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51 Awesome Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples Of 2020

51 Awesome Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples Of 2020

Have you recently got engaged or did a close friend of yours just get engaged? Congratulations to the couple. Now is the time that the guests shower their love and blessing on the couple and show their excitement and support. No matter whether you’re the host of the engagement party or whether you're attending the party bringing Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples is a way of showing the couple how much you care about them.

Are you attending an engagement party or some close aid of your is getting engaged? Delight the love birds as you shop for unique engagement gifts and shower them with it.

‘Tis the season to celebrate -and raise a toast for the newly engaged couple! With the social media feeds of the couple bombarded with countless engagement selfies its best time to whip out the special gifts for the couple. Choosing the gift especially when it comes to Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples proves to be a dainty task, seems impossible, right! Wrong we have done some legwork for you with our curated list of the year’s top engagement gifting ideas for husband and wife.

51 Best Engagement Gift for Couples

We admit that finding the right gift, one that is of total gorg for the soon to-be weds can get dicey. You would soon be shelling out bucks for the wedding gifts which is why you would not want to dole out a fortune on the Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples. You would not want your engagement gift to clash with the ones on the wedding registry or with that of the others, you would want it to be unique. We have garnered for you a list of the best budget conscious pretty engagement gifts that the couples would love for sure. So what are waiting for? Get scrolling to discover the year’s best engagement ideas.

1. House Name Plate

With the wedding bells nearing the couple would soon embark on their journey towards a happily ever after. The couple would post the wedding shift to their new home. While everyone else chooses to give them household décor items, home appliances set your gift apart from the league by gifting them with a customized house name plate with their names inscribed on them. The couple is surely to fall in love with the thoughtful gift.

House Name Plate

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2. House Number Planter

Has the couple decided to shift to an apartment? Make their home to appear distinct from the rest by gifting them some greens. Confused about what do we mean? Gifting the couple with a house number planter like a cacti or succulent adds a dash of green to their new home. If you’re searching for Engagement Gift Ideas for friend then the house number planter serves as the ideal choice. The gift can be accompanied along with a custom made house name plate.

House Number Planter

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 3. Magazine Holder

Is the couple an ardent magazine lover? Then help them to get organized by gifting them a magazine holder one that enables them to arrange their magazines and brochures in an orderly manner. An organizer bin in vibrant tone like blue or silver serves as a fabulous organizational gifting idea.

Magazine Holder

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4. DIY Lip Balm

The wedding is a hectic time and with all the endless shopping spree, running after the vendors, trip to the parlor, continuous calling and mailing the bride is ought to get tired. Being the bride she cannot appear at her wedding with dull face or dried chapped lips. Give the bride with some hydration as you gift her with a DIY homemade lip balm for her big day. Of all the engagement gift ideas for her, a Diy lip balm is one that she would cherish and be thankful for. The DIY homemade lip balm loaded with the goodness of fruits and available in fun flavours like lemon and mind would help her to not just get rid of the chapped lips but also keep them hydrated.

DIY Lip Balm

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5. Cookies

Give the couple a sweet surprise as you gift them a boxful of their favourite cookies. Crunch, nom nom, yummy! Stir up the couples all time favorite cookies and top them up with fresh fruits and pack them nicely and gift them. Watch them munch away to glory the cookies as they get busy with the wedding planning and preparations.


6. Cocktail Kit

For all the drunken nights that the couple had together and for many more to come, gift them with a cocktail kit. The cocktail kit would include a bottle holder, large pitcher or serving jar, cocktail mixer stirring spoon and serving glasses. The gift would be a handy and one that they can reuse over time. If your looking Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples then a cocktail kit serves the right purpose.

Cocktail Kit

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7. Homemade BBQ Powder

So the couple has a craving for spicy barbequed food. For those couples who love spicy food what else can be a better gift than a jar of homemade BBQ powder? A delicious blend of spices like Cayenne, red pepper flakes and paprika is sure enough to spice up the flavor of the barbecued food. Witness the delight on the couple’s face as you gift them this jar of magical spices.

Homemade BBQ Powder

8. Customised Doormat

Traditional Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples like home appliances, linen sets, showpieces have become an outdated concept. The modern wedding are all about customization. Gifting customized gifts to the couple is a quirky way of making them to feel privileged. If the couple is going to move to a new place post marriage then christen the space by gifting with this customized doormat.

Customised Doormat

9. Wall Art

Does the couple love collecting artpieces? Looking for Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples that would justify their love for art? Why not gift them a quirky wall art? A creative wall art piece hanging on their living room wall or bedroom spaces serves as a playful element for the area. Geometric art pieces are trending in the modern times.

Wall Art

10. Flower Bouquet

The sheer beauty and timeless charm of flowers never seems to fade away. They are considered as a girl’s second love. Diamonds no doubtedly remain her first love as Diamonds are forever. So your female bestie has found her prince charming and she is all set to tie the knots of love. You must be then looking for engagement gifting ideas for her? Wish her goodluck for her future married life by gifting her with the a flower bouquet. The vibrant hues of the flowers, wherein each flower color is symbolic for a wish for her makes the perfect engagement gift. Although the real flowers would wilt away with time and if you want your gift to serve as a forever memoir for your friend then you can consider gifting her fabric flowers. Pair the flowers with a painted mason jar to create the best impact.

Flower Bouquet

11. Scented Candles

The aromatic fragrance of the scented candles is sure enough to make the couple feel relaxed after the hectic wedding day. Pamper the senses of the couple as you gift them with the scented candles. The aroma therapy is surely enough to work wonders.

Scented Candles

12. Home Spa Kit

Rejuvenate the senses and let the couple relax as you pamper the couple with a home spa kit. The home spa kit would fulfill the body care requirements thus providing smoother, flawless and healthier skin from the comfort of home. The DIY would comprise of face masks, body massage oil, body scrub, bath salts and a waxing kit. The spa kit helps to immaculately remove the dehydrated skin and helps in relaxing. The home spa kit serves as the perfect Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples.

Home Spa Kit

13. Glassware

We know that glassware is a common gifting idea but you can add uniqueness to the gift by opting for metallic glassware. Accentuate the wine glasses or drink ware by opting for ones with metallic patterns like stars or geometric designs. The designer glasswares prove to be a delight for the eyes a treat that you cannot afford to miss.


14. Designer Terracotta Pots

For the ardent nature lover what else can prove to be a better gift than designer Terracotta pots. Illuminate the couples porch or balcony with the colorful delights. If you’re looking for engagement gift ideas for friends than the colorful terracotta pots prove to be an ideal gift. The couple can plant succulents, herbs, cacti or plants of their choice in the bright terracotta pots and have their own little kitchen garden.

Designer Terracotta Pots

15. Customized Bookshelf

Does the couple love reading books? Are they ardent book lovers? What else can be a better gift for the bookworms than a customized bookshelf that help them in arranging the books. The bookshelf would help them in stacking the books according to the preference of their writers.

Customized Bookshelf

16. Board Games

For all those gaming nights spent together, revive back the glory of the courtship days as you gift the couple with board games. If the couple loves playing games together then the board games would be a surprise for them. You can consider giving board games like Taboo, Scrabble, Twister and Chinese checkers.

Board Games

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17. Slumber Pillow

After a tiring day at work what else can you ask for good beauty sleep. The slumber pillow is one of the best engagement gift idea. You can add a touch of personalization to it by opting for a handprinted pillow cover.

Slumber Pillow

18. Photo Frame

Pictures speak where words fail to explain. As the couple exchanges the engagement ring capture the moment and get it framed in a quirky personalized photoframe. The photoframe is the perfect engagement gift one that would remind the couple of their special day and they would cherish forever.

Photo Frame

19. Herbs and spices

Is the couple planning to settle outside India after marriage? Give them the flavours of India as gift them with a box full of herbs and spices. The boxful of Indian goodness is surely of one of the best engagement gift ideas for her. It would remind them of their motherland making their new house a home away from home.

Herbs and spices

20. Homemade Chocolates

Who doesn’t loves chocolates and when it comes to homemade sweet delights nobody can turn down the sweet temptation, right! A boxful of sweet home goodness is the ideal engagement gift ideas for couples who have a temptation for chocolates.

Homemade Chocolates

21. Couple Mittens

A cute pair of couple mittens serves as the perfect engagement gift that the couples can use during winters. The pair of similar mittens helps them to twin together thus showing off their #couplegoals.

Couple Mittens

22. Polaroid Camera

For those enthusiastic photographers who are nuts about photography a vintage Polaroid camera serve as the perfect gift for the couple. Transport the couple back in the golden times as you give them this vintage delight.

Polaroid Camera

23. His and Her Bath Robes

Let the couple get comfortable after a leisurely bath as you gift them with his and her bath robes. To add uniqueness to the gift you can consider selecting bathrobes made from Turkish cotton having embroidered labels with their name initials.

Couples Bath Robes

24. Beer Holder wooden Tote

A unique set of fashionable wooden beer tote serves as the best engagement gift ideas for him one that the couple can utilize at the house parties. The beer tote made of pine, plywood and wooden dowel with a holding capacity for 6 packs having a bottle opener along with it is a thoughtful gift one that they would use in the long run.

Beer Holder wooden Tote

25. Wedding Planning Supplies

We know planning for a wedding is an arduous task. Help the couple with their wedding planning as you gift them with a kit of wedding planning supplies. The kit would be a boxful of essentials like pens, stickers, stationary and journals. The wedding planning supplies serves as a quintessential engagement gift ideas for the couple.

Wedding Planning Supplies

26. Custom Chopping Board

For love of cooking why not gift the couple with a customized chopping board one with inscription of their names on it. The functional piece is the perfect kitchen accessory.

Custom Chopping Board

27. Gardening Kit

Does the couple loves gardening? Did they always wanted to have a little garden of their own where they can grow their choicest flowers and veggies? For those nature lovers the gardening kit serves as the perfect engagement gift. The gardening kit can be paired with the terracotta pots and gifted together.

28. Travel Bag’

Notable for those adventure tours a travel bag is the ideal engagement gift ideas for friends. Post wedding the couple would set off on their honeymoon. The travel bag comes handy during the couples honeymoon tour.

Travel Bag

29. Infused Coffee

Does the couple love coffee? Why not gift them with pack of assorted organic infused coffee.The aromatic flavors of the coffee made from pure cocoa beans would refresh the couple after a tiring day of wedding vendor hunting. After a tiring day at work what else can one ask for rather than a refreshing cup of piping hot freshly brewed coffee.

Infused Coffee

30. Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Is the couple one of those who loves those random road trips? For the couple who are the road trippers a wireless waterproof speaker is great engagement gift idea. Let the couple groove to the tunes of the music as they carry the speaker with them on their trips.

Wireless Waterproof Speaker

31. Monogram Coaster

 Is your girlfriend getting married soon? Has she got engaged recently? You must be then looking for the best engagement gift ideas for her? Add luxe to her workplace or table by gifting her with a monogrammed coaster. Gift your friend with a coaster have her name initials inscribed on it or one with soon to be inscribed on it to her to celebrate her new life as someone’s Mrs.

Monogram Coaster

32. Love Bands

‘Once in the middle of an ordinary life love gave us a fairytale’. So your friend after the endless swipping games on the dating apps finally found their perfect match. After dating and getting to know each other the couple has finally decided to tie the knots of love. Finally it’s their big day they are getting engaged and you must be then in quest of ideal engagement gift ideas for friend. Add a dash of romance to their engagement as you gift them couple love bands. The love bands with their names inscribed on them gives the perfect finish to their fairytale love story.

Love Bands

33. Cookbook

A cookbook is one of the most thoughtful engagement ideas for him as it enables the groom to cook a surprise for his beloved. For days when she lacks the motivation to cook or one of those lazy days or when he wishes to surprise her with his cooking skills the cookbook perhaps one authored by their favourite chef comes to his rescue. The gift is one that they are going to thank you later for.


34. Jewellery Box

She loves getting dressed and with the wedding nearing she would be going on endless shopping sprees buying number of outfits and jewellery. Her outfits can be aligned in the wardrobe but what about her jewellery. Help her to get organized and arranged as you gift her a jewellery box one that helps her to keep her all jewellery in proper order. If your searching for engagement gift ideas for her than the jewellery box serves the purpose.

Jewellery Box

35. Customized Couple Portrait

For couples who love art what can be a better gift than a couple’s portrait? If you’re a good artist than make a portrait of the couple, gift wrap it up and gift it to them. Watch the delighted couple as they get surprised after seeing your gift. The hand painted portrait of the couple made by you adds a personal touch to the gift. Don’t worry if you’re not a person with an artistic ability you can get a portrait of the couple made by an artist and gift it to them. Mosaic pictures and portraits have gained popularity in the modern weddings. The couple’s portrait is an ideal way of decorating the house of the couple.

Customized Couple Portrait

36. Perfume Set

 Go the old school way as you gift the couple with a perfume set for his and her. The perfume set remains one of the timeless engagement gift ideas for couple. Several fragrances of perfume sets are available in the market to choose from. You can consider picking up a fragrance of the couples choice and consider gifting it to them. Like for example if the couple prefers a milder fragrance you can opt for English lavender which makes you feel refreshed.

Perfume Set

37. Couples Coffee Mugs

Every individual prefer having their favourite drink in their own mug. Why not gift the couple with a couples coffee mug? For those couples who love drinking coffee the coffee mug is going to be a cherished priceless engagement gift. The coffee mugs are available in variety of designs, styles and hues. You can pick up one that matches with the couples preference. For best results you can consider picking up a his and her coffee mug that is available along with coasters. If the couple travels often then you can consider gifting them a spill proof insulated coffee mug pair. The gift can be reused over the time by the couple.

Couples Coffee Mugs

38. Storage Boxes

With the wedding nearing the couple is out to get showered with numerous gifts by their close kiths and kins and invitees. The couple’s home is ought to get messy during the chaotic time of the wedding. They would fall short of places for storing all the gifts and the things shopped. Help the couple to get organized by gifting them with storage boxes. The storage boxes would be a blessing in disguise for the couple as it would help them to store all the shopped stuff, gifts received and unused stuff. The storage boxes would help them to clear the clutter and make the living space to appear more spacious.

Storage Boxes

39. Woven Wall Hanging

If the couple has adoration for handicrafts than you can gift them a woven wall hanging as as an engagement gift. A handcrafted woven wall hanging put up on the wall looks a beautiful décor piece. Woven wall hangings are available in multiple variations and depending on the taste and preference of the couple you can select the gift accordingly. If the couple loves sticking to the roots and traditional things over modern ones then you can consider opting for a wall hanging with tribal imprints or one with traditional designs and patterns. If you want to opt for a modern gift then you can consider gifting them a landscape or minimalist artwork woven wall hanging.

Woven Wall Hanging

40. Baking Set

Do the couple love baked goodies? Make the couple to spend quality time together as you gift them a baking set. For those together baking moments the baking set proves to be an apt gift. The baking set would include cake ware, piping bags, silicone oil brush, fondant cake decorator, plastic dough and cake cutter, silicone pastry spatula, sieve flour sifter, manual cup sifter, non stick dough mat, plastic cake decoration set, cake stand, and cookie cutter. You can customize the set and addon on things that you think would be requirement of the couple.

Baking Set

41. Duffle Bag

Does the couple prefer travelling light? If the couple is a traveler duo then a duffle bag serves as the best engagement gift ideas for couple. The handy gift of duffle bag comes to aid during those short getaway trips. You can add uniqueness to the gift by gifting the couple with duffle bags with inscribed with their name monograms or having customized name tags.

Duffle Bag

42. Portable Coffee Maker

Make the couples travel an experience worth remembering as you gift them a portable coffee maker. For the couples who can cannot start their day without a cup of coffee, the portable coffee maker serves as the perfect gift. Be it a trip to the hills or one near the beach now the couple can have their perfect start of morning as they can have their cup of coffee anytime, anywhere.

Portable Coffee Maker

43. Mobile Camera Zoom Lens

Does your friend loves clicking those candid mobile moments? Help them to make a lifetime of golden memories as you gift them with a mobile camera zoom lens. The mobile camera zoom lens adds beauty to their candid moments thus serving as the ideal engagement gift ideas for friend.

Mobile Camera Zoom Lens

44. Customized Crockery Set

Crockeries till date remain as a Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples. Revamp the traditional idea as you gift the couple customized crockery set. The customized crockery set with the initials of the couples name inscribed on them gives a personal touch to the gift. Making their dining experience worthwhile as they dine in your gifted customized name initials crockery set.

Customized Crockery Set

45. Bedside Smartphone Holder

We all have the habit of late night scrolling on the mobile’s screen and then placing the phone carelessly on the bedside table. Morning prove worse when you in your sleep in the struggle of turning the alarm of you drop the phone and end up breaking the screen. That is the worst thing to happen. Help the couple to avoid the glitch of dropping their phone in the struggle of waking up as you gift them with a bedside smart phone holder as their engagement gift. The smart phone holder would allow the couple to keep their mobiles in place while going to bed thus saving it from the fatal morning fall.

Bedside Smartphone Holder

46. Couple T-shirts

Let the couple to flaunt their couple goals before the world as you gift them with a couple tshirt. You can consider picking out exclusive t-shirts with quirky texts such as ‘I asked her’ and ’I said Yes’. You can also opt for gifting the couple with t-shirts in similar patterns and design. Twinning with your bae or soon to be better half in clothes is probably one of the best feeling ever. The couple T-shirts would be a gift the couple would cherish even years after.       

ouple T-shirts

47. Personalized Sipper Bottles

Let the couple sip their favourite drink away to glory as you gift them with a personalized sipper bottle. The sipper bottle is a perfect addon for their workstation and travel kit. If your searching for engagement gift ideas for couple then consider gifting them with personalized sipper bottle for him and her.

Personalized Sipper Bottles

48. Curated Key chains

The couple loves those long drives then why not gift them with customized keychains. If the careless couple keep their car or bike keys here and there and just forget about them then the keychains would be a helpful gift. Several varieties of keychains are available in the market like love keychains, torch keychains, bottle opener keychains, leather keychains, wooden keychains and you can select from them. If you desire your gift to stand out from the league than you can consider gifting them with a keychain that serves multipurpose like a torch or knife keychain.

Curated Key chains

49. Personalised Piggy Bank

The couple just got engaged and soon they would be embarking on their journey towards a happily everafter then gift them with something that is thoughtful. Help the couple to start saving money for their married life ahead by gifting them with a piggy bank. The piggy bank would enable them to take baby steps for saving funds. If the couple is a spendthrift lot then this gift is sure enough to make them understand the importance of savings and also would help them in doing so.

Personalised Piggy Bank

50. Book sets

For the love of books why not gift the newly engaged couple with a set of books authored by their favourite writer. Perhaps you could gift them with a set of books that they had their hearts set upon since a long time but could not manage to get their hands on it. Give a surprise to the couple as you gift them with the exclusive collection of their favourite author’s books.

Book sets

51. Silver Candelabra

Has she always been fascinated by the fairytales? Now when she has finally found her prince charming and having her own happily ever after then why not gift her with a majestic gift one that compliments her love story? Wondering what should you gift her? Why not gift her with silver candelabra just like the ones seen in fairytales like Beauty and the Beast? The silver candelabra are perfect for those romantic dinner dates with her bae. It is perhaps a unique Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples.

Silver Candelabra

So these are a few Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples. Which gift ideas are you bookmarking? Tell us in the comments below about your choice.

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