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Engagement Etiquettes: 5 Rules Of Engagement To Follow

Engagement Etiquettes: 5 Rules Of Engagement To Follow

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart”– Helen Keller

Done with the swiping games? In the tech-savvy world wherein the data-driven algorithms and logic serve as our dating guides, finding your perfect match is a dainty task. After much of those endless swiping on the dating apps finally, you have found your soulmate. After dating for some time you know that he is the one, your prince charming. He proposed and you said yes, you’re getting engaged now; the most awaited day of your life is finally here.  It’s your engagement where you get to exchange the rings that symbolize the onset of your journey towards a happily ever after.

With the modern generation that is used to hooking up and ghosting what about the wooing etiquette that needs to be followed once you’re matched with someone. You would not want to freak out your perfect match with your clingy acts. The following of etiquettes and the right behaviour would make your perfect match to become your soulmate. Whether it is your date night or your engagement the rules of engagement and dating can help you to make the perfect first impression. Wondering about how to make a perfect first impression on your engagement? Worry not as we have got you covered. Here we have compiled for you an engagement rule book for 21st-century rules. Check it out.

5 Rules Of Engagement For Couples

1. Commitment

Be it an engagement or a hookup commitment is the key. The very first rule that leads to a happily ever after is commitment and loyalty. Relations with lack of commitment do not last long. Get in a relation and exchange the rings only if you’re ready to commit for a lifetime. Commit at your own sweet will, only when you want it and not get pushed into it by people. Engagement and relations require two-way commitment and efforts put in only by one partner prove to be futile. For a healthy relation both the partners have to put in joined efforts.


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2. Expectation Management

Commitment is a give and take relation. The second most important rules of engagement is commitment. Usually, the relations break as the couple fails to manage the expectations of their partner. Being in a relation, it comes as a natural phenomenon for your partner to develop expectations from you. The expectations can hail right from needing your time, being showered with gifts and surprises to spending quality time together. It’s understandable that fulfilling of unwanted demands is a dainty task but the reasonable ones can be fulfilled. If on your engagement day your partner wants to twin with you along with her outfit then you can meet her expectation by turning up in attire that matches in colour with hers. For healthy maintenance of a relation, the expectations need to be full filled.

happy relationship

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3. Not So Perfect

Love is all about learning to embrace each other’s flaws. Nobody is born a perfectionist. It would be wrong to expect your partner to be a perfectionist or try to make them one. Instead love them for who they are, overlook their flaws and search for the good that they possess. If your perfect match is the one who makes you feel like yourself then its time you exchanged rings with them. If your partner is not perfect when it comes to planning then instead of trying to make them perfect take the reins in your hand and plan for your engagement ceremony. Accepting the flaws of your partner is another crucial rules of engagement.

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4. Avoid Making The Checklist Bloat

The engagement just like a wedding is considered as the most important day of one's life. You would want to make the day memorable and in the process, you would keep adding things to your checklist. Making the checklist bloat with too many to-do things is, in the end, going to make you confused. As per the rules of engagement keep your checklist short and add only vital attributes to it. Skip on the things that you think are of lesser importance.

5. Do Away With Romantic Gaze

We know exchanging the ring with your soulmate is like a fairytale come true. The serendipitous idea of falling in love over and over again with the same person might sound way to unrealistic. Alright, you might be head over heels in love with your partner but it’s your engagement don’t give it the appearance of being overly done and decorated with your romantic ideas. Instead tone down the serendipitous ideas and make your engagement to look a reality with minimalist décor. You can save all your grand décor ideas for your d-day.

minimalist  engagement ceremony

The rules of engagement are meant to make your special a hassle-free and memorable experience. Liked the post? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post.

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