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A Guide To Plan A Beach Destination Wedding

A Guide To Plan A Beach Destination Wedding

Wedding planning takes work and dedication, regardless of the place and time. Though beach Destination wedding planning is not very difficult, it certainly involves some exclusive adjustments and considerations that differ from marriages at traditional venues. However, you should not get discouraged by this. All your hard work will worth it when you will exchange your wedding vows before a beautiful beach backdrop. 

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Whether you choose a nearby private lake or a crystal-clear ocean far away, a beach destination wedding will offer your guests a lot to be excited. The trust is, water offers the most attractive and beautiful backdrop. Moreover, the spectacular sunset backdrop and the soft sand everywhere makes it a memorable experience. However, a beach wedding planning requires a lot of preparations and careful considerations to ensure that things go smoothly on your big day. We will walk you through each step of planning a beach wedding so that you can turn your beach wedding dream into reality. 

How To Plan Your Destination Beach Wedding?

Destination Beach WeddingSource: pinterest

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Destination Beach WeddingSource: pinterest

Considering a beach wedding? Below is all what you should know about a beach destination wedding planning

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Set a Realistic Budget 

Set a Realistic Budget Source: pinterest

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The first step when planning a wedding is to set a budget. It will offer you a look at the different beach-side venues and vendors available in your range. You should also consider your flexibility for other expenses. Though an investment, hiring a wedding planner for the beach Destination wedding planning can also be an invaluable resource. They can help allot your budget in an efficient way, considering all the expenses you may not even have thought about, such as sound equipment, generators, permits, and more. A wedding planner can also allocate your money wisely to prioritize every element that is important to you. 

Select Your Venue

Select Your VenueSource: pinterest

Select Your VenueSource: pinterest

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Possibly, you have opted for a beach destination wedding because you have a particular location in mind. Otherwise, you should shortlist a few prospective beach venues. Next thing to consider while choosing a venue for your beach wedding is whether you are ready to travel abroad or do you wish to keep the wedding ceremony stateside to avoid international logistics and passport requirements? Before taking your final decision, also pay attention to weather patterns and seasonality. Below are the tips a beach wedding couple need to consider while selecting a beach wedding venue

Accessibility: It is an essential step to consider when booking a beach venue. Even if you have a reliable wedding planner, you should personally visit the venue. This will help understand details such as how you can reach the wedding venue, how much time it takes from the city center, how much parking is available, and more. 

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Scenic Beauty: If you want a private beach for your wedding venue, you can take help of the wedding planners as they can suggest the best beach backdrop ideas for the big day. 

Secure Permits

Secure PermitsSource: pinterest

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Before making an official plan, check the local needs for an outdoor event. Unless the beach is private, you will have to check with local township ordinance before you set out chairs and an arbor, because permits are required for larger events. Beaches may require an access fee and/or a permit to organize a wedding ceremony. It is best to research the local regulations in advance and secure permits to avoid last-minute complications. 

Finalize the Theme and Décor

Finalize the Theme and DécorSource: pinterest

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Finalize the Theme and DécorSource: pinterest

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Finalize the Theme and DécorSource: pinterest

Most beaches are blank slates. So, if you have decided to get married on a beach, you will have lots of room to show your creativity. You can customize the wedding ceremony look completely. With a beautiful beach backdrop, you can choose to be extravagant or minimalistic. Vibrant colors stand out easily in the sunshine and are excellent to bring a high-energy, lively vibe to your beach wedding.

If you choose a nautical beach wedding theme, you can choose a color palette, including hues of red, yellow, green, and navy blue. Neutrals and pastels can also blend in the scenery to offer a chic and elegant look. Though it is great fun to choose your beach wedding décor, flowers and color palates are the beginning. While planning a destination wedding Planning in Beach, you will have to consider additional technical details, such as getting power supply for audio and lighting, and offering shelter for your guests. Below are some more beach wedding decoration ideas: 

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Seashells and Driftwood: Try including elements such as starfish and seashell accents in the décor. They will give you a real beach wedding setting. 

Fairy Lights and Lanterns: Together with the dusky sky’s hues, these lights offer a luminous glow to your wedding celebrations. 

Tropical Flowers: Flowers are a symbol of romance. Tropical flowers such as wild orchids, plumeria, and hibiscus can add more colors to your beach wedding. 

Reserve Travel And Accommodation

Reserve Travel And AccommodationSource: pinterest

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Reserve Travel And AccommodationSource: pinterest

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Unless you choose a nearby beach venue, you will need to book accommodations and make travel arrangements in advance. Do this as early as possible, mainly if you are planning to get married in a famous tourist destination. Also, make your guests know enough in advance so that they can make the arrangements. 

Arrange Transportation: You should arrange transportation to and from your wedding venue for your guests, particularly if it is located in a difficult-to-reach or remote area. 

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Information on Accommodation: Provide information on closely located accommodation facilities for your out-of-town guests, like resorts, hotels, and more. 

Choose The Best Time Of the Day

If you are planning a beach wedding, it is not just important to select the best time of the year, you will also have to choose the best time of the day. Holidays and weekends attract a lot of beachgoers. So, book early for sunset and Saturday ceremonies, because they fill up fast. To escape the warmer temperature and crowds, you can consider weekday events as well- either at sunset or early morning. And make sure to check the tide times using tide charts. 

Choose Décor Items Wisely

Choose Décor Items WiselySource: pinterest

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Choose Décor Items WiselySource: pinterest

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Outdoor weddings, especially beach weddings, are prone to Mother Nature’s effects, especially by water, where unexpected storms and wind gusts are more common. It is a smart idea to use high-quality and sturdy rentals and book local wedding vendors who know to set up everything on the beach. Oak benches, foldable seats, and aluminum chairs, all are a good option. You can even add a place to leave shoes as it is a fun decoration element too. For those who don’t want to spend their day on the sand in their shoes, it can be a perfect place to secure them. 

Choose the Perfect Wedding Attire

Choose the Perfect Wedding AttireSource: pinterest

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Choose the Perfect Wedding AttireSource: pinterest

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Choose the Perfect Wedding AttireSource: pinterest

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Selecting the best beach wedding attire for the couple demands lots of consideration and thought. Let’s look at some quick tips to consider: 

Bride’s Beach Wedding Outfit: The bride’s beach wedding outfit should be comfortable, stylish, and trendy. Go for breathable fabrics, like chiffon, silk, and more. Since they are lightweight, they can be comfortable for brides to wear in beach weddings. Consider light colors and pastel shades for a perfect beach wedding outfit.

Groom’s Beach Wedding Outfit: Breathable and lightweight fabrics such as linen suits are excellent for grooms who wish to embrace comfort and style. To stay updated, opt for lighter colors such as beige, white, and khaki instead of darker ones and accessorize using a tie, pocket square, or a boutonniere. 

Beach-Friendly Menu

Beach-Friendly MenuSource: pinterest

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Beach-Friendly MenuSource: pinterest

The menus for a beach wedding should depend on the time and weather of the wedding. While you can include all varieties of refreshments and food that are lip-smacking, below is the list of common beach-friendly menus: 

Light Refreshments: A must-have for summer weddings, light refreshments include cocktails, water stations, and mocktails that make your guests stay in high spirits and hydrated. 

Tropical Fruits: Tropical and seasonal fruits can be a great refreshment option for beach wedding menus. They include pineapples, lychee, guava, coconut, passion fruit, and more. 

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Fresh Seafood: If you are a seafood lover, you can include fresh options like grilled fish, lobster, oysters, and. Prawns. They can be a real treat for your guests for seafood appetizers. 

Plan Beach-Friendly Catering

Plan Beach-Friendly Catering2Source: pinterest

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Plan Beach-Friendly Catering2Source: pinterest

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Plan Beach-Friendly Catering2Source: pinterest

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Choose a caterer who has expertise in outdoor wedding events, especially beach wedding. So that they can handle the unique challenges of the beach wedding. Sand may be a picturesque element of a beach wedding, but nobody wants it to get it in their food. 

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Select Wedding Favors

Select Wedding FavorsSource: pinterest

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Select Wedding FavorsSource: pinterest

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There are many favors options for your guests. Some of them include snack hampers, chocolate hampers, and other food hampers. You can also go for skincare products or cocktail kits customized with the wedding themes. 

Don’t Forget Beach Wedding Photography and Videography

Beach Wedding PhotographySource: pinterest

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Beach Wedding PhotographySource: pinterest

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Beach Wedding PhotographySource: pinterest

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Beach Wedding PhotographySource: pinterest

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Beach Wedding PhotographySource: pinterest

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Beach weddings are ideal for couples who want to celebrate their big day in a scenic, picturesque setting with the bluest sky, turquoise water, and white pristine sand in the background. Ensure to hire beach wedding photography specialists to make the most of your beach wedding. Schedule your pre-wedding photoshoot to capture breathtaking scenery and candid moments at the beach. Ensure to discuss your preferred photography style and vision. With your photographer to make sure they capture every essence of the beach wedding. To capture the best beach wedding shots, below are some options: 

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Candid Shots: Ask your photographer to take some candid shots as they don’t go out of style ever. 

Creative Shots: Don’t forget to include some creative shots in your wedding pictures like walking down your aisle, reflections in water, and more. 

Make Reels: Ask the specialist to create reels of your beach wedding by including the wedding ceremony, your first dance as a couple, and more. 

Golden Hour: Ensure not to miss this one. The golden hours of the beach will soothe your soul with its golden glow. 

By following every step in this guide, you can ensure an unforgettable and seamless beach destination wedding experience. From choosing an ideal beach location to including beach-friendly décor and coordinating accommodation, each aspect of the beach Destination wedding planning can be customized to create cherished memories and reflect your love. 

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