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Say “Bye” To Dull Skin Girls…Try Out These 16 Miraculous Home-Made Face Masks for Ultra-Glowing Skin

Say “Bye” To Dull Skin Girls…Try Out These 16 Miraculous Home-Made Face Masks for Ultra-Glowing Skin

Flawless glowing skin!!! Is that your desire for your D-Day? Then you are at the right place. Every bride-to-be has a dream of having plump, soft, smooth and sparkling skin. Yes…without makeup! Makeup can hide your flaws on a momentary basis but if you want to have healthy and glowing skin naturally then you have to think of something else guys like the home-made face masks or DIY scrubs.  There are many beauty products and face packs available in the market but can they give you that matchless glow for longer? The answer is simply a big “No”.

Foundation, concealer or highlighter can add up to your beauty but your skin must be naturally healthy so that all these items can complement your face. No makeup can look good if you have dull and blemished skin.

Today I am going to talk about a very important step in your beauty regimen and yes that is a “Face mask”. I think a face pack is a very significant step that must not be skipped as when you use a face mask, it stays on your skin for some time to add moisture and also pulls out the impurities of your skin. Face masks are highly beneficial to get rid of dark spots and blemishes from the face. A “radiant and healthy skin”…that’s what you get when you apply a face mask.

 You can find a variety of face packs in the market but let me tell your girls, they are full of chemicals. They can give you a prompt brightening or blushing skin…but the results are temporary. So in my opinion, if you are a bride-to-be and want your skin to glow like moon naturally then you must try out the face masks that are made from natural ingredients.

You can easily make these simple face masks at your with your kitchen ingredients. And guess what??? The results that you will get will be miraculous. The glow and radiance that you will get from these masks will be enduring and you will be ready to flaunt your super bright and smooth skin.

So without further ado, let’s see these 16 different types of home-made face masks and their super ingredients.

16 Home-Made Face Masks for Ultra-Glowing Skin

#1 Avocado, Honey, and Wheat Flour Mask


Dry skinned beauties…this is for you. The mixture of avocado, honey, and wheat flour is super hydrating and will also help you to get a smooth skin texture. I know the pain of flaky dry skin but you need not worry coz this mask will give you tremendously soft and supple skin. If you have acne and acne marks, then you must try this magical face pack. Apply the mask for 15-20 minutes and see the magic. The key ingredients for this mask are:

2. Honey
3. Wheat flour

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#2 Orange and Honey Face Mask


Yummm!!! My first expression after seeing oranges…Ok, jokes apart orange is a super fruit having a very high quantity of vitamin C. Orange is very good for health and especially for your skin. You can mix the orange pulp and orange zest with honey and rose water to make a face mask. Apply this mixture on your face after washing and let it sit for 20 minutes…Voila…get a refreshed and brightened skin tone. Use the home-made face mask regularly for getting rid of dark spots. You will need the following to prepare this mask:

2. Orange
3. Rosewater

#3 Walnut Mask


You all must have heard and used the walnut scrubs…Walnut is rich in vitamin B and antioxidants. Girls, believe me, you are going love this recipe. Take 4 to 5 walnuts and soak them for an hour. Grind them to make a paste. Add a half tablespoon of milk cream to it. Mix it well and apply it on the face. Milk cream in this mask will act as a natural moisturizer. After 15 minutes, rub the pack for 5 minutes in a circular motion and wash off with plain water. You will thank me for your gorgeous skin. All your dead skin will be removed and a fresh glowing complexion will be revealed. All you need are:

2. Milk cream

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#4 Lemon, Honey and Curd Mask


Oily skin is more prone to skin problems. The girls with oily skin often have issues of pimples and acne. If they get rid of acne then one major problem is the acne or pimple mark. So my suggestion to treat your face spots and acne marks is this face pack. Mix honey, lemon juice, and curd to make a paste and then apply it on to your face. Let the mask dry and wash off with plain water. The results will be astonishing. Lemon juice will fade away the marks and take out the extra oil from your pores whereas honey and curd will brighten your skin as well as hydrate it for a natural glow. Girls, you can apply this mask 2 times a week for a good result and spotless skin on your D-Day. The things that you will need are:

1.Lemon Juice
2. Honey
3. Curd

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#5 Turmeric and Raw Milk Mask


I know there are lots of preps of a wedding and you don’t get time to go for time taking face packs and DIYs so here is a very simple face pack for you guys. You just have to mix some haldi with a few drops of raw milk and apply this paste on your face. Turmeric will give a naturally spotless skin. Your skin tone will improve and you will have an even skin texture. The simple ingredients of this home-made face mask are:

1.Wild Turmeric
2.Raw milk

#6 Gram Flour, Curd, and Honey Face Mask


If you have clogged pores, it is because you do not deep clean your skin. This face pack will work wonders to clean your skin pores deeply to reveal your fresh and smooth skin. Take a bowl and add gram flour to it, then you have to add some curd and honey to make a paste. You can also add a pinch of turmeric into it. Apply the pack for about 20 minutes and wash off after massaging for 5 minutes. See the glow on your face. Your pores will be deep cleaned and you will have a crystal clear skin. The main ingredients for this remedy are:

1.Gram flour or BesanCurd
2. Honey
3. Turmeric

#7 Honey and Egg Face Pack


Do you have rashes and scars on your face…then you must give a try to this face mask. Honey is anti-bacterial having anti-inflammatory properties and eggs are very helpful to reduce redness or scars and rashes. You can mix both these ingredients to make a mask and apply it for 20 minutes. Wash your face with normal water. Use this home-made face mask twice a week to get the best results. The basic two ingredients are:

2. Honey

#8 Coffee, Rice Flour, and Gram Flour Mask


All these three ingredients are helpful to deep clean your skin and to reveal your natural glow. Coffee has a high amount of vitamin B3 which is widely used in the market beauty products for brightening effect and anti-aging. You can use coffee to treat dark spots and dark circles as well. Besan is a deep cleanser.

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Rice flour is also a super ingredient here as it is used from ancient times for beautification of the skin. It is a wonderful element for skin whitening and skin tightening. You can easily make this face mask by mixing one teaspoon of honey, one tablespoon of besan or gram flour and 1 tablespoon of rice flour. Add a pinch of turmeric to it. You can add rose water or raw milk to prepare a paste. Adding lemon juice will also enhance the power of the face mask. Apply this pack generously on your face.

Don’t let it dry completely. Massage it in circular motions to have the maximum benefits. Wash off with normal water. The major ingredients of this face pack are:

1.Rice Flour
2. Gram flour
3. Coffee powder
4. Turmeric
5. Rosewater/ Raw milk
6. Lemon Juice

#9 Tomato and Honey Face Mask


Are you girls fed up with your uneven skin tone and tanned skin? Don’t be worried… I have come up with an easy serum-like face mask that will save you from this common skin condition. Many of you might have pigmentation around your lips and around the cheeks so this remedy is for you. Prepare a mixture of tomato juice and honey and apply it on the affected area. You can also apply it on your entire face. Keep the mixture on for 30 minutes and rinse. You have to do it daily to get the maximum benefits. This is a very effective home remedy, I suggest you to give it a try. Things you will need are:

1.Tomato juice
2. Honey

#10 Rose and Sandalwood Face Pack


Baby soft skin and rosy cheeks are a fantasy of every bride. You can easily achieve this by a home-made face mask prepared from rose and sandalwood powder. You need a “Desi Gulab” and dry it to get the rose petal powder. Take sandalwood powder, rose petal powder and mix them with rose water. This is a magical face pack that will give you ultra-radiant skin in just one application. On your wedding day, you will look as pretty as a rose, trust me. You can use this mask twice a week and have that mesmerizing skin on your D-day. The elements of this face pack are:

1.Dried rose petals
2. Rosewater
3. Sandalwood powder

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#11 Almond and Milk Cream Face Mask


Winters are arriving and most of you might be having dry and flaky skin issues. When you have dry patches on your face, it looks really bad and as a bride, you definitely don’t want that. Try this moisturizing mask prepared from two ingredients that will moisturize your skin as well as give you a subtle glow. Take 5 to 6 almonds and soak them in water or raw milk overnight. In the morning, make a paste by grinding the almonds and add milk cream to it. Apply this thick mask on to your face and other parts of your body to get a glowing and supple skin. You will need:

2. Milk cream

#12 Oatmeal Face Pack Cum Scrub


Oatmeal is a well-known as a natural scrub and you can also make a face mask that will give you matchless glow on your face. This remedy is also very simple. You just have to take some cooked oatmeal and add some honey into it. Add some yogurt and lemon juice to it. Let it cool completely and apply this paste for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, gently scrub the paste on your face for about 5 to 7 minutes. Wash off. Get the smooth and soft skin with ultra-glow. The ingredients for this remedy are:

2. Yogurt
3. Honey
4. Lemon Juice

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#13 Papaya Mask


Papaya is known for its skin renewal properties. Papain is an enzyme contained in papaya that helps to remove all the dead skin cells from the skin and rejuvenate your skin. Papaya is loaded with antioxidants and it is a great moisturizer. The mixture of honey and papaya will give you bright and glossy skin as this face is super hydrating. This natural home remedy can be used thrice a week for the best results. The key essentials for this home-made face mask are:|

2. Papaya

#14 Fuller’s Earth and Lemon Juice Face Pack


If you have an issue of excessive oil on your skin or if you have sagging skin then this is a remedy for you guys. You just need to mix some fuller’s earth with some lemon juice. You can also add rose water to it. Apply this pack and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face and tone your skin with a natural toner like rose water toner, cucumber toner, and others. Elements for this face pack are:

1.Fuller’s earth
2. Lemon juice
3. Rosewater

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#15 Saffron Face Mask


Saffron is well known for its health and beauty benefits. For an ecstatic and healthy skin, you can make a saffron mask. Soak some strands of Kesar into raw milk. Keep it for an hour and then apply the saffron-infused raw milk all over your face with a cotton ball. Wash with warm water and relish your glowing skin. Don’t forget to tone your skin with rose water. You will need:

1.Saffron or Kesar
2. Raw milk
3. Rosewater to tone

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#16 Banana and Honey Face Mask


Do you have age signs? Well, this is very common now a days that girls get early signs of aging because of stressful life and hectic schedule. I know you want to look impeccable at your wedding and that is why I have prepared this super amazing face mask from two very common and simple ingredients. You need one ripe banana and 2 tablespoons of honey. Make a paste of the banana and add honey into it. Apply this face mask and let it be there for 20-25 minutes. Wash off your face with luke-warm water and apply rose water as a toner. This mask will help to lighten your skin, remove dark spots and blemishes. It will also moisturize your skin from within to reveal the healthy glow. The main things that you will require are:

1.Ripe banana
2. Honey

Rush into your kitchen and make prepare the pack that suits you the best. I hope you will have great benefits from these home-made face masks and shine like a star on your wedding day.

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