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15 Flavoursome Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers in Your Wedding Function

15 Flavoursome Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers in Your Wedding Function

Yeah, alcohol is great! It surely set up everyone's mood for the big gala night. But apart from the alcohol lovers, there are numerous individuals in the wedding function who are pure teetotallers and love to try non-alcoholic cocktails options.

A good wedding host always stocks up the damn fine liquor, but a perfect wedding host never forgets to induce some astonishing non-alcoholic options to keep everyone in a frisky mood. In western weddings, drinking something special during the wedding ceremony or at the end of the day insinuates the completion of a ritual and the celebration.

There is no dearth of non-alcoholic drinks options to include in the menu. From Mocktails to virgin cocktails, punch bowls, you can ask your wedding caterer to include a great array of non-alcoholic drinks at booze counterpoints so that everyone can grab something to sip and elevate their mood. 

Below, we have collated some budget-friendly and flavoursome non-alcoholic cocktails options that are a perfect gateway for stress-free entertainment and will make your wedding function a guaranteed success. Go through them meticulously and inculcate as many options as you want at your booze counterpoint.

Lip Smacking Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers

1. Coconut Lavender Lemonade

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers

There is no non-alcoholic cocktail better than the Coconut Lavender lemonade to beat the scorching summer heat during the summer weddings. It is one of the most favorite and fabled seasonal favorite drinks. Include this at your booze counterpoint and let your guests savour this light and sweet treat!

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2. Thai Iced Tea

thai iced tea for teetotallers

It is a massively popular Thai drink served in almost all Thai restaurants. Moreover, Thai Iced is quite a refreshing and regaling option to induce in the bar menu for teetotallers and swamp off them in the taste of this yummilicious Thai beverage.

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3. Asian Pear Sparkler

Soft drinks for Teetotallers

Make your guests feel special with an enticing and tongue-tickling seasonal fruit drink "Asian Pear Sparkler". It is one of the simplest non-alcoholic cocktails which you can create without much of a hitch. The best part of this non-alcoholic beverage is its sweetness can be adjusted according to each individual's preference.

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4. Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber Mojito

Leave the word 'Mojito' pronunciation aside, this utterly aromatic and refreshing cocktail is one of the finest non-alcoholic drinks to include in your wedding for teetotallers. The drink tastes as good as alcohol when served chilled.

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5. Hocus Pocus Fizz

Hocus Pocus Fizz soft drink

One of the most surreal and mouth-watering non-alcoholic cocktails we have ever come across. This beverage tastes as good as it looks. A perfect sip option for non-alcoholics in every party.

6. Margarita Cocktail

margarita cocktail Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers

This delectable beverage comes in a variety of flavours and it's quick and simple to prepare. If you consider the look of this drink, it is a clear winner. Include this at your booze counterpoint and you will surely receive some extra points from guests end.

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7. Watermelon Picnic Punch

watermelon picnic punch non alcoholic cocktails for teetotalers

This non-alcoholic cocktail perfectly exemplifies why presentation plays a crucial role in pulling the attention. Watermelon picnic punch is undeniably a brilliant option for a wedding function or any other event. Impress your guests at the party by serving them this beautifully decked out beverage with an extra fresh twist.

8. Emerald Palmer

emerald palmer drinks

Emerald Palmer is one of the lushest green non-alcoholic drinks you will ever find. This drink is the perfect blend of cucumbers, mint leaves, and lemon. Add a pinch of salt in the drinks before serving them in the ice-filled glasses to the guests.

9. Tomato-Lime Sipper

Tomato-Lime Sipper soft drink

Who doesn't love the virgin version of the non-alcoholic cocktail drinks which are appetizing and not too spicy? This easy to make tongue-tickling non-alcoholic beverage can add some freshness and charm to your liquor section.

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10. Raspberry Fizz

raspberry fizz Flavoursome Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers

Here is the fruity tutti non-alcoholic cocktail which is made up of fresh raspberries and is the real taste of summer. Raspberry Fizz is an ideal drink for the wedding reception and other garden parties.

11. Cranberry Limeade

cranberry limeade wedding drinks

If you are looking for some out of the box cocktail to quench your thirst, no one can do it better than the cranberry limeade. Just add 2 small cubes in drinks before serving it to the guests to make the drinks more chilled.

12. Rhubarb Mint Tea

rhubarb mint tea 

The vibrant red colour of this rhubarb and mint blended thirst-quenching drink can add stars to your bar section in the wedding. As bizarre its name sounds, this drink is quite underrated but one of the best options to consider.

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13. Banana Brunch Punch

banana brunch punch

A cold glass of this mouth-watering non-alcoholic cocktail can lighten up anyone's day. The key ingredients of this drink are banana, orange juice, and lemonade and render this drink tropical vibes. Banana brunch punch is a spectacular and a must include option in your booze counterpoint.

14. Virgin Hurricanes

Virgin Hurricanes

The intriguing aspect of this beverage is people of all age group can savour this non-alcoholic cocktail and keep themselves refresh amid the scorching summer heat. Virgin hurricane is also called "Mardi Gras in a glass".

15. Sensational Slush

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Teetotallers

This pretty cool non-alcoholic beverage is bit dense but at the same time quite colourful and refreshing. It is usually served in small proportions to the individuals because crushed strawberries make the drink denser.

These are our top 15 delectable non-alcoholic cocktails and Mocktails which you can induce in the liquor section to satiate the craving of teetotallers to drink something soothing and amazing.

Drop the comment below if you think we have left any noteworthy option which should be included in the list. We would be happy to hear from you!

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