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10 Quirky Wedding Traditions From Incredible India That Make Desi Weddings Special

10 Quirky Wedding Traditions From Incredible India That Make Desi Weddings Special

Matches are made in heaven and it is on earth that they are joined in the bond of togetherness. Marriage embarks the unification of two souls, it is the journey towards a happily ever after. Talking of marriages and not taking into account Indian weddings is like a faux pas. India is a land of diversity that boost of vibrant cultures and traditions. With plethora of rituals and traditions, a big fat Indian wedding is considered as an epitome of glam.

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences” – Dave Meurer

The different type of religions and cultures spread across India is the reason why marriages in the country differ from region to region. Be it a north, south east or west region wedding, Indian marriages are celebrated with great gusto and fervor. The beauty of the vibrant Indian wedding traditions is surely to sweep you off your feet. The different types of weddings in India are reminiscent of the rich culture and traditions of the country. No doubt that the extravagant wedding traditions with all the taam jhaam  is what adds on to the beauty of the weddings. Here are some of the quirky wedding traditions that happen only in a desi Indian wedding. Check em’ out people!

10 Quirky Wedding Traditions From Incredible India

1. Bengali Weddings

Bengali’s are known for their sophistication and their weddings are well acclaimed for its gusto and celebration. One of the quintessential traditions without which a Bengali wedding is deemed incomplete is the ‘Saat Paak’. In which a bride is seated on a pide lifted by her brothers where she encircles the groom seven times covering her face with paan leaves. Another tradition which is equally important and follows the ‘Saat Paak’ is the ‘Shubhodrishti’ in which the bride removes the leaves and the couple catch a glimpse of each other. The ritual is followed by conch blowing and the Varmala tradition with backdrop sound of Ullu dhwani.

Bengali Weddings

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2.  Malyali Wedding

Weddings in Kerala are known for their simplistic charm. Compared to other Indian weddings a Malyali wedding wraps up in a shorter time span and comprises of less rituals and traditions. What sets the Malyali weddings at par with the other Indian weddings. The factor that they take place in morning. A mandatory tradition of Malyali wedding ritual is the bride’s father washing the grooms feet upon his arrival at the venue. A Malyali wedding cannot be deemed complete with the tradition in which the couples takes only 3 pheras instead of the 7 and the groom ties a ‘thali’ or a sacred yellow thread around the neck of the bride. The thali is equivalent to the mangalsutra worn by the northern brides.

Malyali Wedding
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3.  Bihari Wedding

A Bihari wedding is one which level up the game of a sanskari bahu, it is more of an endurance test for a bride. A bizarre tradition which is sure enough to leave you dumbfounded is in a bihari wedding the mother-in-law of the bride places a couple of earthen pots on the head of her bahu. The bride with the earthen pots on her head has to bend down to touch the feet of her elders and seek their blessing. Apparently the tradition is considered as a marker to showcase how well the newly wedded bride can balance her household.

Bihari Wedding

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4. Tamil Wedding

The groom running away from a wedding is a thing that would create panic at the wedding but trust us this is more of a fun filled tradition at Tamil wedding. Wait what? Sounds bizarre, right! Believe it or not Tamilians have a tradition known as ‘Kaashi Yatra’ where the groom is supposed to walk out of the mandapam before the start of the rituals. He then has to decide whether he wants to opt for a life of a sanyasi or live the life of a married man. And that is when the father of the bride pleads before the groom and convinces him to marry is daughter. Apparently the groom ends up giving in and marrying the bride. The Kaashi Yatra is a tradition packed with full on family drama.

Tamil Wedding
Pic Via: Kiran Kallur Photography

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5. Gujarati Wedding

Gujju’s are sweet people and their weddings rituals are just as sweet. An essential gujarati tradition that most people are well versed is that a mother-in-law pulls the nose of the groom as he arrives at the gate of the wedding with his baraatis. However there is another tradition that everyone is not familiar with, it is the custom of ‘MadhuParka’ which is an interesting ceremony. As per the tradition of ‘MadhuParka’ a groom’s feet is washed with milk and honey post which he is made to drink it. Gujaratis surely do take the no wastage of food pledge seriously, right!

 Gujarati Wedding
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6. Punjabi Wedding

‘Punjabiyon di shaan vakhrey’, Punjabi wedding with all the taam jhaam, show shaa is deemed as the loudest of all Indian weddings. The pre and post wedding rituals and traditions is what adds on their wedding extravaganza. Although our dear Punjabis do not need any particular occasion to party they are party fanatic people and weddings gives them the much needed reason to party. A pre wedding tradition of Punjabi weddings which adds on to the fun is ‘Jaago’ which means wakeup in Punjabi. The tradition lives up to its name with the families of the couple telling the people around about the marriage that is about to take place. As per the tradition the ladies carry decorated earthen pots on their head which adds more charm to the happy ambience of the wedding.

Punjabi Wedding
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7. Assamese Wedding

The Assamese wedding just like Malyali weddings are well known for their simplistic charm. An essential tradition of their wedding is the bathing custom in which the bride and the groom’s mother have to visit a nearby river and fetch the holy bath water of the couple. Another important custom of the wedding which sets. The Assamese wedding different from the other Indian weddings is that reception takes place prior to the wedding ceremony. Earlier the guests were served only curd, rice and jaggery but with changing times the custom has changed. The guests are served with sumptuous cuisines.

Pic Via- Photogenic wedding photography

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8. Rajasthani Wedding

Rajasthan is known as the land of vibrant history and culture and their wedding ceremonies are reminiscent of their rich traditions. An important Rajasthani wedding tradition which adds on to its uniqueness. The ‘toran bandana’  in which the bride attacks the groom with a sword and the groom has to duck in order to save himself. The tradition might sound bizarre but it puts to test the physical fitness of the groom.

Rajasthani Wedding
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9. Kannada Wedding

Kannadis are people know to take their traditions and customs seriously. Their weddings has many different rituals and ceremonies. What makes their wedding unique is their traditions and ceremonies. At their wedding the bride’s face is covered by a fan made of peacock feathersand she is seated at the mandap by her sisters. The wedding follows a tradition of ‘Dhara Herdu’ which symbolizes the giving away of the daughter to the groom.

In the tradition the groom hold the bride’s hand and a coconut and betel leaves are placed on their hands. The bride’s parents sprinkle holy water on it. Another quirky tradition at their wedding is that of Saptapadi which is about taken 7 rounds of the holy fire. What’s bizarre about the ritual is that a game is played known as Okhli in which a ring is immersed in a vessel consisting of colored water and the bride and her brother is supposed to search for it.

Kannada Wedding
Pic via -

10. Sindhi Wedding

A weird tradition of the sindhi wedding is one in which the clothes of the groom is torn by his relatives. The tradition might sound weird but the reason behind it is that it signifies that the groom has left is past life behind and is entering in a new stage of life. These are a few fun filled Indian wedding traditions. Tell is in the comments below about your favourite desi wedding tradition.

Sindhi Wedding
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