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7 Daily Hair Care Tips From Experts To Avoid Hairstyling Goof-Ups And Make Them Wedding-Ready

7 Daily Hair Care Tips From Experts To Avoid Hairstyling Goof-Ups And Make Them Wedding-Ready

With the pollution levels rising, maintaining your hair become all the more difficult. Pollution can take its toll on the hair in many adverse forms like fuzziness and split ends ultimately resulting in hair fall.

We are introduced to daily hair caring from our childhood with tips like washing hair regularly and to pat dry them instead of rubbing them with the towels, but, that is just the introductory page of the long hairstyling book and is definitely not enough especially when you’re about to get married in the next few months.

Tips from India’s Top Two Hairstyling Experts Jawed Habib and Adhuna Babhani

Avoid Blow Dryers As Much As Possible

avoid blow dryers

A hair dryer on the lowest heat setting can also prove to be an enemy if used on unconditioned hair. It may even wear-off the cuticles leaving the cortex susceptible to damage ultimately causing the hair to break or split ends making up for visibly unhealthy hair. So, it is best to let the hair dry naturally in front of a cooler. If it is some urgent matter and blow drying can’t be avoided then instead of using the dryer in tight spaces like bathrooms prefer an area that allows for good ventilation and has less moisture.

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Use Correct Combs To Comb Your Hair

comb hairs with good comb

Use a comb with wide spikes and the bristles set up wide apart so that it doesn’t tangle or pulls your hair. It might be a bit tempting to comb hair as soon as you step out of the shower as it’ll help to get rid of all the tangles in one go but you must pat-dry the hair first and only then comb the hair. The comb must be wide toothed with a rounded edge as they are much more gentle on hair.

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Get A Haircut Regularly

regular hair cut

A haircut can greatly impact in making you look older or younger. As per Jawed Habib, you must trust your hair expert as good haircuts are the best treatment. And, according to Andhuna, if you have long hair then you can flaunt them and if not then go for short hair with a flattering haircut, there shall be no middle ground. However, you must remember that long hair also means older hair and if the length is past your shoulders then they are 5-7 years old.

Choose The Correct Type Of Shampoo And Conditioner

use shampoo and conditioner

Damaging the hair can be as easy as shampooing incorrectly or choosing the wrong shampoo. You must remember that shampoo is only useful for cleaning and not in any way promotes hair growth. You can use the correct type of shampoo that suits your hair type every day but avoid washing the hair vigorously for the so-called “deep cleansing” as you’ll only end up damaging your hair even further.

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Use Right Measures To Promote Hair Growth

promote hair growth

The shampoo helps to clean hair and oil helps in moisturising them, both of them promoting hair growth is just a common misconception. It’ll be much better if you go for a hair spa instead. The best way to promote the growth of hair is by eating a healthy diet and positive thinking.

Use Products With Keratin And Argan Oil

use keratin & argan oil

Using products with Keratin and Argan Oil can work wonders for your hair. Keratin can greatly help to strengthen your hair while Argan Oil has Vitamin E and a lot of Fatty Acids that can bring back the shine and smoothness to your dry and dull hair.

Keeping Those Shiny Hair Maintained

keep hair maintained & shiny

All the tips above will help you to bring back your hair to life but equally important is to maintain them. A lot of care goes into just the maintenance and what you must know is that strands of hair are made up of protein and moisture. Thick and curly hair requires for additional moisture whereas finer hair requires additional protein. The tips and mid-length of hair call for a bit different hair care regime than that of the roots of the hair. Like, when using hair conditioners proper care must be taken and it should only be applied to the hair and never to the scalp as it may block the pores slowing down the hair growth.

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These hairstyling tips will surely help you to get that silky hair that you’ve always desired and will help complete your perfect bridal look.

What is your daily hair care regime?

Got any more suggestions of your own for getting those perfect hair?

Do share them with us in the comments section below and we’ll help share it to the world.

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