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8 Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring to Bring Happiness, Love, and Passion in Your Married Life

8 Gemstones for Your Engagement Ring to Bring Happiness, Love, and Passion in Your Married Life

The first ceremony of any wedding (Indian or Western) is the ring exchange ceremony – where the soon-to-be couple becomes betrothed to each other. The wedding or engagement ring is a symbol of their love, dedication, and commitment towards each other. It is also a symbol which they will carry for life and it'll represent the beauty of their relationship to all the friends and family. It is also said that the structure of an engagement ring should be flawless and without any cuts or errors in the body. A smooth surface symbolizes that a couple’s relationship will be filled with love, happiness, and respect for each other.

The soul of a wedding ring, however, lies in the gemstone that amplifies its beauty. In India, since ages, gemstones have been worn by people to remove negative elements from their lives and bring happiness, positivity, and prosperity. Today, we will share with you a list of 8 gorgeous ideas for a wedding ring with gemstones which will fill your married life with love, passion, and longevity.

Stunning Gemstones Which Are a Perfect Choice for Your Engagement Ring


gemstones for engagement ring

This alluring, deep blue colored gemstone is also known as Lapis Lazuli and is referred to as ‘The Love Stone’. The power in the stone ensures that love and attraction between the couple remain the same as it was at the start of the relationship. It is often said that Lapis is very helpful for all the couples who have gotten into an arranged marriage as it makes them overcome the shyness, come out of the shell and openly express their feelings for each other.

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diamond ring for engagement

The planet of this white and sparkling stone is Venus which is also called as the planet of love, passion, romance, desire, and lust. It said that Venus is responsible for planting the seed of love in the heart and diamond is good for the wearer’s sexual health and blesses the wearer with vitality and energy.

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gemstones for wedding ring

This red and fiery stone is perfect for couples who want to add passion and mind-blowing chemistry to their relationship. Since its a precious stone, purchasing it will cost you a good amount of money. It is said that Ruby blesses the wearer with devotion, integrity, and happiness in a relationship. It also instills confidence, stamina, vitality, and strength to the wearer. If purchasing Ruby is not possible then you can buy Rose Quartz and Garnet, as they are less expensive and inherit the same benefits of Ruby.

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Green Jade

green jade

Considered as one of the most precious stones in the East, Green Jade is called the stone of the heart. For couples’ initiating their married life, this frothy-green stone is said to strengthen the bond and blessing them with love and happiness.

Rose Quartz

gemstones for happy married life

It is often called as the stone of unconditional love and it works by activating the heart chakra via energy vibrations. This pink beauty helps to open the heart which brings trust and harmony in a relationship. It’s an ultimate love stone that slowly and gently replaces any negative energy with affection and gives your marriage the extra support it needs.


sapphire gemstone engagement ring

This beautiful and lustrous stone is one of the most effective and expensive stones in the world. It is said to be the stone of heaven and blesses the couple with unconditional love, fidelity, and commitment. It has a positive effect on the ‘throat chakra’ which help both the partners to have open communication in their marriage which brings transparency in the relationship. Hence it is considered as the best engagement ring gemstone for soon-to-be or already married couples.


moon stone ring

The alluring moonstone is known as the symbol of romance. It is known to attract love, affection, and stirs undying passion in a couple’s relationship. This sacred stone is considered as the perfect gemstone for soon-to-be married and married couples. Just like the Rose Quartz, Moonstone falls under the category of semi-precious stone and is not expensive to buy.


coral gemstone engagement ring

This bright-red stone draws its power from the planet Mars which enables a couple to work together as a team and achieve life goals together. It also blesses them with mindfulness to motivate, complement and stand for each other in the good and the bad times. Mars is the planet of protection, goal setting, courage, energy, and vitality; hence making this gemstone a hot favourite of couples for their wedding engagement ring.

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