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Best Bridal Makeup Trends of 2018 Wedding

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While I was searching for beauty parlors near me, I particularly wanted to have a celebrity kind of a look on my wedding day. Since I was reluctant to go for any random beauty parlor, I particularly chose the one suggested by my in-laws.

Surprisingly, I was successful to hire best makeup artist in Jaipur. After all, having a beautiful makeup on your wedding day is not less than bliss. Those mesmerizing eyes with intricate hairstyle and just correct nude shade made me look a Subtle and elegant bride.

If you are a bride to be, hiring top budget beauty parlors in Jaipur is not the only thing that would make you become astoundingly pretty. You need to particularly follow few important beauty secrets that indeed helped me to bring out the real glow -

7-day beauty tips to be followed to become a bride like me -

It goes without saying that brides spend a maximum of the time in parlors when the final day is approaching. Here are a few secrets that you should never forget -

1. Moisturizing/toning/cleaning- The most important part of the Pre bridal makeup is keeping your skin absolutely clean and moisturized. Toning helps to tighten up the skin pores and ensure that your face remains miles away from dirt. Also, it gives that glow which is a must for a bride to be.

Moisturizing and toning

2. Spa- If it has been ages since you have visited Spa, it's time to poise yourself once again. Since the biggest day of your life is approaching, do not forget to book the top budget beauty parlours in Jaipur for getting a worthwhile Spa treatment.

Spa Centers In Jaipur

3. Body polishing- Just adoring your face is not enough when you are choosing a pre-bridal package. The focus should be on your entire body. And therefore, body polishing either through chemical peel or ubtan is a good option to go for.

Body Polishing

4. Detoxification- Now for this, you don't have to go to any parlor. Just consume lots of vegetables, fruits, and water on a particular day of the week. Keep yourself absolutely away from any cooked food during that one day.

Detoxification Diet


5. Meditation- Weddings are full of stress and drama. However, you just cannot afford to bring that irritation on your face. Meditate for at least 15 minutes with your eyes shut in a secluded place. Remember the good things and create a positive connection with the Almighty.

Meditation Centers In Jaipur

6. Do not skip sleeping- no matter what, sleeping is a very important tonic for having a beautiful and healthy skin. In fact, you can take the help of a beauty parlor in Jaipur for oiling your scalp and helping you to sleep better at night.

Do Not Skip Sleeping

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7. Full body waxing- hire the best makeup artist in Jaipur and get full body polishing and waxing at very reasonable rates. The professionals, particularly choose the latest methods to bring out your hidden beauty along with charging you very reasonably.

Full Body Waxing

After you have selected the best pre-bridal tips, it comes to choosing the top budget beauty parlors in Jaipur. You need to remain very cautious as makeup artist do not mind charging you exorbitantly on your wedding day. Keep yourself secure by following these important parlor ideas and guide tips -

1. Check out the bridal magazine- The Bridal magazine is a token of service that the parlor gives. If the previous work of the hired makeup artist in Jaipur is worthwhile, give it a green flag else channelize your search to some other beauty and makeup artist.

Bridal Magazine

Pic Credit: Beauty Blog

2. Analyze the makeup technique- Ask them some details regarding bronzing, highlighting, contouring and baking so as to find out whether they have important knowledge and idea about the latest wedding trends. Believe me; if your artist does not have a clue about this, it’s pointless to hire them.

Makeup Technique

3. Choose a trial run- when you go for something big, having a trial is something that you should never miss. The wedding day should never be full of regret and sadness. The trial would let you know the workability of the chosen parlor. Subordinately, you can decide whether to hire them for the final day or not.

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A professional makeup artist would always do a makeup according to your skin color, hairstyle, culture and latest trends. Moreover, the makeup kit would consist of all shades of foundation for different skin varieties. Apart from everything else, mark the blending technique adopted by the artist. If it is not correct, your makeup will never last long.

Makeup Trial

4. Pre-book the Artist- in case you come across the correct makeup artist, book them up in advance. Get them to sign a contract and pay some advance so that they do not take you for granted on the last minute. Once the deposit is received, no one has a dare to back out from work.

Pre Book Makeup Artist

5. Budget- while I was searching for the beauty parlors near me; I discovered that the package for bridal makeup was just limited to the main day. I was absolutely reluctant to pay more money for pre-bridal makeup and therefore insisted to include some discount in the entire package. So if you are a budget savvy bride like me, take a complete note regarding the services you will be getting in the bridal package.

Check Your Makeup Budget

It is an art to hire the best makeup artist in Jaipur. Believe me, it takes time, energy and money to reach someone who is absolutely reliable and deserves your hard earned money. Don't waste for the last moment and just begin your search for the best makeup artist on the very day your wedding gets fixed.

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