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100 Birthday Wishes for Your Husband

100 Birthday Wishes for Your Husband

Your husband is probably one of the most important persons in your life. When your husband’s birthday is around, you may have chosen his gift, got his favorite cake, planned his party, and bought the best card. Now what is left is to find out what birthday wishes for your husband will be perfect to write inside the card. Nailing down the perfect birthday wish for your husband is harder that you would think. 

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Whether you just need some inspiration for Birthday Wishes for Your Husband or want to copy-paste what is listed below, we have 100 heartfelt birthday wishes for your husband to make your husband’s birthday special: 

Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Your Husband 

  • Happy Birthday My Love. You complete me and make every day remarkable together. Love you, my dear husband. 
  • Happy Birthday dear. Today, I gladly celebrate the birthday of the most supportive, loving, and caring husband!
  • Sending you an ocean full of endless love and kisses on this special day. Wish you a very Happy Birthday my  love!
  • On this special day, I just want to remind you that you’re not just my husband but my best friend too. Cheers to one more year of love and adventure. Happy Birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday My Dear Husband. May this day be full of love, laughter, all things that get you joy!
  • Happy Birthday to God's greatest gift for me! May the Almighty bless you with great luck, gargantuan success, affluence, and everlasting smile. 
  • I’m so thankful the universe got us together. Happy Birthday My Beloved Husband. 

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  • Happiest Birthday to the person who is always there to put a smile on my face and pick me up whenever things get difficult. 
  • Another year wiser and another year older. Happy Birthday my soulmate, my best friends, and the one with the best wife. 
  • Thanks for being an amazing husband and keeping everything real with me always. Happy Birthday my dear husband with lots of love, always and forever. 

Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

  • On this birthday, I want to appreciate you for being there for me and loving me through both thick and thin. I’m glad that I got to spend my whole life with you. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday. 
  •  Happy Birthday to my world. You give me so many reasons to live life happily and keep smiling. 
  • We get only one lifetime and I am grateful that I met you in it. Happy Birthday my love. 
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my lovely partner in crime. You get so much happiness and laughter in my life. Here is another fab year together. 

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    • Happiest birthday to the one who stole me and my heart. I’m forever thankful to you for being my husband. Here is to a fabulous year ahead. 
    • On this special day, I wish to shower endless love, affection, and happiness on you. Happy Birthday for completing me and making my heart flutter. 
    • Wishing a spectacular Happy Birthday to the one who gets so much happiness and love in my life. Wishing a lifetime full of beautiful memories, my dear husband. 

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  • The top-secret of my life-long oozing charm and youthfulness is your infinite love for me. Wish you a cheerful birthday my life’s king!
  • Without any doubt, I’m the luckiest and the most beloved woman in the world as I’ve such a loving, loyal, and reliable husband on my side. Happiest birthday to the best ever husband. 
  • Dear Husband, though I am not the best wife, I'm 100% sure that you’re the most loving, supportive, and caring husband ever. Happy Birthday my handsome hubby. 

Top Husband’s Birthday Quotations 

  • You make each day brighter with your presence in my life. I am so grateful for the love you give me. Happy Birthday my love!
  • To the one who stole me and my heart and continues to make all my days magical, A Very Happy Birthday. You’re the best thing to happen to me. 
  • On your birthday, I’d like to thank you for being an amazing husband. You fill my whole life with endless joy, love, and laughter. Happy Birthday my husband!

Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

  • One more year older, still you grow more handsome. Happy birthday my charming husband. I love you a lot more than any words can express. 
  • On this special day, I want to tell you how much I love and cherish you. You are not only my husband; you’re my soulmate, my partner, and my love forever. Happy birthday love. 
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest husband who makes my every moment brighter with his laughter and love. I’m thankful for you and your love. 
  • Wishing Happy Birthday to my dear handsome husband. You’re my life, my love. I’m thankful for all those moments we share together. Cheers to many more years of love and happiness. 

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    • Happiest Birthday to the most loving husband a wife can ask for. Your kindness and love has no bounds and I’m so obliged to have you. Happy birthday to my sweet husband. 
    • Your love has changed my life and filled it with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday to my gardener of joy!
    • Happy birthday to the kindest, humblest, noblest, and the selfless man I have ever met. Thanks a lot my Husband for being my unwavering support system and my lifeline. 
    • Happiest birthday to my life, my love, and my backbone. It is because of you that I got to taste what love is and know the importance of a life partner. 
    • You’re my world. You are the one who gives me so many reasons to live my life and smile with joy. Happiest birthday my love. 
    • You came into my life as a blessing. I really wish I could gift you the stars and the moon on this day. May the coming year and many more years be filled with joy and happiness. Wishing you Happy Birthday with loads of love!
    • On this special day, I wish to tell you that you mean a lot to me. You’re my anchor, my rock, and my biggest blessing. Happy Birthday dear.

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    • We are like some musical notes, always beautiful and always together. Here is to many more birthdays and years together. Happy Birthday!
    • The cosiest, warmest, and safest place you can think about now is how exactly I feel when I am in your arms. Happiest Birthday to my happy place. 
    • Every day, something small or something as insignificant as just remembering to call my friends or my coffee preference lights my day! Such small things means a lot more coming straight from you. I thank my super stars for giving you in my destiny and I thank you a lot for being my love and making every day a better day for me. Happy Birthday my husband. Here is to one more year of love, happiness, and luck!

    Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

    • It is your birthday today. So, I want to guarantee you that you are second to none. My heart beats for you only. You are so generous, lovable, kind, compassionate, talented, reliable, and respectful. I know that you’ll have my back always. Happiest birthday to the most wonderful husband. 
    • The sun is the centre of the galaxy, but you’re the centre of my world. Just like the sun, you make everyday brighter for me. My husband, you’re my life’s supernova. Happy Birthday my supernova. 
    • Happy birthday my dream guy! Here is to make the day special because you really deserve to get spoiled. 

    Romantic Birthday Wishes for Husband 

      • I love your birthday because your birthday offers me another opportunity to tell how much I appreciate and love you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my dear husband. Love you always and forever. 
      • You have added so many colors to our life. May your birthday be as vibrant as you have made our world. 
      • Happy Birthday my dear Husband. On this day, I promise you a lifetime of laughter, love, and wonderful memories. 

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    • Happiest Birthday to the one who fills my entire life with love! I’ll be always grateful that you’re here as you’re the bestest thing that has happened to me ever. 
    • Knowing that my immense love for you will never change will help you celebrate one more year of your life happily. I am glad you are here with me. Love you the moon and back. Happy Birthday dear. 
    • Each day I spend with you is like a new chapter in our love story. My love doesn’t have any limits. Cheers to your special day, your birthday! 
    • On this birthday, I want to convey my gratitude for making the world a happy world for me. I cannot imagine my life without you, my true love. Wish you a very Happy Birthday my loving husband. 

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    • On this birthday and many more, I will be finding ways to show that how appreciated and wonderful you are. Happy Birthday my love!
    • Wishing Happy Birthday to the person who doesn't fails to make each day an adventure!
    • I might have done something really incredible in the past to have you as my Husband. Wishing a very happy birthday to my dream man. 

    Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

    • Today is special for sure, but it is hard to tell why everyday feels as a fairytale with you. 
    • We get only one life and I am thankful that I met you in my life. Happy Birthday to my man. 
    • It’s time to celebrate the birthday of my very favorite gift in life. Happiest birthday dear!
    • Happy birthday to the one who gives me butterflies every day!

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      • On this birthday, may you get all the love that you have given me thousand fold. 
      • Happiest birthday to the one who wholeheartedly stole my heart to never give it back!
      • On this birthday, may God bless you with joy, love, and all that your heart desires – especially me!

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    • Wishing you a whole day full of laughter, love, and delicious cake. However, don’t eat too much cake – save some place for my love! Happy Birthday!
    • When you blow the candles on the cake, remember my love for you always will burn brighter than the flames. Happy Birthday dear!
    • May this birthday be filled with lots of happiness, because you give me mine. 

    Unique Birthday Quotes For Husbands 

    • Here’s to another year of discoveries and adventures together my dear. May each day be another new, exciting chapter of our love story. 
    • Happy Birthday my love. May every year ahead be full of sweet surprises, love notes, and the love that becomes stronger only with time. 
    • May all your birthdays get you the same joy and warmth that you have bought in my life ever since we are together. 
    • On your birthday, I just want to remind you only of the commitment and love I’ve for you forever. Happiest birthday my lovely husband. 

    Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

    • Wishing my beloved husband a birthday full of laughter, love, and the knowledge you’re cherished beyond measure. 
    • As we celebrate this birthday together, I wish that every day you wake up must be as thrilling as the day we first met and our journey together remains an adventure full of happiness and love. Happy Birthday my beloved husband. 
    • On this special day, I want to thank the stars for bringing us together and creating love that is like magic. I Hope this year will be filled with wonder and enchantment. Happy Birthday. 

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      • Happiest birthday to my man responsible secretly for the widest and the best smiles in my selfies!
      • To my biggest crush ever. Even after so many years of togetherness, I cannot shut up still about you. I am so happy and glad to have you as my husband. 
      • Don’t listen to any of your friends, you are not growing old. It is just that you are “levelling up.” Happy Birthday!
      • Through all our adventures, you have been there to encourage and inspire me. Your motivation and support are everything I’d have wanted. You are my perfect partner and favorite companion. Wish you a great birthday!

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    • All our pictures together remind me that we have shared so many great days. You have always been there to cheer me on those bad days. I wholeheartedly treasure all those moments and cannot wait to make your today memorable. Wish you a very happy birthday!
    • Happy Birthday my dear husband. You make my heart skip a beat and my soul sing. You’re my true love. I'll always be grateful for this. 
    • As you complete one more year of your life, know that I love you as deeply as the ocean and as widely as the sky. Wish you a very happy birthday my love. 

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    • Your birthday today marks another year of life. But for me, each day with you is like a lifetime of happiness. 
    • Today I want to make you know that you are not only my husband, you are the designer of my happiness and the reason why my heart sings. 

    Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

    • You have made my life an extremely beautiful melody and I wanna be the harmony which makes your everyday perfect. Happiest Birthday!
    • In the storm of life, you're calm. May your birthday gets you the happiness and peace you have given me. 
    • Your love fills every little gap in my heart and makes me complete. Wish you a birthday as fulfilling as you have made my life. 
    • Happiest birthday to the one who takes my every breath away still. May this love continue to be our life’s wonder. 

    Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Husband

    • Happy birthday my hot stuff!
    • If gray hair means wisdom, you are a genius. Happiest birthday Hubby. 
    • You’re lucky enough to have me as your wife on your birthday!
    • Thanks for being older than me always. Wishing you a very happy birthday!
    • Your birthday is an ideal excuse to eat up some cake. Happy Birthday!
    • Wishing a ridiculously funny, super-duper birthday to my silly better half! May your birthday be filled with joy and laughter. 

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      • Happy birthday my laughter buddy, my partner in crime, and the man who knows to make all my days brighter with his presence. Love you and wish you a very happy birthday!
      • Happy Birthday to the man who does not fail to ever crack me up. May this day be full of belly-aching laughter and hilarious surprises. 

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    • Happy birthday to my man who knows to tickle my funny bone and how to keep laughter alive in the relationship. Thanks for making my days brighter. Happy Birthday husband!
    • Today, we will celebrate the birthday of king of humour, master of funny – my remarkable husband! Keep spreading laughter and joy wherever you go!

    Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Husband In Hindi 

    • Tumhare saath sab kuch bhut aasaan lagta hai, mein janti hu ki mere pass hamesha tumhara saath hai. Jab bhi mujhe tumhari zarurat padi, mere saath rehne k eke liye dhanyawad. Happy birthday my love!
    • Mohobbat ke sare jazbat nibhayengy, apni kahi saari baat nibhayengy. Aur kya gift dey ap ko, jab tak hai hamari jaan sath nibhayengy. Happy birthday my husband. 
    • Kabhi dua mangte hai, kabhi dawa mangte hai, aapki khatir hum naaz-o-ada mangte hai. Janam din hai aaj apka mauka khaas hai, khuda se apko khushiyo ki dua mangte hai. 

    Birthday Wishes for Your HusbandSource: pinterest

    • Khali-khali dil rehta tha, khali khali rehta tha mann, fir ek din chori se chupke se tum aye mere manbhaavan,ab kya kabhi baharo ki jab khil utha hai ye saara upvan, uhi haste gaate beet jaye, hamara ye pyara sa Jeevan. Janamdin Mubarak ho patidev. 
    • Apka janamdin mere liye khaas hai, apka hona kitna pyara ehsaas hai, koi dey nahi sakta meri aakho mein aasoo, mujhe apke pyar pe behad vishwas hai. 

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      • Jeevan saathi apke jaisa chahte the, hum din raat pyar ke liye dua manate the, apse mil kar hamari khwaish puri hui, do dil ke bech se door saari doori hui. Happiest birthday my love. 
      • Aaj ka din kitna pyara hai, janamdin tumhara hai, khuda ne tumhe sirf mere khatir jameen par utara hai!
      • Jab kabhi guloo par titliya gaati hai, ghar mein tumhare dam se khushiya ati hai, tum khash o kitne ye kaise bataye tumhe, dil chahta hai zor se happy birthday to you gaaye. 

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    • Janamdin hai apka, ye din bhut khas hai, apke pyar pe mujhe pura vishwas hai, khuda kare humara rishta uhi bana rahe, is dil mein apko dhadkan aur saas hai. 
    • Apki baato se mohobat hai, apki khusiyo se pyar hai. Happy birthday hai aj apka, pure ghar angan mein bahar hai. 

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    When it comes to your husband’s birthday celebration, finding the ideal words to express your feelings can make his birthday more meaningful. Whether you are looking for top Husband’s birthday quotations to nail down in a birthday card or birthday quotes for your husband social media, these Birthday Wishes for Your Husband can be the best. 


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