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Winter Beauty Tips That Every Bride-To-Be Must Follow To Beat The Winter Blues

Winter Beauty Tips That Every Bride-To-Be Must Follow To Beat The Winter Blues

As the winter is knocking on the door, it is time to start preparing for the wedding nuptials. I have always loved the idea of a winter wedding with the vibrant hue decor and the cold breeze. Taking good care of skin is a great challenge in winter as the skin easily gets chapped and dry. The Winter Beauty Tips has a reputation for being complicated. But when we are talking about the wedding look, no matter what, fulfilling your dream of looking like a princess is most important.

So, if you are tying the knot this winter season then follow along as I walk you through some great advice that I have come across after going through dozens(uh.. hundreds, or maybe thousands) of inspiring makeup articles on the internet.

Tips That’ll Help You Gain The Perfect Wedding Look

Unlike the summers when your makeup has to deal with all the sweat and harsh sunlight, the winter season brings with it new challenges.

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Emphasize On Hydration


The Winter Beauty Tips makes your skin thirsty and as soon as the winter starts, the first thing to take care of is that your skin gets proper hydration. You might have to reapply the moisturisers multiple times to keep the skin plump and moisturised.

Pick Makeups That Have A Combination Of Liquid And Powder

Credit : Bareminerals

There are various different brands which offer makeups that are based on a liquid+powder formula. These creamy formulas will help to keep the dry skin moisturised and provide the much-needed makeup coverage at the same time.

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Drop SPF Off From Your Daily Skincare Regime


SPF can make you look weird on your wedding day, particularly in the pictures where your skin will look pale. So, when you are going for a perfect wedding look it is important that you drop off the idea of having SPF under your makeup.

Winter Is The Time For Bringing In Bolder Colours

Credit : Huda Beauty

Among the cold weather, a punch of bold colours in your makeup is a great way to look gorgeous. If you want to highlight your makeup keeping everything else in the background, decide on an attire that’s lighter in shade.

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Consider The Diffused Winter Light

Credits: Beyu

Winter light is not that stronger like the harsh summer light, so you must make sure that you opt for the light-reflecting foundations and concealers that’ll neutralize the skin tone. Including blue hues instead of warmer tones is the secret mantra that you must stick to.

Some Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long

It is important for you to research on the look that’ll help you look great on your wedding. And once you’ve decided the look, you’ll have to figure out how to make it last through the Winter Beauty Tips in entire winter wedding. Here I have listed out some pro tips from the experts that I think will come in really handy.

Make Proper Preparations


It is important that you follow the schedule of cleansing toning and moisturising on a daily basis. Make sure that you use a gentle exfoliator and an oil-free moisturiser.

Check The Ingredients Of Cosmetics


It is important to look at the ingredients to know exactly what the product is made of. I don’t think that you'd want to top off a silicone-based primer with a water-based foundation. This will lead to developing cracks in your makeup. So make sure that you merge products with compatible ingredients like silicone with silicone, oil with oil and water with water.

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Choose The Right Tools For Application


Just one brush or sponge is not perfect for applying all the different makeup products. It is important that you use the right tools like the powder brush for the powder-based makeup, and avoid the oil from the fingers from absorbing in the skin.

Primer Is Really Important


Primer is like the base of your makeup and it can’t be skipped if you want your makeup to last longer. A primer will help out to keep the makeup crease-free and will help keep everything in place perfectly.

Set Foundation The Right Way


It is recommended that you use a puff instead of a brush to set the foundation the right way. It is recommended that you first take care of hiding all the imperfections and then work upon the details of the face. The best way is to fold the puff in half and then dab the primer using the folded end.

Choose The Right Eye Products


Make sure that the primer goes first and then add in a layer of eyeshadow of a neutral colour shade. It is recommended that you choose a waterproof liner before applying the eyes shadow as it’ll give the powdered eyeshadow something to stick to and will help keep everything in place.

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Curl Up the Lashes


It is recommended that you curl up your eyelashes and apply at least two layers of mascara. Make sure that you give each layer enough time to dry up before applying another layer on top of it.

Apply The Lipstick The Right Way


Stay away from applying lipstick on top of a lip balm. Many suggest that it helps to lock the moisture of lip balm inside the layer of lipstick. But actually the oils in lip balm will break down the lipstick and cause it to smudge making it really messy. It is recommended that you put on a heavy coat of lip balm before starting the makeup and brush off the extra balm after you’re done with makeup and before applying the lipstick.

I think that following all these winter beauty tips will help you get a look that’s really stunning and long-lasting.

So, go ahead and nail your wedding look on your D-Day. Do remember to write back to me in the comments down below if you have any concerns, I would really love to answer all of your questions

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