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Doing Bridal Makeup on Your Own? Here is a Step by Step Guide for Your Help

Doing Bridal Makeup on Your Own? Here is a Step by Step Guide for Your Help

Marriages in our country are a costly affair. A couple and their parents end up spending life's savings to plan a grand wedding. The most expensive and unavoidable aspects of the wedding are the venue, decor, food, jewelry, and apparels. But in case of services like bridal makeup, Mehndi, Dhol Wala, Safa Wala, etc one can easily save money.

For this reason, a lot of brides these days are opting to do their bridal makeup for smaller functions like the Mehndi or Sangeet. If you are one such confident bride, then we'd like to aid you in doing a salon like makeup. Below we have compiled a process guide of doing an Indian bridal makeup along with a list of relevant tips.

Step By Step Guide For Doing Your Own Bridal Makeup for Different Functions

Follow the steps shared below, and you will be ready to rock the function, in no time.

Step 1: Clean and Moisturize Your Face

bridal make up tips

The key to successful and flawless bridal makeup looks start with the most basic task. Take a gentle, chemical free face wash, and clean your skin gently to remove dirt. Apply ice-cold water to wash as this will tighten up your skin, and make it firm. Avoid using any harsh scrub and after washing the face instead, opt for an Ayurvedic moisturizer.

Step 2: Applying the Secret Makeup Product of the Professionals

You must be curious to know about the secret weapon; well it is nothing but a primer. It is applied before the makeup to make it last longer as it creates a barrier between the skin and products. As a soon-to-be Indian bride, your makeup needs to be strong because you will sweat, sit in front of the fire, and even cry. The primer will also make your skin even and smooth-en the fine lines and wrinkles. There are multiple types of primer available in the market depending upon your need. Like the eye primer for bridal makeup eyes, lip primer for lips, and face primer for overall makeup.

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Step 3: Apply Foundation to Create an Even Skin Tone for Your Bridal Makeup

bridal make up at home

After applying the primer, the next product is a foundation. However, you should let the primer dry before applying the foundation. However, you should let the primer dry before applying the foundation. In fact, before moving to a new product, give 5 minutes for the previous product to dry. The foundation will bless your face with an even colored tone. But you should be careful while selecting the foundation. And opt for a color which is a tone or two darker than your skin. Do not forget to cover your neck and collarbone area with the foundation; otherwise, your face and neck will look different.

Step 4: Conceal the Dark Circles and Red Spots

remove dark circles

No matter how hard you try, it is not easy to avoid all the oily and spicy food which is cooked at our homes. And this food often leads to red spots and pimple breakouts on the skin. Here the concealer will come to your aid. After applying the foundation, dab a little quantity of concealer on the spot and blend it with the powder. You can also apply this magical product over the dark circles to even the under-eye color tone.

Step 5: Set Your Base and Contour using a Powder

use powder for make up

The next step in the bridal makeup Indian is setting your primer, foundation, and concealer using a powder. The color of the setting powder should match your skin tone, as this will provide a base for the blush. We recommend using two brushes for the job, one fluffy and the other dense. The aim is to contour and provide a structure to your face. Start by applying the powder with the thick, fluffy brush on the forehead, sides of your nose, and the chin. After this, pick the dense brush and gently move it in circular motions to blend the powder with the face. This way you will not have ghostly looking pictures. One important thing to remember while using a powder is that less is always more. So do not cake your face using too much of the product.

Step 6: Add the Magic of Blush

use blush

A lot of Indian brides avoid putting a blush because they feel it will make them look unflattering. If you feel the same, then you are far from reality. When picked and applied correctly, the blush will make your face look brighter and fresher. The crucial task is choosing the color which complements your skin tone. Brides with fair skin should pick blush in shades of pale pink or baby pink. For medium fair skin tone, the shades in rosy pink or deep peach will work the best. Rose and deep orange blush are great for brides having a dusky skin complexion. Apply the blush using a thick and fluffy brush. Start by putting blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend it towards the hairline. Do not overdo - it will destroy the look.

Step 7: It is Time to add Drama to Your Beautiful Eyes

bridal eye make up

The key aspect of every bridal makeup is the eyes. For the D-Day, you should avoid a dark eye makeup and opt for brown, bronze or gold. Pick a light eye shadow to cover the entire eye area, a medium-dark color for the creases, and an illuminating eye shadow for the corner to add a glowing effect. After this, do the 3Es - eyeliner, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Choose a gel based, waterproof, and smudge free eyeliner. Put eyelash extensions or if you do not want to apply them, opt for a volumizing mascara for your eyelashes. In the end, with a black eyeliner pencil shape the eyebrows and fill them with color.

Step 8: Painting a Long Lasting Lip Makeup

lip make up for bride

The way you moisturize the face before applying makeup, your lips also need to be moisturized; so they do not appear dry and cracked. Apply a lip hydrator and let it get absorbed in the lips. Now take the lipstick and paint your lips till the edges. Wait for a couple of minutes and apply another coat. After this draw an outline with a lip liner to shape and seal the look. Makeup artists recommend not using gloss lip colors for bridal makeup as they create a flashy effect in the wedding pictures.

Self Bridal Makeup Tips Which You Should Keep in Mind

Prepare and Follow a Skincare Regime

An indisputable fact is that a great look is only possible with flawless and healthy skin. So you should create a skincare ritual involving cleaning, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. Follow this ritual every day till the wedding date, and you will notice the glowing effect on your skin.

Take Care of yourself

This one is a no brainer. Proper sleep, a healthy diet, and lots of water are the key to a healthy mind and skin. Instead of eliminating oily and spicy food from the diet, try to curb the intake. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily as this will flush toxins from the body and give you glowing skin and hair.

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Consider the Weather for Your Bridal Makeup

The weather plays an important role in holding the makeup. In a summer wedding, the bride should opt for waterproof and light makeup. Whereas for a winter wedding, the look can be on heavy side like dark lipstick, smoky eyes, etc.

Try the Final Look Multiple Times Before the Wedding

try bride final look

Once you have the entire look in mind, sit in front of the mirror and practice applying makeup. It will have multi-fold benefits like you will have an idea of the look, amount of time it takes, if anything needs to be changed, and also polish your skill as an artist. All the professional bridal makeup artists schedule one or two sittings with the bride to finalize her wedding look. Lastly, do not forget to click a picture and see how you look

Do not Experiment with New Products

bride make up products

You should strictly adhere to the makeup products you've been using since long. Experimenting with new products may ruin the look or even make your skin react to it. If you want to try a new product, then place a little quantity on hand and check for reactions. You can also consult a dermatologist to know about your skin type and if it's prone to any allergic reactions.

Buy a Makeup Setting Spray

make up setting spray for bride

A setting spray ensures that your makeup looks fresh for a longer period. It usually comes in the form of a mist and is sprayed to seal the entire look. It prevents the makeup from getting smudged, creased, and fading away. So you should invest in a good quality setting spray as it will seal the makeup for fourteen to eighteen hours.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Do the Makeup

Doing bridal makeup Indian will require patience and time. The last you want is to do the makeup in a hurry and ultimately ruin the wedding pictures. Start with your makeup as early as you can and cover each step with a calm mind.

Take the Help of DIY videos Available on YouTube

The best thing which has happened to the digital space is the people sharing their experience and knowledge. YouTube is filled with people sharing makeup tutorials to help viewers nail the desired look with perfection. Watch the videos to learn the art of contouring, applying foundation and blush, drawing accurate winged-eyeliner, etc.

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Do not Forget Your Neck and Arms

bridal neck make up

Bridal makeup is all about blending the products to achieve a natural and healthy look. And the key point to remember is covering your arms and neck with body makeup. Otherwise only your face will look glowing and rest of the parts dull unless you are planning to wear a full sleeves blouse. Apply moisturizer, a little foundation, and bronzer on the face and neck to get a complete bridal look.

Less is Always More

Many brides confuse wedding day or other function makeup to be heavy and use too much product on the face which results in a cakey look. The key here is to maintain a balance while applying all the products. Since you will be using a lot of different products, you should apply them in small quantities. This will keep the overall bridal makeup natural and pleasing to the eye.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Process

As you have taken a bold and salute worthy decision to handle your makeup, do not get stressed. There will be moments when your confidence level will take a plunge and make you nervous and question the decision. You are not alone in that boat; in fact, almost all the brides handling their makeup feel the same. Take a firm stand, practice the makeup multiple times to gain confidence, and enjoy the process.

Are you a bride who has done her bridal makeup and want to share your story to motivate the soon-to-be brides? Comment in the section below and share your experience with us. We'd love making your experience and tips a part of our blog.

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