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61+ Assorted Engagement Wishes For All The Cute Couples Out There

61+ Assorted Engagement Wishes For All The Cute Couples Out There

Engagement is not just any small ceremony; it is an official initiation of a relationship. It plays a very important role in the couple’s life and is a humble beginning of the lifetime journey! This union of love should be celebrated in a grand way as it will provide an eternal strength to the couple’s bond. As it is rightly said by Lao Tzu, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” 

 And as a family member or a friend of the couple, you must support them wholly in their new endeavor. To support them with all your love and goodwill, you must congratulate and stand by them all the times you are needed to. Your presence will help them take this big decision with comfort, and it will also inspire them to move forth blissfully. Don’t forget that in friendship and love, every small step makes a lot of difference.

 But you need to express these considerations personally to the beautiful couple. And to help you with that, we have made a list of assorted and hand written engagement wishes for couples. These engagement wishes will help you deliver your support to the couple like nothing else. You can easily use these as photograph captions, as thoughtful messages in handwritten cards or however you like!

Handpicked Engagement Wishes

Engagement Wishes

There are times when you visit the engagement of a very close friend or a relative and want to surprise them with a personalized gift but you don’t know what to do. Well, you are looking at it through a wrong perspective, what matters the most to a couple is not a fancy gift but some intimate and heartfelt engagement wishes wordings.

Rather than putting all the focus on the gift, you should spend some time on the messages you send with it. And to help you with that we have made a list of relatable wishes that are below for you.

Nothing is more important than love in life; and life is nothing without love. It is the very essence of existence and I hope you will indulge in this experience and enjoy the sweetness of life with your significant other. Happy engagement to you both!

Engagement Wishes

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One of the best things about life is the vivid journey, and this big journey of yours is taking a turn towards love and stability. You have found love and are getting engaged, may this beautiful experience last forever for you!

The importance of both of you in my life is unexplainable. I cannot be more proud of you both, it is your engagement day and I am the one who is excited all the way down! I wish you both a happy life ahead!

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People might call it your engagement, but when I saw you both, I realized that it was more than a mere engagement; it was a celebration of the love you both share. Thanks for teaching us how to love and a very happy engagement to both of you!

Congratulations on your engagement, you have finally started moving towards each other! Looking forward to your special marriage, and Godspeed!

Happy Engagement Quotes

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Knowing you both so closely and watching you both fall for each other was not less than a movie. I am glad I could see you guys grow together and taking such a big decision together. Hope you witness all the happy things throughout your lives, love you, happy engagement!

Happy engagement to the most gorgeous and lively couple out there. Hope to witness more of your merry moments in future. Happy engagement cuties!

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I have never seen you both look so happy; you are not just a couple but a wholesome team! I wish you both a very happy engagement!

The commitment you both have shown towards each other is beyond imagination, this is what makes you the most special couple out there! God bless you both!

I wish the unconditional love you both have lasts till the very end and help you endure all the biggest hurdles of your lives. Wish you a very happy and soulful engagement.

Don’t forget to add a tinge of nostalgic memories and happy memories with these. Let the couple enjoy and reminiscence the time spent through saying these couple engagement wishes.

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Best Engagement Wishes for Brother

Nothing can be more heartwarming than your own brother’s engagement. All the moment that you both spent bickering each other or stealing each other’s food will become beautiful and nostalgic memories. But this moment won’t come again and again, so you must convey all the emotions that you are feeling to your lovely brother. To help you with that we have made a list of some sweet engagement wishes for brother. Surprise your brother by sending these wishes to lighten his mood. He will definitely appreciate your sweet initiative and firm support!

First of all it is surprising enough that you have found such a beautiful would-be bride and second of all I was just kidding, you deserve the best in the world! Happy engagement bro!

Engagement Wishes for Brother

Love grows from all the cracks and happy spots and you guys are the living example of that. May you and your love last longer than eternity! Congratulations on your engagement!

Love was not your genre but you are playing pretty well. Just kidding, I wish you a really happy engagement and I wish good luck to my new sister in-law!

Love is an emotion which knows no bound, it makes insane people sane. And you are a living example. Hahaha wish you a very happy engagement!

It is not about the connection but about the endless efforts. And love is not about the two people but the bond, hope you keep this in mind and start this new journey with the utmost joy, happy engagement!

No wonder how many mistakes you have made in your life, I am really happy for you because you chose the right person to share your life with! Hope your happiness and love lasts forever, happy engagement!

engagement wishes brother

Love comes in a various phases and with different faces but I am glad you discovered your version! I wish you a very happy engagement to you my brother!

An engagement is not just about the exchange of rings but about the new phase of life. A phase which begins with the desire of love and warmth and I wish you both can experience it to the fullest!

I will not say that some couples are made in heaven but I would rather say that some couples make their way to top because of their bond and connection. And you both are a living example of that. I really hope you both enjoy the pleasure of this new life together, happy engagement!

On this beautiful and special day of my brother, I wish loads of happiness and love for his life to come! Happy engagement!

When I see you both, I am reminded of all the romantic movie couples I have fantasized. You both are best of your kind and nothing can be better than your engagement day! Wish you both enjoy your life to the fullest, happy anniversary!

Marriage is more than just a beautiful union; it is more of a sharing experience that lasts forever. And I really hope that you guys have a good life ahead. Wish you a very happy engagement!

May the love you share last forever and cross all the realms of eternity. I wish you both all the happiness of the world on this grand and special engagement day!

Life is too short yet a memorable experience and I am glad that you both are intoxicating each other in love. I hope this journey is a memorable one, happy engagement both of you!

happy engagement messages for brother

You can upload these funny engagement wishes for brothers with beautiful photographs and can share them at your social media. It would convey the message easily! These you can write in greeting cards also or text him on phone. Whatever way you do or say them to your brother, these will definitely express your all lovely feelings for him.

Engagement Wishes for Sister

It is finally your sister’s engagement and we know your mind is full with all the childhood memories of stealing your sister’s makeup, wearing her clothes, studying with her and what not. But amidst all the emotional thoughts, don’t forget that you need to motivate your sister every second of the wedding and convey that cute ‘sister of the bride’ speech! But finding all the best engagement wishes for sister can be very difficult, so we have made a list of handwritten wishes just for you.

If the hectic schedule clouds your idea of gifting something really special to your sister then don’t worry, you can simply make a cute card with these wishes in it.

Nothing is prettier than watching my all time partner in crime getting engaged! We couldn’t have imagined this, but here you are, with your glinting ring? I hope you have a really beautiful and lovely life ahead!

Engagement Wishes for Sister

I thought I would never see you walking down the aisle to tie the knot, but today you are standing here with a ring in your finger. I couldn’t be happier; kudos to you and your new life!

Remember the times we used to make all those romantic stories in our head? Well, I think it is time for your story to come true. I wish you and your love a happily ever after!

Infinity is a cliché but when I look at you both, I kind of believe it. I hope you both tie this red string of fate till eternity! Have a really happy life you both!

No wonder you always talked about adventures because this is a big one! Just kidding! Hope this new journey will be the best journey so far, happy engagement girl!

Why can I hear love bells ringing all over the place? Well, obviously because my lovely sister is getting married soon. Wish you a very happy engagement!

Should I be thankful that nobody would steal my chocolates and clothes anymore? Just kidding! I hope this engagement will be the best event of your live and fill your live with love and happiness!

Engagement wishes wordings for Sister

It would be an understatement to say that my brother-in law is the luckiest person. Congratulations on winning on my sister’s heart and a very happy engagement to both of you!

All the love stories you’ve made up in your mind have finally got a good shape. Could never imagine you walking down the aisle, but here you are, happy engagement girl!

You guys are setting some really beautiful and unbeatable goals, especially you girl! Hope you both have an amazing engagement day!

I just saw love in fairytales; thanks to my sister I can witness it in real life as well. Happy engagement both of you!

The love of beauty is unparalleled and cannot be matched with any power in this powerful. And I am so glad that you are experiencing this magic of love in your life, hope you have an amazing.

May the journey that lies ahead of you be full of love and happiness, happy engagement sissy!

I can only dream about finding love and here you are, standing next to the man of your dream. I really hope that both of you witness all the joys of life. Love you so much and happy engagement!

Top Engagement quotes for Sister

Don’t forget that these engagement wishes for sisters are to convey your special emotions towards your sister, you can add on more descriptions and make it more personalized. One of the best ways we think is to say them directly face to face. Though sending or expressing through other ways is also nice but the feelings that you feel by saying is uncomparable.

Engagement Wishes For Friend

So we heard that your dear friend is getting married soon and you are more than excited to be a part of the ceremony. But have you prepped yourself with all the needful formalities? You need to find some good and relatable wishes, and to fix that problem we have made a list of some engagement wishes for friends. So pass on the message of your sincere heart to your friend and congratulate him or her thoroughly with these beautifully written wishes.

From being together all the time to attending your engagement, no day can be happier than today! I really wish you both all the good things in life, happy engagement my lovelies!

Engagement Wishes For Friend

I will pray that your dreamy bond shines in the darkest of days and over shines all the sadness in life. Happy engagement you both!

Life is full of joyful events and today is one, my dearest friend is getting engaged right in front of me and I can’t stop smiling! Happy engagement buddy!

Remember how you used to complain about not finding anybody till death? Well you finally broke the spell and you have officially found the special one! With this note I wish you both a very happy life and a happy engagement.

Love is a ray of hope in everybody’s life. This ray comes with positivity and adds up all the warmth in life. And I hope your engagement will bring that amount of joy in your life, happy engagement buddy!

All these times, I was just nostalgic to our last bencher talks and couldn’t realize that my dearest friend has met the guy of her dreams. Congratulation girl! Have a very great engagement.

Happy engagement both of you! I really hope that you work your way through all the difficult times with the help of each other’s company, God bless.

funny Engagement Wishes Wording For Friend

So it is really happening, the best people around me are finally together and will start a new journey soon. May you celebrate the best times of your life together, happy engagement!

Never knew that the giggling and eye contacts between you both will lead to this beautiful day! Amazing how you both came to trust each other and became the closest friends, so happy for you both!

Love is in the air and especially because you both are exchanging the ring of fate today. All my heartfelt gratitude and happiness goes out to you guys, love you! Have an amazing life ahead.

Well, you always dreamt of this day and here you are! Hope your life is full of love and you both complete each other even on the dire times. Happy engagement.

Life is full of surprises and good surprises; looking at you both standing in front of me makes my heart so warm. Can’t convey my love in words. I just you both always understand each other like you always do and take all the big steps in life with each other’s love and support.

So now I won’t have to worry about you, there is finally somebody who will help you and take care of you! Hope this love and magic lasts forever and keeps you both happy till the end!

Engagement day quotes For Friend

We would suggest you to verbally pass these heartwarming engagement wishes for friend backed with a big hug. Whether it is your girl friend or boy friend. You can say these wishes to anyone whomever you consider your friend. Life is short. So say and express whatever your heart feels for them and we think some you find in all these wishes that we have above written for you.

Congratulation Wishes For Engagement With Images

Last but not the least are the congratulatory engagement wishes that you can send to a newly engaged couple. These wishes will help you to send your message with the utmost precision! These wishes are written especially for all the techno savvy people who like to text personalized message to people. You can send these elaborately written messages to the couple!

Fairytales and romantic movies are a fail in front of you both. And not to forget about the cute bond you both share is just out of the world. I really wish you both achieve the best in each other’s company!

congratulation wishes for engagement

Happily ever after is an insignificant phrase when I look at you both, you guys were meant for each other and I know you will be there for each other till the end. Happy engagement to both you lovelies!

You both can teach people how to fall in love; you are that good with each other! Sending you both all the good wishes and congratulating for the beautiful engagement!

Nobody can match up to the charm of your love, that is the power of your bond. You both don’t only look good together but also sync so well that it is beyond imagination! Hope this magic lasts till the end, happy engagement you both!

You guys have set the benchmark so high that it cannot be matched with anyone. Hope you are proud of the love you share, because you should be! Kudos to your new life!

No matter how much I look at you both, it is not enough; the sight of your happiness is so cheerful. May everyday of your togetherness ends up like this, happy engagement guys!

engagement congratulation wishes

May both of your love bloom like the brightest flowers and provide the utmost freshness in your lives. Wish you a very beautiful and happy life ahead, happy engagement!

Both of you click better than the couples in movies and dramas, the cuteness you both share is just unavoidable! Hope you both keep on smiling and admiring each other like this till the end! Happy engagement!

After witnessing you both exchanging the rings, I actually believed that love is the essence of everybody’s life. I hope this essence lingers in your relationship till the very end and guides you forth in life! Happy engagement you both!

The goals you both set are unbeatable and obviously your love is unmatched as well. May you calm each other in difficult times with this beautiful love you share! Wishing you a very happy engagement both of you.

Hope these couple engagement wishes are helpful for you and convey your love and support promptly! And these wishes that we have written for you are some of the best, and when you read them, you feel your every emotion expressed through them, and one of the best things is that you don’t need to write and think about them because we have covered for you so far all.

If you like our this blog or any wishes in it, then say in our comment section below. We will appreciate your this gesture. And send these wishes to whomever you want to send and express your love through them.

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