to highlight the tear duct with glittery eye shadow. You can either apply it in a dotted way or you can simply apply it in a way that it highlights the inner most area of the eyes.  

Highlighting The Tear Duct

Lipstick Colour Chosen Close To The Tone Of The Wedding Dress

If you want your makeup to be harmonious to your wedding dress you need to experiment with the colours of the bridal attire in the makeup as well. The best way to do so is by matching the lipstick’s colour to the tone of the wedding dress. You can also contrast it with the wedding dress with the similar shades.

Lipstick Colour Chosen Close To The Tone Of The Wedding Dress

Keeping The Eyes Dramatic And Indian

One thing that can easily beat all the new and emerging makeup trends are the eyes covered in kohl. Nothing is more attractive than that sight, a woman wearing kohl and smiling her heart out. So, on this wedding season keep it simple and Indian!

The Eyes Dramatic

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Keeping The Crease Of The Eyes Dark

Just like contouring of the face one can highlight the bulges of the eyes and make the eyes bigger than the actual size. It can be done by keeping the crease of the eyes dark and the centre of the eyelid highlighted.

The Crease Of The Eyes Dark
Credit : Wedlock

Bold Liner With Bold Eyebrows

If you have thin eyebrows and small eyes then don’t stress too much about the features and simply highlight them by applying bold makeup on them. Yes, you should go with the bold eyebrows and dramatic liner easily as it can emphasize your respective features more.

Bold Liner With Bold Eyebrows

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Pairing Red Lipstick With Bronzing 

The rustic colours if paired with the poppy shades can make up the best combination of all time. Yes, we are talking about the popular bronze shade and the passionate red colour that are commonly used together in bridal makeup! So, try to experiment with this look on this wedding season!

airing Red Lipstick With Bronzing
Credit :

Applying Glittery Eye Liner To The Lower Waterline

Another one similar to the highlighter on the inner eye, rather than that you can apply glittery eye liner under the fine line of kohl that you have applied near the lower waterline of the eyes.

Applying Glittery Eye Liner
Credit :

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Scarlet Makeup With Purple Touch, A Contrasting Look

Another good colour palette that can be your perfect bridal look, is the scarlet makeup with purple touch. This one is a contrasting look that usually looks very beautiful with the Indian bridal dress. You can also experiment with such contrasting colours to create a perfect bridal makeup look.

Scarlet Makeup With Purple Touch

Skipping The Basic Golden Highlighter When Applying Brown Lipstick

It is a myth that golden is the best combination with colour brown. As there no such thing as the best combination, so on this wedding season don’t repeat this mainstream trend like others! We suggest you to experiment the brown shades with the shimmery silver highlighter.

Applying Brown Lipstick

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Highlighting The Nose And The Edge Of The Lips For A Cut Look

Last but not the least on this list is about how our brides can make their faces more structured. If you think that only contouring can help you achieve that look then you are incorrect. You can highlight the top edges of the face for the task as well. So, don’t forget to highlight the nose and the edge of the lips for a cut look!

Highlighting The Nose And The Edge Of The Lips
Credit : AD Production Studio

But the biggest secret that every one of these brides have is that they smiled through this big day confidently. No matter how stressing the preparation of their wedding day was, they smiled confidently for the lovely days that will lie after this special day. We hope that these secret beauty hacks will help you rock the best bridal look! And if you liked the tips that our brides shared then don’t forget to share it with your friends who are super excited to dress up on your wedding. And if you have any further suggestions then do not forget to comment it in the section below, we will wait!

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