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Essential Beauty Tips and Treatments for Brides and their Bridesmaids

Essential Beauty Tips and Treatments for Brides and their Bridesmaids

It is important for a bride and her bridesmaids to look charming and beautiful on the day of the wedding. All eyes will be on you as soon as you enter the venue and walk down the aisle towards the stage. The only mantra that you need to follow in order to look your best on the wedding day is to “plan ahead”. Beauty Tips and Treatments for Brides. Taking good care of your skin and hairs, starting months ahead of your wedding is essential when you’re going for that best look.

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Some Tips That’ll Be A Great Addition To The Skincare Regimen

Looking your best on the day of your wedding is not something that can be achieved in a day or in just a week. It’ll take a lot of your time and you’ll have to be dedicated enough to follow the same skincare regime daily. Here we have mentioned some daily tips including which in your daily skincare and haircare schedule will flaunt your best self on your D-Day.

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturising Skin Daily

cleansing, toning & moisturising

You’ll be going crazy deciding on every little planning detail that’ll ultimately make your wedding-look flawless. CTM(Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) is a great way to attain that perfectly smooth looking skin that’ll help make your skin glow and will make you look younger.

Exfoliating Regularly

Exfoliating Regularly

Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of all the dead skin that gets accumulated over time. There are tons of options to choose from that are easily available in the markets. However, you must steer clear of some hard exfoliating scrubs as they are harsh on the skin and are not ideal for regular use. You can go for some gentle scrubs that will help clean the skin pores and give you a really shiny looking skin.

Keep Your Long Flowing Hairs Away From Direct Sunlight

Beauty Tips and Treatments for Brides

You’ll be out there running in the heat and all the pollution while deciding on some of the important things for your wedding like shortlisting the wedding attire and deciding on the decor items that help in decorating your wedding. Be sure that whenever you go out of your house, be it in the scorching heat of the direct sunlight or in the evening, you must make it a point to cover your head and save those hairs from drying out.

Bind your Hairs In A Bun Before Hitting The Bed

bind your hairs while sleeping

Binding your long hairs in a bun before going to sleep is really important for saving your beautiful tresses from the split ends. The hairs when left open while sleeping will get rubbed with the bedsheets and the blankets which ultimately leads to the split ends.

Be Hydrated

be hydrated

One of the most important tips, that is suggested by every dermatologist, is for you to take in a lot of water and to remain hydrated. Proper hydration will help you look your best as the water in the skin will lift up your cheeks and help them appear soft.

Get Some Beauty Sleep

Get Some Beauty Sleep

Much like all the machines need some rest, a human body needs 8-10 hours of undisturbed sleep to keep on working flawlessly. Your skin is a direct reflection of the lack of sleep and causes dark circles under your eyes.

Regular Meditation

Regular Meditation

Have you ever considered that meditating regularly can make you look great as well? Trust me it is as true as it can be. The real reason behind this is that meditation helps you to reduce stress and make you calm.

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Treatments That’ll Enhance Your Look And Make You Wedding Ready

Every bride is the star of the wedding along with her bridesmaid being that beautiful actress in the supporting role. In order to look your best when walking down the aisle. Following a regular skincare and haircare regime is important but when you want to stand apart from the crowd you’ll need to take the help from the professionals. Consulting a Dermatologist is really important as it’ll help you know exactly. What flaws in your skin should you work on.

Regular Facial & Massage Sessions

Regular Facial & Massage Sessions

No matter how much you take care of the skin on a daily basis. The shine that a facial brings on the face is unmatched. Massaging the face with a cleanser will help to even out the skin tone and will make it glow from the inside. The facial masks or a regular facial by a professional is a must and will help make your skin spotless.

Hair Spa Treatments

hair spa treatment

Your hairs will really thank you for a hair spa treatment. It’ll help to get rid of all the split ends and help make them dense. A hair spa treatment is also essential to make your hairs look soft. And smooth while giving them an extra bounce as well.


women waxing

Getting those unwanted hairs removed from the hands and the feet is really important. However, the process of attaining that smooth looking skin free from all the hairs will lot be a piece of cake. Along with this, you should also get your eyebrows shaped up as it’ll help in completing your perfect look. You must also remember to wear sunscreen after the waxing to avoid tanning out your skin.

Get A Manicure & Pedicure

manicure & pedicure

Taking good care of your hands and feet is equally important as each of them will be central in the engagement and mehndi ceremonies respectively. You must get a full treatment of manicure and pedicure. It’ll help you get some great images of your hands and feet on the day of the mehndi ceremony.

Dental Care

dental care

Want to sport that perfect smile in all your wedding images? It is important to book a session with a dentist who’ll help you whiten up your teeth and will also probably hook you up with some great tips that’ll help you take care of them. Oil pulling is one of the great ways to keep those teeth white while also detoxifying the skin from the inside.

Clinical Sittings With A Dermatologist

clinical sittings with dermatologist

Some may argue that getting the input from the dermatologist hardly makes any difference in looking great on your wedding day. But this is actually far from the truth. Yes, you can look great on your wedding day without any special consultations but if you’re going for that. Picture-perfect look, getting the input from the dermatologist becomes really very important.

Homemade Treatments

homemade treatments

In today’s world. It is impossible to completely stay away from all the artificial products that line up the shelves of each and every supermarket. What you must do is try to incorporate the homemade products. As much as possible as they’ll help you get a perfect looking skin that is long-lasting.

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We really believe that following these tips will help you look great on the wedding day. If you have some more tips rolled up your sleeves do share with us in the comments section below.

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