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Six Best Hair Care Tips for You Brides if Planning to Get Married in the Winter

Six Best Hair Care Tips for You Brides if Planning to Get Married in the Winter

Winter is good, winter is shivering, winter is coffee; winter is all the weather which we want and it is the best time for weddings but a bit troubling-some for brides because in this season skin dries a lot and hairs also get webbed, so webbed that no one could get through them. And when you are getting married, it is necessary to care for your hairs. So we are going to tell you hair care tips for the winter season. Brides buckle up to read them, we are spilling the secrets!

Hair Care Tips for Winter Season:

Avoid Hot Water for washing your hairs

Avoid Hot Water for washing your hairs
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Oh! It is winter and when you want to have a bath, you only have with hot water because you think cold water could kill you and yeah definitely all are afraid of cold water in winter. It is your choice that you bathe with hot water but don't make it for your hairs. You should not wash your hairs with hot water, rather you should wash with lukewarm and cold water. If you love your hairs, then go with it.

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Don't shampoo often, not every day

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You wash your hairs every day. Don't do it because it would make your hairs a bit rash. Though we are not saying that you should not wash, you should go alternate days. And it would be a lot better if you wash it once in two days. Care for hairs girls, it is an essential part of your beauty.

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Lock extra moisture with oil-based serum

Lock extra moisture with oil-based serum
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In winters hairs go dry, dehydrated and brittle too, and you know it when you comb your hair every time that you see a lot of has fallen. So it is better and best if you use oil-based serum to lock moisture in them provided it doesn't fly away. And during your wedding time, do it prime.

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Before bed, hydrate them

Before bed, hydrate them
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Before you go to sleep, hydrate your hairs because it is all day long and it can be that the oil-based serum that you have used in the morning has evaporated. So use it again your branded oil-based serum or use a branded conditioner for your hairs. It is important hair care tips for the winter season and during your wedding time.

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Make it down your heat heavy styling schedule

Put your blower down and put your straightener down. Don't go through much heating styling process because for your wedding and makeup thing you have already gone too. Give your all styling sessions rest before your one month of your wedding. Much heating can destroy the shine of your hairs.

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When want to sleep, sleep on satin or silk pillowcase

When want to sleep, sleep on satin or silk pillowcase
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After all day long when your wedding ceremonies coming to the end and when you are feeling sleepy and you just about to sleep, you don't sleep on any pillow while you should sleep on a satin or silk pillow provided moisture doesn't completely vanish from your hairs.

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What we have told you are some of the best hair care tips for winters and especially for you brides provided during your wedding schedule, your hairs remain smooth and shiny, and when you walk through the aisle all guests' eyes on you remain stuck like a fairy has come down from a heaven.

Besides all this, if you want to tell something extra good hair care tips for winters, you can suggest or tell in the comment section below. We are waiting girls and also tell us how you like this blog. 

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