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7 Days Beauty Tips You Need To Know Before A Wedding

7 Days Beauty Tips You Need To Know Before A Wedding

Making mistakes is quite normal among us. However, making a mistake that directly influences your bridal look is highly unacceptable. Every bride wants to grab the guest’s attention. If your wedding is a week away, then you have to be extra-cautious about your appearance. For the last minute preparation for the wedding day, here are pre-wedding beauty tips so that nothing can stop you to look and feel your best on your wedding day. Follow this Day7 - Day1 beauty guides, to get the most bewitching and head-turning bridal look.

Day 7:

Up Your Exercise Routine:

Up Your Exercise Routine

Workout each day until the wedding day, is last minute toning, at least one hour per day. Routine workout helps you to gain the fitted dream body shape. Have you ever wonder, what chemically changes happen in the body when we are exercise or sweat. The majority of workouts enhance the secretion of happy hormones like estrogen, dopamine, etc. These happy hormones will help you to stay calm and peace, hence it reflects on your face. The correct schedule exercise routine enhances the physical and mental feelings.

Not to Do:

Do Not Color Hair

Do not color your hair or cut your hair. Also, avoid taking any changes to your hair before the week of your wedding, still if you want to touch hair should go at least ten days before the wedding. And Hairstyling and hair cutting at least about two weeks before your special day.

Day 6:

Treat yourself to a facial:


The facial is beauty treatment that bride enjoys before the wedding. The facial is helping you to enhance your complexion for your wedding. Before the 6 days, to go for facial treatment is good. The facial services you receive are depending on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, be careful. If you have oily skin, get more cleansing and if dry skin then gets extra-moisturizing treatments. Your beauty parlour in Delhi guarantee you for the healthy complexion change but suggest you stay from the direct sunlight or wearing SPF 25 sunscreen to protect your skin if it is essential to go out.

Not to do: Avoid chemical peel treatment, laser treatment and any type of injection treatment, because it might not heel to your wedding. Better to play safe.

Day 5:

A daily exfoliation regimen:


Start skin exfoliation from the last 5 day. Exfoliation treatments can help with skin rejuvenation, elasticity, and collagen and remove dead skin cells from the surface. While shedding the dead skin, it soothes the skin surface and makes you clear blemish. You can exfoliate face as well as the whole body herself or consult with your makeup artist in Delhi.

Begin Conditioning the hair with hair mask:

Hair Conditioning

Hair mask cures the hair damages and helps you to look shiner at the wedding. Choose hair makes that suit your type of scalp.

Not to do:


Avoid taking alcohol and excess amount of salt, sugar. Alcohol is a high ton of calories and also dilates with your blood vessel, may cause redness to your beautiful skin. Salt is major culprits that cause water retention. Consume salt as less as possible. Sugar increase puffiness should go with sugar-free beverages.

Day 4:

Add vitamin to your pre-wedding routine:


The wedding is an event of stress. An individual or bride or groom feels stress naturally because of lower the vitamin B. So add vitamin B in routine. Vitamin C also helping you, it slows down the look of aging. Vitamin E is good for beauty purpose, it helps you to look shiner in the face and hair too. All valuable vitamins increase the energy level and help you to keep calm, boost your immune system.

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Schedule your eyebrow and bikini wax:

Eye Bro

The redness and irritation due to hair removal are clear up in 4 days. Day 4 is perfect for esthetician keeps the shape and common curve of your eyebrows.


Plan a relaxing and romantic activity:

Romantic Couple

To eliminate the muscular tension and stress, try some relaxing or romantic fun with the would-be husband. This may help you to feel happy in all over wedding events.

Check all your wedding outfit and accessories:

Girls Wedding Accessories

Image Credit: Coral Cocktail

Make a checklist of wedding day required things, your bridal lehenga, jewelry, footwear, etc. Likewise, there is no chance of missed out any of them.

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Day 2:

Go for your manicure and pedicure:

Manicure and Pedicure

Getting manicure and pedicure just before the wedding cause chipping, so go for at least before the 2 days. Nail your perfect wedding manicure and pedicure with multiples new trends. Gel nail polish, nail art, etc. Finalize your perfect color shape for the wedding with your makeup artist or nail artist.

Keep calm and carry on: Do not stress, keep calm yourself. Take a proper diet and bath. You should prefer to warm bath to make your body relax.

Not to do:


Do not skip sleep on last to do. Lack of sleeping makes you inactive and energyless for the wedding day. Sometimes, lack of sleeping reflect on your face glow and reduce the complexion of skin.

Day 1:

Start your day with light, healthy breakfast:

Healthy Breakfast

Instead of heavy breakfast, prefer the light breakfast for the wedding day. Light breakfast like sprouts of whole grains, protein, and fruit & vegetables. Healthy breakfast provides you enough energy for throughout the day.

Take time to get ready:

Ready For Wedding

After all, you are bride and it’s your day. Take enough time to look gorgeous. Do not stress or pressured just for the time. Enjoy your moment.

Bring Signature Scent:

Bring Signature Scent

After get ready, use a signature scent to leave a signature of bride wherever you go through. There are many signature scents that specially designed for the bride and the groom with many flavors like grapefruit and raspberry with a floral base, etc.


The wedding is a most important occasion for any individual. You have a lot of things to deal with. But most of all, looking stunning is important for a bride. Let’s bride pamper their beauty in last week of a wedding with the above articles. It clears all your beauty treatment problem with the schedule. Manage your Beauty Tips and health to grab the most of spotlight.

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