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Essential Beauty Products And Items Every Bride Must Keep In Her Vanity Box

Essential Beauty Products And Items Every Bride Must Keep In Her Vanity Box

In the hustle-bustle of the marriage, the bride sometimes tends to forget packing essential beauty products and items that are needed after the wedding. It is an obvious thing that you have hired the best professional makeup artists for your nuptials, but have you thought about the post-wedding activities? Newlyweds, you need to look fabulous after the wedding as well.

It’s not just about the makeup, it’s about your skin too. You need to follow some skincare routine to look flawless. Apart from your stunning jewelry and beautiful outfits, there are several essential items every bride needs by her side after the wedding too.  From the reception functions to the late-night family parties you have to look ‘special’. Dull skin can make you look ordinary and tired. Aren’t you able to decide what you need to pack? Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

Beauty products to pack right away

We have listed some of the items every bride must keep in her vanity box.
(First of all, you need to purchase a large vanity box! :P )

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Makeup Remover and cleanser


Don’t ever forget to keep a makeup remover in your bridal makeup kit. You’ll surely need it when your wedding ceremony gets over. This is the first step to keep your skin nourished and clean yet many brides ignore the importance of cleansing. Cleansing should be a part of your daily skincare routine because it keeps your skin clean and washes away the dirt. It reduces pimples, blemishes, and blackheads and prevents your skin from unwanted lines and wrinkles.

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 Makeup removal is an essential aspect to keep in mind if you need a glowing and flawless skin. Makeup doesn’t harm your skin but keeping it overnight can. Not removing makeup before going to bed can damage your skin, it will clog the pores and leave your skin dry. While sleeping, a hormone ‘cortisol’ falls and regenerates our skin and repairs the daytime damage. So brides, never ever forget to remove your makeup at night. Let your skin breathe.



Pack a moisturizer that suits your skin. Moisturizer is very useful to prevent dry and rough skin. Sometimes, skin gets itchy due to our carelessness. The substances present in a moisturizer nourish your skin and decrease itching and dryness. Moisture softens the skin. It can improve the texture of your skin. If your skin is extra dry, look for a moisturizer with higher oil content. Using the right kind of moisturizer helps to keep your skin wrinkle-free and smooth.  



Sunscreens protect your skin from the harmful ultra-violet UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It prevents your skin from sunburns. The skin damage occurs because of the injurious rays of the sun. Sunscreen keeps your skin healthier and avoids skin damage. You just need to select the best suitable sunscreen for your skin.

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Mascara, eyeliner, and kajal


Keep mascara, eyeliner, and kajal handy because eye makeup is just incomplete without these. Mascara gives your lashes a thicker look. You can apply eyeliner and kajal with different styles to create a dramatic look. A soothing kajal adds an extra charm to your eyes.

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Lip Balm, lip liner and lipsticks

Don’t forget to keep these essentials in your bridal vanity box. A lip balm moisture your lips and prevents chapping. Keep various shades of lipsticks and different variants of the color red. Remember, you should apply only that shade of lipstick that suits your skin tone. And always keep in mind that your lipstick is incomplete without the perfect shade of lip liner.

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A Perfect foundation can hide the imperfections of your skin and provides you an even skin tone.  You must properly cleanse your skin before applying a foundation. You will surely need this important cosmetic after your wedding.

Other important items you should keep in your makeup kit are:

Nail paint and nail paint remover
Sponges and makeup brushes
Mirror and cotton balls
Hairpins, safety pins, and comb
Rosewater, sindoor, and bindi packets

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Now, what are you waiting for? Note down these items on your shopping list and go for the shopping spree right away. Pack these essentials carefully as these are the important products which will help you a lot after your wedding. Keep yourself organized always.

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